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From national brands to e-commerce businesses and digital products, our national SEO services are made to help your business grow by getting it to the right audience every single time. 

Our Pearl Lemon experts in national SEO will help you gain the national awareness and traffic you desire.

SEO is simply working to ensure that you rank on the first page of the search engines results for the keywords that drive users to your website. 

While many companies have benefitted from SEO, many other businesses have had it bear no fruit. One reason this happens is that SEO campaigns are often directed towards the wrong audience.

The difference between local and national SEO is that national SEO focuses on brands and services while local SEO focuses on location and services. 

So, you must know the type of campaign that will yield the best results for your business, and that’s possible by knowing and understanding the search engine algorithms and consumer intent then designing the right strategy.  

Businesses that are operating in specific location markets will benefit most from a local SEO strategy. In contrast, businesses looking at a broader user rate will benefit more from a national SEO campaign.

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What Is National SEO?

National SEO uses search engine optimization techniques to improve organic results and attract more site visitors nationwide. In simple terms, national SEO is optimizing your site to rank countrywide.  

Opting for a higher competition level than local-focused efforts comes at a higher cost than a local SEO campaign, but the rewards can be significant and rewarding. 

Reach a broader audience and improve domain authority, visitors, leads and revenue with our Pearl Lemon national SEO services. We integrate reliable and proven national SEO strategies to ensure that you overrun your competition and be dominant nationwide.

If your services are for specific towns, cities or regions, you can consider our local SEO services instead and generate organic local traffic. 

How can you benefit from our national SEO strategies?

When your market is on the national level, executing a national strategy will help improve your sites overall SERPs performance and ultimately boost your sales. 

National SEO helps you:

  • Improve domain authority: all the national SEO techniques and strategies used on your site will help you improve the domain authority, which is a ranking factor. Applying the proper SEO tactics will make your site more visible in the SERPS, ultimately increasing visitors and domain authority.
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  • Improve brand awareness: boosting brand awareness is often associated with big ads, budgets, and endorsements, but other national SEO and social media methodologies can do the trick.

    An optimized site with quality content can impact the way visitors view your brand and business, shows that you are an expert in the field and improve brand perception.

    Through optimizing your site for both users and search engines, you give valuable information which increases user experience and improve traffic, rankings and brand awareness.
  • Reach a broader audience: national SEO will help you reach and target the right audiences through contributing to the available markets for your products and services.

    Reaching more people means the better chances are for you to increase sales and revenues. Your site will display nationwide and internationally with valuable tips like geotagging, schema, quality content, keywords, and terms. 
  • Increase quality leads: targeting specific keywords and terms will help target audiences to convert to actual customers. Doing proper planning and research will help your SEO efforts drive quality leads from customers countrywide. 
  • Increases website traffic: national SEO regularly involves adding quality content and organic keywords and increasing organic website traffic to reach broader audiences. 

Additional Benefits When Teaming With Pearl Lemon

  • Reduce marketing cost
  • Amplify market share
  • Increase social media followers
  • Boost sales and revenue
  • Increase organic visitors
  • Increase organic keyword

The Pearl Lemon Approach To National SEO

We help businesses of all sizes and in all industries to rank higher in search engines nationwide by implementing the best national SEO tactics, including:

Some Of Our Clients

  • Metadata optimization
  • Link building 
  • Content optimization
  • Copywriting and blog posts
  • Image and video optimization
  • Keyword density
  • Photo and image geotagging
  • Business listing optimization
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Schema structured data
  • Code improvement
  • Performance improvement

National SEO is not a one-off service as search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. Our team at Pearl Lemon provides ongoing services to keep your website relevant and at the top of the SERPs. 

Let us give you the best ROI on your marketing and SEO efforts and elevate your brand above your competition.

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What Types Of Businesses Benefit From National SEO Services?

Every business whose target market is at the national level can benefit highly from national SEO services. E-commerce websites that sell products and services too can significantly profit from national SEO.

What Is The Cost Of National SEO?

As you already know, SEO has become a vital component of digital marketing. However, sadly many small businesses end up neglecting it, and this is because SEO pricing can be complicated. 

There is no standard cost or price set. Every agency or company charges whatever they want, so it’s up to you to figure out who’s offering real value for money. 

SEO pricing factors

There are several SEO agencies and digital marketing firms that offer a variety of services. 

But, the primary aim of SEO is to boost your organic traffic by optimizing its ranking in the SERPs through keyword research, content creation and link building. 

But before deciding on a service, double-check what’s included in each SEO pricing model, as every SEO agency will be different. 

Let’s take a look at the three paramount price deciding factors:

Per hour

Some SEO agencies will charge an hourly rate for their work. However, this option is more tailored for freelancers or independent contractors, and it’s not likely to be used by agencies or online marketing companies.

In this module, the fees are based on how many hours are spent working on each project. 


Per month

Bigger SEO and marketing agencies often charge a per-month fee. You will be required to pay a fixed price for retaining the services of an agency, which will support the ongoing SEO work on your site.

These monthly SEO packages often include a specific set of services, but some agencies will allow you to build a custom plan with an agreed monthly price. 

Per project

Some SEO agencies will charge a one-off fee for a particular SEO project. You would discuss your SEO needs and overall goals, then agree on the project scope and the total cost.  

This module also allows you to customize your SEO project. 

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