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Due to the need for improved speed, integration of skill sets, and a shortage of client-side resources, integrated marketing has matured from a phrase bandied around at industry conferences to a feasible agency marketing strategy. However, it is a term that requires additional clarity, due to its complicated definition.

But first, you must understand what integrated marketing is and why it is crucial for brand recognition and campaign success before you can appreciate what an integrated agency is.

What is Integrated Marketing, and How Does it Work?

An integrated marketing mix is a set of channels and services that, when combined, provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Any shared collection of services in the internet marketing environment that works together can be considered an integrated marketing mix.

Search engine optimization and email marketing are two common combos that can help you expand the reach and effectiveness of your newsletters, while videography and social media management can help you grow your audience. Even disparate disciplines such as public relations and marketing can work together in an integrated agency to produce amazing outcomes.

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What Are Integrated Marketing Communications?

Simply put, integrated marketing communications entails addressing consumers where they are. An integrated marketing agency, rather than only advertising in one channel, will be able to create high-quality user experiences across many channels. An integrated marketing team is ideal for ensuring your brand is fully marketed on the web, with the technical backing of a web development team, the creative spark of designers, and the expertise and know-how of subject matter specialists.

Integrated marketing usually conjures up images of a campaign that incorporates numerous communication channels such as print advertising, social media, and in-person initiatives. While this is true, integrated marketing is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Consider how many skills can be combined inside a single channel, and required for that marketing component’s success. A user experience developer to lay out the template, a designer to apply the visual theme, a programmer to tweak the code, a videographer to create the embedded interview, a writer to create the copy, an analyst to make sense of the metrics, and an account manager to make sure it all comes together on time and on budget.

Not too many standard agencies can offer all that under one ‘roof’. As a leading integrated marketing agency with a proven track record of success, Pearl Lemon can.

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What is a True Integrated Marketing Agency?

Lots of agencies claim to be integrated marketing agencies these days (as we mentioned, it’s been a popular buzzword for a while.) But are they really?

A true integrated marketing agency possesses distinct skill sets that can be merged to deliver better and, in most cases, more efficient outcomes for their clients. An integrated marketing firm focuses on solution delivery rather than service delivery via its expansive expertise and production approach.

An integrated marketing agency, for example, may successfully launch a PPC campaign for your company, then nurture the prospects acquired with an email campaign. To effectively deliver on this cross-channel approach, the integrated marketing agency should have an in-house team of account managers and subject specialists.

The way teams work together is a crucial part of any integrated agencies’ effectiveness. Pearl Lemon has all this down to a fine art, and has the case studies and client testimonials to back that ‘brag’ up.

What are The Main Benefits of Working With an Integrated Marketing Agency?

Why should your company use a full-service marketing agency? Partnering with a real integrated marketing agency has significant benefits, including:

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1. Flexibility and nimbleness

Because of the variety of skills at their disposal, an integrated marketing agency is far more nimble. Because there are various methods to support and fulfill changing client demands over time, this agency model will allow the company to look at difficulties and possibilities from a more objective perspective.

It is a more efficient method for the client, too. Working with an integrated marketing agency will allow them consistency and better utilization of time and budget resources when an integrated marketing firm can supply most or all of the talents throughout the marketing spectrum.

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2. Keeping your message top of mind

Working with a full-service integrated marketing agency keeps your campaign message fresh in users’ minds when they interact with your brand at various times throughout the day. For example, seeing the same or similar content in a social network post, then a YouTube commercial, and finally a LinkedIn InMail post will do wonders for brand recognition.

3. Bringing all marketing activities together under one roof

Finally, working with a full-service integrated marketing agency is similar to dealing with a one-stop shop. You can get everything done in one spot rather than going from agency to agency, employing one for content creation, another for PPC, and yet another for SEO. Instead of numerous independent entities working on your campaigns, you’ll have one devoted team sharing information and ideas.

More agencies will have to become genuinely integrated in order to thrive, or they will have to narrow their service offerings altogether as marketing advances. It is critical for a client to grasp the differences in order to select an agency partner who will assist them in achieving their goals year after year.

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