Reach Your Customers On The Go By Promoting Through Google Ads for Mobile

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If you’re a business owner and have already tried different marketing strategies to generate leads, but none seems to boost your traffic, your marketing strategy is weak. 

Almost everyone uses their mobile phones to search for everything on the web. There are 58.99% of global searches using mobile devices. Just imagine the number of daily searches. You’re missing a big opportunity if you still haven’t worked on increasing your visibility to your mobile audience.

Google Ads are still the most effective and cost-efficient type of marketing.

If you’re ready to dominate the mobile market but don’t know where to start, Pearl Lemon can help you with that. We have experts that have extensive knowledge about how Google Ads for mobile work. As Google Ads have different types, with our help, you’ll choose or combine them to produce an effective marketing campaign.

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The Ever Growing Mobile Market

Mobile marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques businesses use to advertise their goods and services. Additionally, it reduces business paper costs and offers a quick and easy way to communicate with target clients. 

It makes it possible to combine cutting-edge advertising techniques with tried-and-true marketing tactics to boost their effect and approachability among target audiences. More than 90% of young people use cell phones to obtain content or information, according to numerous surveys conducted by numerous companies. About 49% of smartphone owners visit mobile search engines.

In addition, the capacity of mobile advertising to link your brand with potential clients is only one of many advantages it offers. The amount of time spent on mobile devices is increasing; it now makes up 71% of all consumer digital time.

Adults are not only spending more time on their cell phones, but they are also consuming less traditional media. People spend more time on mobile than on TV, 3 hours and 43 minutes respectively. You lose an important chance to reach your clients if you don’t use this strategy.

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Leveraging the Power of Google Ads for Mobile

The market is constantly growing. Entrepreneurs and new businesses are seeking ways to take advantage of mobile advertising. Some of the main advantages of mobile advertising include the following:

Tailoring Mobile Marketing Strategies

Make Your Ad Accessible

Mobile apps and social media platforms are now commonly used in modern communication. Updates to apps take a long time, according to users. Therefore, you must display your campaign to your target audience immediately. What better method to do this than by contacting your audience through their mobile devices? 

The advantages of mobile advertising for accessibility ensure that users can quickly and easily access your ad campaigns.

Mobile Has Multiple Touchpoints

Users of PC-based Internet ads can only be reached by using a desktop to access the Internet. Carriers can provide advertisers with a considerably wider range of alternatives, including voice (visual voicemail, ring-back tones, missed call notifications), text (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS), mobile Internet, billing touchpoints, phone clients, and more.

Directly Target

Mobile devices are the best targeting tools since they have the most relevant user data. Users’ precise identities can be known by advertisers, allowing for more precise ad targeting:

  • Information about the subscriber’s demographics
  • User, website, time, and location context
  • Continuous profile builder: Information on subscribers is gathered from many sources and combined into a single user profile.
  • Based on user habits, preferences, and history, predictive behaviour

They are more interesting because targeted advertisements are relevant. They attract greater user attention and have a higher response rate for advertising.

Mobile Ads Are Cost-Efficient

Mobile advertising is one of the cheapest ways to reach your target audience. Creating a mobile advertising campaign costs a fraction of what is used when creating a TV or radio ad. Being on a tight budget enables marketers to send messages more frequently or even repeatedly target new prospects.

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Types of Google Ads for Mobile

Here are the types of Google Ads that are perfect for mobile devices.


Text Ads

Text Ads are used as a marketing communication tool to market goods or services on the Google Network. These advertisements can display on search results pages and elsewhere on the Google Network, including the Display Network and search partners. Text ads appear differently on mobile devices or the Display Network. Remember that text ads frequently have terminology that identifies them as ads so that readers understand that the links are paid advertisements.

Image Ads

Image ads are particular advertisement that uses graphics for marketing your company. It is an image you supply with information about your business, services, or products. People will visit your site directly when they click anywhere on your advertisement.

Webpages and other areas of the Display Network may have image advertisements. Your picture advertisement can be in a variety of sizes and can employ a static image, an animated image, or a GIF.

Mobile App Promotion Ads

You can advertise your app using app campaigns on the Display Network in other applications, mobile websites, YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and Google Play.

Call-Only Ads

Google’s call-only ads are only displayed on phones that can make phone calls and are made to entice users to call your company. The user’s click will immediately place a call to your company rather than the advertisement directed in visiting your site.

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Common types of Mobile Devices

People are more likely to use mobile gadgets everywhere they go, especially when they’re outside. We don’t have a complete list of all mobile devices because new ones are constantly being released. Here are a few typical types, though:

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Mobile Phones

Smartphones are devices that have smaller screens and are typically called “mobile phones.” Remember that mobile phones are occasionally referred to as “mobile devices” or “mobile devices with full browsers” in Google Ads.


In many aspects, tablets resemble both smartphones and computers. However, tablets often feature 7 inches or bigger screens, unlike mobile phones. Remember that “mobile devices” might refer to both phones or tablets in Google Ads.


Wearables, such as smartwatches, are mobile internet access devices that are often more compact than mobile phones. Google Ads doesn’t currently display advertisements on non-screen devices.

Boost Your Online Presence Here at Pearl Lemon

After learning the basics of Google mobile ads, you will see that there are instances when it may be too much for you to handle and that you need a professional to handle it.

Our experts at Pearl Lemon have extensive knowledge of how mobile ads work. To dominate Google ads for mobile, we provide the whole suite of strategy, analytics, and creativity. You will produce top-notch leads, traffic, and new clients while your rivals are still frustrated by expensive 

click costs and low conversion rates.

Dominate the ever-expanding mobile market through Google Ads.

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Although the phrases mobile marketing and mobile advertising are interchangeable, their applications differ. Mobile marketing, which also covers mobile advertising, is a general word.

Many services and data are used in mobile marketing, including location-based services, buyer profiles, habits, user preferences, etc. As a result, some mobile advertisements will only show up when a user reaches a specific geofence.

On the other side, mobile ad placement utilises programmatic bidding, where marketers and advertisers bid for an ad to be viewed on a mobile device. This includes techniques referred to as demand-side platforms (DSP), which let advertisers assess their effectiveness. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as CPC and CPA, optimise performance.

On the Search Network, Google Ads have an average cost per click of $2 to $4. The average cost per click on the Display Network is less than $1. In Google Ads and Bing Ads, the priciest keywords cost $50 or more per click.

Google Ads enables customers to monitor paid advertising (also known as “pay-per-click” or PPC ads) campaigns using both search and display techniques (web browser, mobile app, video). The technology optimises and tracks campaigns using website cookies and keywords. Using Google Ads as your advertising platform, you can generate actual leads as soon as the start of your campaign.

Contact Pearl Lemon today to learn more about Google Ads’ best practices and how to create effective online advertising campaigns.