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An e-commerce company is a complex machine with many moving parts. Every jigsaw component is essential, from website creation and digital marketing to fulfilment and customer support. However, conversions ultimately determine whether your online store is a success.

You may already be selling furniture, but what if we tell you there’s a chance for you to sell more? You should keep a close eye on your conversion rate as a merchant in the constantly developing field of ecommerce and have a strategy to increase it over the short- and long-term. 

Not sure about where to begin? Our conversion rate optimisation services can help with that.

A CRO (conversion rate optimisation) strategy is necessary if you want to increase traffic to your platform, audience size, repeat business, and sales. Several clients, from small to large merchandisers, have benefited from the effective CRO efforts of Pearl Lemon’s experts.

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Our Metrics On CRO For Office Furniture Companies

The key to digital marketing, regardless of the stage of your company, isn’t just getting people to your website; it’s doing so in a way that turns them into leads or customers.

Unfortunately, despite knowing they SHOULD do it, marketers don’t take the time to really do it. Good thing Pearl Lemon can help. Here are some of the metrics we use to give you an idea of how we optimise conversions.

Site Speed

Site speed will be the first parameter we pay attention to. According to studies, conversion rates are directly correlated with website speed. We can assess the speed of the entire site or individual pages when using Analytics to measure site speed. By dissecting it page by page, we identify what might reduce the site’s speed metrics and concentrate only on that page.

Any page that takes longer than seven seconds to load is generally optimised. Anything below is probably fast enough not to have a noticeable effect on how the site functions and how visitors perceive it.


New Vs. Returning Users

Regarding CRO, you should be aware of the ratio of monthly new users to monthly returning users on your website. This is crucial to your ability to maximise conversions because it could mean your content isn’t engaging your target audience.

Imagine, for example, that you discovered you were receiving TONS of new visitors to your website each month. While it’s wonderful for a developing business, it could also indicate that you have a few truly helpful posts.

Create content that will keep visitors coming back to learn more about your target demographic and what they want from your website. CRO marketers refer to this as “engagement.”

You should be aware of the proportion of new vs returning customers in your marketing data. In addition, you should (expect to) observe an increase in repeat visitors as you continue to improve your website for conversions.

Bounce Rate

Visitors who come in and then leave without taking any action or “bouncing” are a red flag that something isn’t functioning properly.

It can indicate that site visitors weren’t successful in finding what they were seeking. Examine the pages on your site with a high bounce rate to see if there is a way to lower them. 

Does your product and company information interesting? Does it offer the product details that users are looking for? Do you have a clear value proposition?

Remember that content isn’t the only factor in bounce rate. It can be because your website is difficult to use, your product isn’t appealing, or your marketing doesn’t match the demographic of the people seeing your ads. 

Is it preferable to direct clients to a product page, for instance, if your marketing is aimed at a certain product but only sends them to your home page? Do you need to concentrate on search engine marketing or SEO to position your products in search better if people are arriving from search but not converting? We’ll look closely at these things and implement the needed changes.

SEO services or PPC?

Time On Site

Measuring the time visitors spend on your site is essential for boosting conversions. Since a visitor typically spends at least 32 seconds on a product page, the likelihood that they will checkout reaches its peak.

It is a method of locating pages that are not working well. It may be a sign that you need to update the content on your eCommerce site pages if visitors aren’t spending a lot of time on your site or engaging with any one product page.

We will also track time spent on the website in connection to conversions. If the time spent on a website results in conversions, wonderful. However, a high time-on-site rating may occasionally indicate that customers could not find what they were looking for. 

Cost Per Conversions

The amount spent on marketing to bring about conversion is known as the cost-per-conversion. Such CRO KPIs are crucial because they enable marketers to determine their return on investment (ROI). It’s time for new strategies or an adjustment to what you’re currently doing if your CRO strategy isn’t yielding results.

For instance, if you spent a lot on targeted advertising but had few conversions, your cost per conversion may be high (which would mean that the money invested in marketing was not generating any ROI).

Or it might be high if site visitors leave without making any purchases, which suggests the marketing budget was wasted.

You need a low-cost-per-conversion if you want your CRO approach to be effective. And that depends on various factors, like how much content visitors are consuming on your site, the conversion rate of your traffic, the quantity (and budget) of your paid advertisements, and so on.

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Cart Abandonment

The cart abandonment rate is one of the most important metrics to monitor and one of the major issues for the whole eCommerce sector. The rate of online cart abandonment in eCommerce is close to 75%. 

We closely monitor, track, and analyse your cart abandonment rates. The most crucial action you take to increase your overall sales maybe this. You are so near when shoppers add items to their shopping carts. It’s worthwhile to make an effort to ascertain what will ultimately enable them to pass that obstacle.

Expand Your Brand With Us

You can use the baseline from measuring your eCommerce metrics to assess future performance. You must plan your itinerary for where you wish to go if you know where you are. By monitoring the appropriate eCommerce metrics, you can pinpoint areas where you need to improve and gauge the effects of your adjustments.

Pearl Lemon is a leading CRO agency that comprises a team of professionals that helps office furniture brands expand. With our key services, you can expand your business through data-driven user experience (UX) design, cutting-edge technology, and eCommerce optimisation to boost conversions. 

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The greatest conversion optimisation firms start at $10,000 per month and have a proven track record and at least seven years of CRO experience. Some agencies charge as much as $30,000 per month, while the majority charge around $16,000. Note that these costs are just the average prices. Because each business is unique, costs may still differ. For specific pricing, give us a call.

You need both CRO and SEO to win the battle because they are on the same side. What you should pay attention to is beyond doubt. Your article has been optimised with the support of long-tail keywords and the highest-quality backlinks.

If your conversion rate is lower than you’d like – whether it’s lower than the industry average, lower than your top competitors, or simply failing to meet your own goals – you need to optimise.

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