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Link building is a method of expanding your services by using various sites that will vouch for the quality of your site. Getting other sites to link back to yours will increase traffic. On the gambling front, casino backlinks serve as a ranking indication, indicating that the content is noteworthy and can help visitors determine the best sites to visit.

But it’s not just that. You must also work on your search engine optimization to get the most out of your efforts.

Look no further if you want to buy gambling or SEO backlinks worldwide to increase your rankings. Here at Pearl Lemon, we understand that finding and purchasing gambling backlinks can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, so we allow you to view and order your backlinks online. 

Our domains all accept gambling backlinks (with specific requirements), but we also take SEO backlink requests from other product categories.

If you’re considering placing your links outside our website, we can help you find a high-authority and relevant website. We have a checklist to evaluate a website before putting your link. We guarantee that your organic traffic will increase accordingly.

Let our experts help you get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

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How Do Gambling Sites Get Backlinks?

When you pay for links directly, as gambling companies do, it’s critical to stay secure – Make sure you’re buying connections on sites that aren’t overloaded and don’t have apparent link footprints. You should also guarantee that those sites are of good quality, which means that they generate organic traffic and that most of their content is created for their readers rather than an SEO strategy.

Most significant companies use a combination of relevancy and sheer volume. Having a large budget is, of course, required if you want to rank in this market. We’ve tried to establish connections on behalf of huge gambling companies, and there’s always a premium imposed by just about any blogger when they find what they’re linking to. 

That is why building a budget that supports high-quality links over the long term is critical. While you can acquire some traffic through Search Engine Marketing or SMM, you must focus on getting the basics correct for better ROI.

Link Building Strategies in Gambling

Set A Good Budget

When it comes to improving your organic search rankings, a budget is always required. Remember that it is a race to the top, and there is always the possibility that you may need to spend a lot of money on link buying, investing in high-quality backlinks, and so on. 

All gambling companies pay for links and do it with large budgets. They avoid leaving direct tracks by using third-party email accounts.

PR Campaigns

Some gambling companies will use public relations methods to gain connections with newspapers and the press, but they understand that this will not help them with complex terms that require specific links and anchors. A casino review is a great example because you may supply the link in various terms that will lead to your website.

Paid Links

A paid link is the most convenient approach to obtaining a casino backlink. You must pay a third-party site to provide the following hyperlink, which will return to your casino website. Most of these can be purchased by bidding, meaning the site also goes to the highest bidder. There is a strategy to get cheap casino backlinks to help you make the most of your money.

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Editorial Backlinks

Link exchanges occur when at least two or three sites agree to swap links. One of the clearest examples of this link exchange is that and serve as affiliate sites for one another. The goal here is to develop a reputation for being a good casino site to enhance trust ratings and attract more organic customers.

Shoulder Niches

Because they are often irrelevant to your site, using shoulder niches successfully gets quality backlinks for casino speciality sites. It fills the void by making your link appear natural and relevant to the text. It is comparable to your casino category, but it provides more opportunities for link development because it might cover the following niches:

  • Affiliate and review websites for gambling
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • News

Quality Checklist For Gambling Backlinks

Here are some simple yet effective things we look for when reviewing a site to potentially link back to your online casino website:

  • Domain Rating – Domain rating is an essential aspect in displaying a backlink profile compared to others in their database. It was created by Ahrefs and is considered to be more ‘current’ than any other domain authority, with an excellent site receiving a rating of 30 or higher.
  • Traffic – According to Ahrefs, the website receives around 1,000 organic visitors.
  • Traffic Consistency – Choose quality websites that haven’t experienced any recent traffic decline, which you can track using Ahrefs’ Organic Search Report tool. Large drops could result from a penalty or the site being sold and converted to sell links.
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  • Linked Domains vs Referring Domains – Using Ahrefs, we should compare the websites referring to connected domains to those referring domains. You may perform this on a large scale using the batch analysis function. This is subjective, but if the number of linked domains is more than four times that of referring domains (for example, 1,201 connected domains and 300 referring domains), this may be cause for concern. 
  • Sense Checks – Evaluate the website by manually exploring a few pages. Consider whether the website contains any prominent spammy-looking articles that do not fit the website’s theme. You may get a fair idea of what articles or themes they are writing about by looking at their homepage. Another thing to consider is if they have spammy-looking sidebars or banners. Finally, ensure the website has a visually appealing design that fascinates readers.
  • Post Markings – Too many sponsored posts suggest that other people pay to have their content displayed on that site. As a result, those sites lose credibility in the eyes of Google, affecting your site if you rely on their backlinks.

White Hat Link Building For Gambling

Gambling companies have been recognized for having flashy animations, gifs, huge lettering, and a slew of click-here! Links are scattered throughout.

As a result, they’re frequently grouped these days, and it’s considered that a gambling site is a spammy website. This has made it difficult to rank higher in organic searches and obtain links.

It also makes building previously considered white hat links more difficult, but it is possible with the right resources. Most casinos prefer to use grey hat strategies to balance costs as their ranking increases. In either case, the appropriate process, among other things, can help you rank higher.

Here are a few typical outcomes of an outreach campaign.

  • Relationship-building. Obtaining high-quality backlinks necessitates outreach on your part. While the end goal is to establish gambling links, you’ll develop or cultivate relationships with people in your sector or niche. This can help you in the long run, especially if you want to create ties again.
  • Press/publicity. Creating publicity for your brand will help to establish your site’s credibility. You can accomplish this by launching a public relations campaign for your casino website.
  • Increased website traffic. You should expect a significant boost in traffic due to developing links driving traffic to your site.
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Your Link Building Expert

Link building is indeed a crucial tool for any business’s SEO. 69% of marketers said that purchasing links improves search rankings. However, it can be challenging to work in gambling because they are often labelled as spam. If you want to avoid getting flagged as spam and ensure that you’ll gain actual traffic, seek help from a link-building agency.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we can help you build an excellent casino link-building plan for your brand. We deliver high-quality SEO services with a significant emphasis on keyword research to help you receive the most traffic possible.

Link building is one SEO service we provide. If you want to learn more effective strategies to increase your rankings- reach our link building service today.

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The cost of link building will vary greatly, ranging from $100 to $20,000 a month, depending on the required quality and volume. You’d undoubtedly be confused by the range.

If you’re interested in placing quality content on our websites, book a call– and we’ll give you a specific price.

The widespread assumption is that purchasing low-quality links in large quantities can result in high traffic and stable organic ranking. However, you should always choose those with a high domain rating because they will increase your backlink profile rather than having many low-quality connections.

A high-quality backlink is relevant, reliable, and natural. Even though high-quality backlinks are the most valuable, medium-quality links can still help you gain traction for your gambling website. You should avoid low-quality/spammy connections at all costs.

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