Public Relations Specialist

The role

Pearl Lemon is looking for a highly motivated and driven person to help drive forward our ambitious growth plans throughout 2021 and beyond. You will be an important part of a tight-knit team who have a hands-on approach and are passionate about taking the business to the next level.

Our brand and our founder’s name is growing quickly but we want it to grow even quicker and so we have an amazing opportunity for an intern to learn and develop PR strategies to perform the job responsibilities

The PR specialist is an integral part of our team. We are looking for someone that will help get as many media mentions as possible.

There will be a focus upon  SEO, Lead Generation, R&D Tax, Forex Research, Podcast Lead Generation and more 🙂

We are looking for someone who prides themselves on their speed of communication, attention-to-detail, and meticulous planning skills, but can adapt to change in a very fast-moving environment.

A strong understanding of digital marketing is essential, as are exceptional people and communication skills to help develop team members who you will manage directly.

POSSIBLE responsibilities will include

  • Podcast outreach (to get our founder appearing on 1-podcast a week)
  • Webinar outreach – identify YouTube channels/popular niche related sites that host webinars with experts for us to feature on
  • Major news features – to get us featured on the news, radio and television as an industry expert
  • Speaker gigs – get us into speaking gigs such as Brighton SEO, TedX and more
  • Blogger placements – pitch high traffic niche-blog sites such as Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush
  • YOUR OWN IDEAS – these are just the ideas that we have – we’re happy to be lead by you as to the things that you think are useful/good to grow our brand footprint online
  • Big growth opportunities – we have agreements in place that if we directly generate business from your work, you share a slice in any deals closed!
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Required skills and experience

  • Work experience as public and media relations – ability to foster strategic relationships with key professionals
  • Familiarity with the latest PR trends and best practices
  • Blogger outreach
  • Experience as a writer and blogger
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills 
  • Social media skills – the ability to maximize brand presence on various channels
  • Research skills – the ability to find the right opportunities and being aware of industry trends
  • Time management
  • Creativity

Benefits of working with Pearl Lemon

  • Learn Very Very Fast
  • Work with TedX Speakers
  • Work with ultramarathon runners, speakers of multiple languages
  • Work with a fully digital and remote team across different time zones
  • Build and grow entirely in the cloud
  • International work-cations where we meet and work in a foreign country for a week
  • Worst case – learn tons, get an amazing reference and move forward
  • Best case – go full time, build your personal brand and work from anywhere in the world
  • Take your digital skills you learn with us and apply to any job in any industry
  • Work remotely and manage 100% of your time

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