How to Optimize the App Store to get your App to rank high

Optimize the App Store

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Got a cool new App released in the App Store? Then you might want to direct your attention to App Store Optimisation (ASO). This is basically the process of getting your app to have a great rank in the App Store’s search results.

What I found quite interesting is that:

65% of App Store downloads from Apple apparently come from search queries?

That statistic should underline how important App Store optimization and General Optimization is.

There is a significant link inside your Android or your iOS app via the actual descriptions. Various aspects of Optimization, in General, come into play here: The Keywords, App Store Localization about Country-Level searches, Country-Level Downloads, Organic Installs, Retention, etc.

SEO and How it All Comes Together?

All of these things fall deep within the realms of SEO, plus Conversion Rate Optimisation.  ??

These aspects all integrate with one another from the initial organic search to the retention, and we’ve worked on several sites that have apps with several App Store businesses to really drive new growth.

400;”>App Store Optimization also has to do with thinking about your keyword weighting, targeting, how Google will index these things, where you can build links for an app or how you set up the referral links from your actual main website.

These come into play when we’re considering the space of App Store optimization, and we’ve helped as part of organic traffic campaigns to really drive in the space of tens of downloads with mobile apps.

Optimization is something that’s critically important and what we could do to make sure that you can increase your organic presence is critically stress the importance of ASO.

We’d absolutely love to work with you on determining, defining and planning a roadmap with a hierarchy of all of the things that we need to consider as part of the implementation process to ensure that you get the best returns from your ASO!?

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