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Cold Email Strategy

Who Do You Trust With Your Cold Email Strategy?

Where do you/your reps turn for cold email best practices? For sales email best practices in general? How are you educating sales reps, or how are you educating yourself on writing the best email subject lines? Who do you trust with the actual email writing portion of your sales prospecting strategy?

Do you Google ’email templates’? Or even ‘free email templates?’

Googling templates can be dangerous. You won’t find a better-than-average way to start email conversations via Google. Because the Almighty G is everyone’s go-to source for subject line short-cuts. So basically, that’s a no, if you want your cold email and marketing emails to be a success anyway.

So how about going with special software? Tons of would be lead gen pros, and salespeople do that. Yet 95% of the people I meet and talk to have gone that route, experienced a complete lack of success using the tips, advice and templates this software offer.

Here’s why: The tips and advice are rubbish. There’s no other way to put it, and we won’t single out any single provider.

Yes, we admit, it seems logical … turning to specialist vendors providing sales email automation tools. Automation can be good for some things. But cold email is not one of them. What people/organizations fail to realize is that trusting software vendors to write your emails ensures sending messages with sub-par email subject lines and pretty crappy copy.

In fact, it pretty much guarantees you’ll be sending almost the same messages as tons of your competitors are using, and you’ll build a habit of indulging in self-defeating communications habits that won’t work, will drain your energy, waste your time and basically make you/your reps feel like losers.

No, sales automation and engagement software providers aren’t evil. I get that. Many of these tools are quite handy. But setting email strategy based on advice from software providers is dangerous and foolish. Because they are not communications experts. They are tool experts whose clients need communications expertise … to use the tools.

It’s easy (for SaaS providers) to provide communications advice that won’t hurt clients, but won’t help either. Investing in quality communications expertise for software companies is not part of the SaaS business model. Even LinkedIn has invested in communications expertise to support its larger Sales Navigator clients, investing upwards of $200,000 annually.

Yet many of these big, fancy, sales teams end up failing. Some of them have even come knocking (figuratively at least) on our door, asking for help with their cold email communications technique. Because they have realised that LinkedIn’s communications tips aren’t on par and, in fact, are being handed out to their competitors as well.

Relying on software vendors ensures that you have zero competitive edge. Your tool is great. But your tactics are outdated. You cannot automate a great cold email. You can learn ways to make the process less time consuming, more efficient and more effective. But you can’t wave a magic wand and automate the process, not if you want it to be successful anyway.