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Shopify SEO Case Study -
Dog Nutrition


Today we have a Shopify e-commerce campaign that we’re currently running for this company that focuses on dog nutrition. This company offers recipes, foods, and supplements for dogs. 

Quite an exciting site! So our client approached us wanting to diversify their revenue streams. Their main traffic was coming from Amazon, which was good, but they wanted to generate sales through the site itself. 

Knowing the goal was to diversify their sources of revenue, the Pearl Lemon team steps in to implement steps towards the said goal. Within just a couple of weeks, there has been an average increase of 4.9 in traffic search

If you look further into their keywords, we have quite a few that are ranking at 19000 searches a month, where one has gone up two places. Another instance with 590 searches has gone up one place. 

There is a bit of a flux at times, but overall, there is an improved average in many cases. Keywords like “DIY dog food” went up 49 places. More keywords have gone to  880 searches a month and have gone up 43 places. 

Our client has already experienced quite a bit of return in searches and keyword ranking to generate more attention to the sight they wanted. Finally, overall we can confirm that their traffic is going up which is a good sign!

keywords searches a month
0 +
Average Increase in traffic search
keywords gone up in places
0 +
searches/month gone up 43 places
small business marketing consultant

The Pearl Lemon team has made great progress with this site. Sometimes positive numbers can take a while because it is always important to look at progress over time rather than an immediate result.

Overall that path towards our client’s goal is looking positive, and we are happy to get them closer to what they desire.

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