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As an appliance sales or appliance repair firm, you’re certainly well aware of the difficulties in attracting new customers. You might get some recommendations from happy customers, but the fact is that most people will just do a Google search and call the first or second company that comes up.

Even if you have been in business for many years, and never thought much about digital marketing, in today’s competitive business climate you must get to the top of those search results in order to attract as many new clients as possible. Which is where SEO for appliances comes in.

What is SEO for Appliances?

As you may know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what exactly does that mean?

Essentially, SEO for appliances – is the practice of optimizing a web property – your website and its individual web pages – to rank as high in the SERPS (search engine results page) as possible without having to pay for a boost like Google Ads.

While many people believe that SEO only applies to Google, this is not the case. Bing has a larger search footprint than most people realize, and for ecommerce businesses, those who sell appliances for example, SEO for appliances must often adhere to the numerous ‘rules’ put down by multiple search engines, such as Amazon’s A9 or eBay’s Cassini.

The best SEO for appliances techniques are built with as full an understanding of the search engine’s algorithms as possible, as well as their guidelines and best practices, regardless of whatever search engine you’re seeking to ‘rank’ in. The strongest SEO also considers the fact that these sometimes enigmatic algorithms are constantly changing and that SEO is never static.

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Both onsite and offsite actions are included in SEO. On the onsite level, webmasters must ensure that their websites, webpages, or ecommerce listings are properly coded, that their meta-tags and meta descriptions are well written and keyword rich (but never keyword stuffed), that their onsite content is unique and engaging while still targeting the right keywords, and that their website content loads quickly and easily. And that’s only the beginning.

Offsite SEO, which is equally important, includes things like backlinks from other websites, social media presence, and content distribution, among other things. Local SEO is even more challenging for local businesses since they must transition into the area of local SEO, which involves a completely different set of techniques and tactics.

If your head is spinning at this point, that’s not surprising. SEO for appliances has evolved into a time-consuming and often complicated process. However, if you want your appliance firm found at the top of search results, so that it will be your company people call, visit and/or buy from as a result of those Google searches, then putting in the work on SEO for appliances is a must.

Working With Pearl Lemon for SEO for Appliances

One of the ways you can harness the power of SEO for appliances without taking away time and resources better spent running your business, or trying to DIY your way through a field that is complex and ever-changing, working with an SEO agency like Pearl Lemon is a better answer. But what exactly do we do to help get your website, and your business, to the top of the SERPs and seen by the very people interested in, and searching for, what you have to offer?

While every client is unique, and every SEO campaign we mount is bespoke and tailored to them specifically, there are some of the common practices we follow and implement to skyrocket your site to the top of the SERPs:

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Onsite SEO for Appliances Explained

Every SEO for appliances campaign we devise begins with the creation of an ideal keyword list for your company. We’ll collaborate with you every step of the process to ensure that we’re not only targeting keywords related to your products and/or services, but also capturing your brand’s voice.

As the campaign proceeds, we’ll optimize your website with tags, and category page descriptions, meta descriptions and more. We will also access the technical performance of your site – especially when it comes to speed and ease of use – and make whatever changes are required there, as every search engine favors sites that are fast, easy to navigate, secure and free of junk code and errors.

All of these elements will come together to ensure that your SEO for appliances campaign begins to produce fantastic results for your company and gets the campaign off to a great start.

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Offsite SEO for Appliances

For many appliance businesses – especially appliance repair businesses – local search is very important, and Google My Business profile optimization plays a large part in that. Google My Business enhances a brand’s existing website(s) by providing it with a public identity and presence through a Google listing.

Google Search and Google Maps can display information about a business submitted through Google My Business.

Regardless of the device type used to search, any third-party platform that uses the Google Maps API will provide Google My Business listings.

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If you’ve used specific Google resources to support your business in the past (such as the now-defunct Google+), or if your company has been around for a while, chances are it’s already listed on Google My Business. But if you are like many businesses, you have yet to claim it, let alone optimize it and make the most of the SEO and branding benefits it has to offer. When working with Pearl Lemon, we’ll ensure you do.

Content is also an important part of SEO or appliances. We can create content for your company that serves two purposes. The content on your blog and category pages will help to engage and inform your clients while also adding SEO value to your site.

We can also establish backlinks by posting content on sites with high domain authority, which will help Google regard your company as an authority on the appliances you sell or repair. The use of a combination of these forms of content will help you get the most out of your SEO campaign for appliances.

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