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As the birthplace of Father’s Day and the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world with the nickname “Lilac City,” Spokane is so much more than Washington’s second-largest city. With its 500,000 metro population and over 1.6 million annual visitors, Spokane acts as the vibrant economic hub of the entire Inland Northwest.

PPC and SEO Services In Spokane

Local consumers and B2B buyers leverage search engines like Google to connect with Spokane businesses that meet their needs. Coming out on top both in paid ad placements and organic search rankings can lead to tremendous growth for local companies. Over 73% of search engine clicks go to listings on page 1 results.


To capitalize on this demand, partnering with a knowledgeable PPC and SEO agency makes all the difference. Founded in 2016 by director Deepak Shukla (affectionately known as “Dee”), Pearl Lemon brings together a talented team laser-focused on driving ROI through search campaigns. What sets Pearl Lemon apart is the priority placed on understanding each client’s unique business challenges and goals in the Spokane area.

The Pearl Lemon Agency Advantage for PPC and SEO

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Pearl Lemon tailors both PPC and SEO strategies based on extensive competitor analysis, keyword research, conversion optimization, and constant platform updates. By coordinating paid search and organic search channels to complement one another, Pearl Lemon has perfected an integrated methodology that utilizes the unique benefits of each.

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On the PPC front, Pearl Lemon’s managed Google Ads campaigns help businesses get found immediately for high-priority keywords indicating a user is ready to buy right now. Dynamic ads, call tracking, and conversion analytics provide insight into the most effective messaging and landing pages.

At the same time, organic SEO efforts identify relevant mid-to-long-tail keywords that may not yet have enough search volume for paid ads. Content optimization and linking build authority and organic traffic over time so businesses rank for these terms in the future.

Over the years, Pearl Lemon has become known for delivering consistent and measurable results – not vanity metrics. From click-through rates to cost per conversion to return on ad spend to organic traffic growth, Pearl Lemon prioritizes transparency around performance. By coordinating paid and organic channels, clients benefit from both the instant gratification of PPC and compounding gains of SEO building momentum over months and years.

Combining PPC and SEO for Optimal Impact

Most businesses focus their efforts on either PPC or SEO, often struggling with one over the other. Pearl Lemon has perfected an integrated methodology using paid search and organic search to maximum effect.

On the PPC front, managed Google Ads campaigns help businesses get found immediately for the high-priority keywords that indicate a user is ready to buy right now. Dynamic ads, call tracking, and conversion tracking provide insight into what messages and landing pages convert best.

At the same time, SEO efforts identify relevant mid and long-tail key phrases that may not yet have enough search volume for paid ads. Content optimization and linking build organic authority and traffic over time so that the site continues surfacing for these terms down the road.

By coordinating paid and organic channels, clients benefit from both the instant gratification of PPC and compounding gains of SEO-building momentum. Leads and sales increase steadily thanks to Pearl Lemon’s tech-enabled processes allowing for constant testing and refinement.

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Pearl Lemon’s Strategic Approach to PPC Campaign Management

As Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, paid search represents an invaluable opportunity for brands to connect with customers showing buying intent. With 62% of clicks going to the top 3 paid ad positions, having an optimized Google Ads presence is imperative. This is where Pearl Lemon’s strategic PPC methodology delivers results.

Through in-depth keyword research and negative keyword analysis, Pearl Lemon’s PPC experts identify the highest potential search queries that align with each client’s offerings and target customer profiles. To maximize ROI, the focus lies on quality over quantity, pursuing only keywords with suitable volume and conversion potential.

Meticulous A/B testing allows Pearl Lemon to pinpoint the optimal combination of ad elements like headlines, descriptions, and display URLs for improved CTR over time. With CTR being one of the main factors impacting Quality Score and ad rank, these optimizations increase relevance, reduce cost per click, and boost placements.

Once users click through to a client’s site, high-converting landing pages matching the ad theme facilitate lead capture. Integrated call tracking then provides transparency around PPC’s impact on phone call inquiries. Through conversion tracking across the customer journey, Pearl Lemon doubles down on the campaigns, ads, and landing pages driving the most valuable actions.


Around 15% of Google Ads clicks end up converting according to Wordstream—but savvy management is required to maintain profitability. By leveraging industry-best principles like aggressive bid optimization, daily budget pacing, and stringent ROI benchmarks, Pearl Lemon consistently delivers PPC success for local Spokane businesses.

Pearl Lemon’s Proven SEO Strategy for Sustainable Results

With over 63,000 searches handled per second by Google alone, SEO represents a key pillar to long-term visibility and growth. Ranking organically on page 1 drives an average of 36% of overall website traffic according to Moz. As an ROI-focused agency, Pearl Lemon prioritizes SEO solutions that set local brands up for lasting success.

At the core of Pearl Lemon’s SEO methodology lies comprehensive keyword research paired with ongoing competitor monitoring. Identifying the terms that prospects use around relevant topics, products, and services is critical for shaping content. Analyzing the competitors’ already ranking for those terms provides a blueprint for outperforming them over time.

The SEO experts at Pearl Lemon leverage this foundation to build an effective content strategy for clients. Long-form blog posts, guides, and news articles target priority mid-to-long tail key phrases with thorough, original, locally optimized content. Publish dates, backlink building, promotions across digital assets, and earned media pitches all facilitate discovery and engagement.


By providing actual value to readers rather than thin keyword-stuffed copy, Pearl Lemon’s organic content also builds relevance signals like dwell time. User experience optimizations in turn reduce bounce rate for better rankings. The same principles apply across technical efforts like site speed enhancements, link building through brand mentions, schema markup for rich results, and elimination of crawl errors.

Within six months, new clients experience the true power of these compounding SEO results—more organic traffic, lower cost per lead, increased conversions, and growing brand visibility outpacing competitors. As Google’s algorithms continue evolving, Pearl Lemon’s agile processes adapt through continuous analysis, testing, and refinement for lasting high per

Industry-Leading Results for Local Businesses


The skilled team at Pearl Lemon has orchestrated exceptional PPC and SEO results across sectors like healthcare, finance, home services, retail, and more. With over 100 satisfied local business clients, their case studies speak for themselves.

Maureen K., remarks: “Since hiring Pearl Lemon to overhaul our digital marketing efforts, our qualified leads and home sales have increased by over 30% despite the competitive market. Their SEO and paid advertising management has given us a real competitive advantage while delivering great ROI.”

Brian, a 20-year Spokane-based Plumbing firm owner struggled with declining organic visibility before hiring Pearl Lemon. By revamping their local-focused content strategy and implementing schema markup, they now rank #1 organically for critical search terms. This has increased sales inquiries and job requests by over 40% year-to-date.

A notable success Pearl Lemon orchestrated is with local accounting firm. Combining Google Ads and organic SEO targeted locally, they grew the firm’s monthly leads by 60% year-over-year. Optimizing landing pages and intake forms also raised the quality lead-to-customer conversion rate above 40%.

No matter the niche, Pearl Lemon’s tailored digital marketing programs based on proven best practices get results. Their constantly optimized paid search management delivers month-to-month sales growth quickly, while organic efforts compound over years securing lasting visibility and success.

To discuss how a customized SEO/PPC solution from Pearl Lemon can accelerate your local Spokane business, get in touch today for a free consultation.

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Take the Next Step and Connect with Pearl Lemon

For any business in the Spokane area looking to expand its reach, leads, and sales online, partnering with a data-driven digital marketing agency is key. Pearl Lemon has a proven track record of orchestrating PPC and SEO success for over 100 local organizations.

By leveraging Pearl Lemon’s integrated strategic methodology, Spokane brands can capitalize on instant lead generation through paid search while building organic visibility and authority over time through SEO. This multi-channel approach utilizes the unique strengths of both to maximize ROI.

Dynamic bid management, conversion rate optimization, and lead nurturing processes allow Pearl Lemon clients to scale their growth rapidly. Their tailored solutions solve the unique challenges and objectives of each business through:

  • In-depth competitive and keyword research
  • Management of Google Ads campaigns, SEO tactics
  • Constant platform update monitoring
  • Ongoing performance analysis and optimization

If you run a local Spokane company ready to boost your digital marketing results, act now to get ahead of competitors. Reach out to Pearl Lemon for a free consultation to discuss how their strategic PPC and SEO services can take your organization to the next level.

Get in touch with one of Pearl Lemon’s digital marketing experts via phone or email today to explore what is possible for expanding your business in 2024 and beyond.

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