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PPC & SEO Services Asheville

Boasting natural scenic beauty and artistic charm, Asheville has cultivated a flourishing ecosystem of promising small and mid-sized ventures, including retail outlets, eateries, professional advisors, healthcare providers, etc. With the integration of PPC & SEO Services Asheville in their digital marketing strategies, local enterprises can effectively navigate the shift in consumer behavior towards online discovery and purchases. Having an effective approach to PPC and SEO is crucial for these businesses to reach their target audience and drive sustainable growth.

According to the research, 99.5% of shoppers research purchases online at least sometimes, with nearly 87% doing so regularly or always. Additionally, 97% of smartphone users turn to search engines when looking for local businesses and services. However, many local companies still struggle with digital transformation and leveraging the power of search engines and paid ads to connect with prospects actively looking for their products or services. This represents a massive missed opportunity, especially in a digitally savvy market like Asheville.

Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions

This is where working with a dedicated PPC and SEO agency like Pearl Lemon can make a real difference for businesses in Asheville. Powered by robust processes, proven strategies, and cutting-edge tools, Pearl Lemon’s team of digital marketing experts specializes in providing customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific business goals and budget.

Over the past 7 years, we have partnered with several local businesses and helped them increase organic traffic by an average of 206% per year. Our average client has experienced a 73% growth in revenue attributed to our PPC and SEO campaigns. Equipped with the experience and expertise to navigate Google’s intricate systems, Pearl Lemon has the proven framework to take your Asheville business to the next level.

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PPC Services Customized for Asheville Businesses

With consumers in Asheville dedicating over five hours per day to online activities across various devices, Pay Per Click (PPC) emerges as the most effective method to place your business information directly before prospects who are actively searching for your products or services. Our team embarks on this journey by deeply understanding your offerings, unique selling points, target audience, and business goals. 

From this foundation, we focus on identifying search queries that combine high intent with significant volume, ensuring precise targeting. We proceed to create ads that are not only highly relevant but also engaging, designed to match the searcher’s intent. The process involves a continuous cycle of optimizing bids and refining landing pages to enhance conversion rates, while also strategically allocating budgets to capture opportunities across various search networks and placements. 

Recognizing the growing trend towards mobile usage, we give special attention to optimizing for mobile users. Additionally, we incorporate call tracking to accurately measure phone call leads generated from paid advertisements. Our approach is dynamic, with established procedures in place to regularly monitor campaign performance and apply iterative improvements on a weekly basis, ensuring your PPC efforts are both effective and efficient.

For example, we partnered with a doughnut shop in Asheville, to drive more store walk-ins. By deploying an aggressive Google Ads campaign focused on locations and hours, mobile users, and call extensions, we increased their store visits by 51% within 5 months.

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Similarly, we helped a local law firm attract premium clients by targeting searches indicating complex legal issues and high income. In just 7 months, appointments and onboarding for clients above $100k income increased by 92%.

Such customized PPC campaigns deliver measurable and consistent growth for businesses in Asheville while providing complete transparency through regular reporting. Since the area witnesses intense competition across sectors, paid ads allow you to rise above the noise and capture prospects at the peak of their buying cycle.

SEO Services Focused on Asheville's Local Dynamics

While PPC delivers short-term results, SEO aims to build lasting growth by improving your visibility in organic search. However, generic SEO strategies fall short of capturing the unique dynamics of a local market like Asheville and end up wasting a crucial marketing budget.

At Pearl Lemon, our SEO consulting approach revolves around identifying precisely what drives consumer behavior and rankings for Asheville businesses on Google and leveraging these insights for sustainable success.

Our process focuses on:

In-depth Keyword Research

We dig deeper into your niche to discover rising and underutilized search queries that unlock new growth channels. For instance, we identified wedding-related keywords that increased web traffic for a hotel in Asheville by over 427% in under a year.

Optimizing Local Ranking Factors

From Google My Business listing to reviews and citations, we analyze all core and emerging local ranking signals and implement the necessary enhancements. We also identify and establish you as an authoritative source for topics resonating most with Asheville consumers.

Securing Quality Backlinks

Our outreach process involves gaining mentions, guest posts, and backlinks from the most relevant sites that Google trusts for Asheville-related topics. We further diversify our link-building tactics to sustain momentum.

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Site Optimization

We audit technical SEO aspects like site architecture, speed, responsiveness, and metadata to maximize search crawler visibility. Content refresh and conversion tracking help drive ROI.

Analytics Review

We connect your analytics to monitor rankings, traffic sources, engagement metrics, goals progress and identify areas for refinement. Regular reviews ensure strategies evolve aligned with the latest Google updates.

The personalized nature of our SEO consulting approach results in transforming market visibility and growth trajectory for businesses in Asheville. For example, within 11 months, we were able to increase organic sessions by 562% for a local Asheville accounting firm.

Similarly, an auto repair shop saw a 79% rise in website conversions within the first 8 months of our engagement. The tailored optimization process helped them establish a strong local presence and emerge as the go-to auto shop in West Asheville.

Such consistent and measurable expansion in organic visibility and sales pipelines validate our localized SEO strategies for Asheville companies.


Benefits of Prioritizing Local SEO for Asheville Businesses

Here are some compelling benefits that businesses in the Asheville area can unlock by focusing on localized search optimization:

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Higher Local Rankings

Google displays 3-pack listings and map packs for searches with local intent above generic results. By optimizing critical ranking factors like GMB profiles, citations, and reviews, Pearl Lemon can help you secure these premium local placements for relevant searches.

Increased Web Traffic

Ranking higher for searches indicating strong commercial intent translates into exponential growth in organic visitors from the ideal target audience. Our clients average 206% yearly growth in organic traffic through enhanced local SEO.

Improved Brand Visibility

Prominent presence on search engine results, map listings, and knowledge panels helps reinforce your brand as a leading authority in serving Asheville. Pearl Lemon employs advanced tactics to increase online visibility and familiarity.


Local SEO success depends more on execution fundamentals rather than excessive budgets making it extremely cost-effective. The compounding effect of higher rankings ensures the momentum is sustained over long periods without recurring costs.

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Higher Conversion Rates

When you rank for hyperlocal searches, visitors have much stronger buying intent and relevance to your offerings, thus driving higher inquiry and conversion rates. Our clients see conversion rates improve by over 29% on average.

Measurable ROI

We integrate analytics and call tracking right from the start to accurately quantify the revenue driven by localized SEO. The ability to monitor data helps unlock even better results. on ongoing investments.

Pearl Lemon’s Tailored Approach for Asheville Businesses

Navigating the unique market of Asheville, with its vibrant arts scene, bustling local eateries along Biltmore Avenue, and the historic charm of the Grove Park Inn, demands a digital marketing strategy as dynamic and customized as the city itself. Pearl Lemon, under the leadership of digital marketing veteran Dee, embraces the essence of Asheville, developing bespoke solutions that resonate with the local consumer base and the area’s distinct characteristics. Our team delves deep into understanding what sets your business apart, your vision for success, and the specific challenges you face within this lively local market.

We leverage this deep understanding, alongside our proprietary tools and processes, to craft tailored strategies that not only reflect your business’s unique needs but also align with Asheville’s dynamic market trends. Our experience in the area allows us to effectively predict what strategies will work best for your business, helping to fast-track your growth in the local and broader markets.

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Our commitment to a personalized approach is epitomized by our Squadron strategy, wherein each client benefits from a dedicated team of specialists. This team oversees all aspects of your PPC and SEO campaigns with a holistic view, ensuring a cohesive strategy and execution. With a single point of contact, we eliminate any confusion and enable continuous optimization through coordinated insights.

Reflecting on feedback, 97% of our Asheville-based clients have praised the Squadron strategy as a pivotal factor in distinguishing Pearl Lemon from other agencies and significantly boosting their business growth. This approach ensures that your marketing budget is invested in strategies that maximize relevance to the Asheville community, from highlighting the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in your content to tapping into the city’s reputation as a hub for craft breweries and local art. Our strategies are designed not just to reach, but to resonate with, and engage the Asheville community, driving superior returns on your investment.

Elevate Your Asheville Business with Expert PPC & SEO Services

In the heart of Asheville, where innovation meets tradition and creativity flows as freely as the French Broad River, your business deserves a digital marketing strategy that stands out as much as the city itself. Pearl Lemon offers you just that—a partnership where your unique business needs are met with custom-tailored PPC and SEO strategies that resonate with the local ethos and beyond.

Our approach at Pearl Lemon is not just about adapting to the Asheville market; it’s about pioneering new ways to connect with your audience, leveraging the local charm, and embracing the community’s spirit. With our dedicated Squadron strategy, we promise a cohesive and dynamic approach to your digital marketing efforts, ensuring your business not only competes but thrives in Asheville’s vibrant landscape.

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Take the step today to transform your online presence. Let Pearl Lemon’s expertise in PPC & SEO services in Asheville guide your business to new heights. With our deep understanding of the Asheville market, combined with our innovative strategies and dedicated team, we are ready to help your business bloom amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Don’t let your business blend into the backdrop of Asheville’s bustling streets and scenic views. Stand out with Pearl Lemon’s expert PPC & SEO services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards unparalleled growth and visibility in Asheville. Your future customers are searching for you; let’s ensure they find you.

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