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After the success of TikTok, which was developed in 2016, we have witnessed a revolution on a global scale, in the way that users can upload videos to social media platforms autonomously, gain traction and interact with other’s broadcasted content. Like is a social media app that was developed in 2017, and allows users to create short videos with several editing options. 

As TikTok grew in popularity across all demographics in many countries, concerns about its privacy policies also developed. Several countries considered banning the app, and some have even gone through with the ban. 

Subsequently, people started using Likee as an alternative, as it offered similar features to TikTok, with good editing tools and sound effects.

In this blog post, I will share some statistics about Likee’s growth and popularity.

Likee Active Users:

In 2021, the app saw a significant increase in the number of users, totalling Likee’s current monthly active users at 150 million.


Likee has been downloaded over 500 million times on the Google Play Store, with over 25.9 million downloads on Android devices alone.

Likee Audience:

Based on estimations, the Likee app audience is split almost evenly between genders but leaning more toward the male audience, with 59.76% being male and 40.24% being female.

Likee Ranking:

Out of all the social media apps available on the Google Play Store, Likee is currently sitting at number 25 with a 4.4 rating and over 11 million reviews.

Annual Revenue:

Likee’s annual app revenue is estimated to be 5.0M-10M dollars. The estimated revenue per employee is $159,500.

Countries Using Likee The Most:

Likee is popular in countries such as Russia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and France. According to the following estimated usage statistics, these are the top countries where users engage with the app regularly.

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Countries Who Banned Likee:

In 2020, India banned Likee along with 58 other social media apps such as TikTok, because they are ultimately owned by Chinese companies and citing data and privacy issues.

Which Year Was Likee Founded?

In July 2017, Likee got entry into the social media market, formerly known as “like”.

Who Is The Founder of Likee?

Li Xueling and Jason Hu are the founders of Likee.

Which Country Founded Likee?

The app was founded by Singapore-based BIGO technology, which in turn is owned by JOYY – a Chinese company.

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Likee Users Statistics Age-wise:

Likee is used by people of all ages, as seen in the following statistics:

Traffic Sources:

In summary, 14% of traffic directly sources to Likee from Google Play Store, while 73.1% is through search.

Number of Employees:

Since BIGO is a big company, Likee has about 201-500 employees working behind it.

Average Visits on Likee:

Likee’s number of visitors in the last three months can be seen in the following graph.

image1 1

Engagement: average time spent on Likee:

Based on user analysis, the average visit duration on Likee is 20.23 minutes.

Top Keywords On Likee:

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Here are the exact volumes of top keywords:

Top Keywords








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Revenue By Type:

Likee earns money mainly through in-app purchases, live streaming,  advertisements, collaboration with many music and movie production houses.