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In this post, we will share tips and tricks that you can use to drive traffic to your blog with blog comments. You can build a list, and build up for your following on Facebook and Twitter. But if people aren’t already following us on these spots, how will they find it?

Influencer or relationship marketing is a great way to build relationships. Influencer marketing helps you grow your relationships with other business owners in your niche, share your message and even make money by blogging.

Once you develop an idea about influencer marketing, you can start building your relationships. It’s time to get started and do the homework now. One way to build these relationships is by way of leaving comments.

When you start commenting on popular blogs, that puts your blog on the map. It can put your site on the back of the mind of a successful blogger. Also, successful bloggers read blogs of other successful people. It increases your odds of getting discovered by more influencers. Blog commenting is useful to grow your network while also enabling you to attract traffic to your site.

You need to do this the right way.

There are different elements that all need to go together to create something good.

So that’s where the blog post can help you. You can grow traffic to your fashion website, design website, or any other site for that matter with this technique. By the end of the guide, you will know how to place comments strategically on influencer blogs to help you get noticed.

Are comments worth it in 2023?

Comments on the blog aren’t dead.

With the rise of social media, you can see the practice of commenting on blog comments plummet. But that doesn’t stop you from driving business growth with the help of blog comments. You also need good customer support.

If you are a CRM software; commenting is a good way to get the first few sales for your business. This applies to both B2C and B2B growth marketing.

Even big blogs that used to get 100s of comments for every post they published hit a major roadblock with fewer people pumping out blog comments. Some sites and outlets have disabled commenting in full.

None of that implies blog commenting is dead.

Neil Patel was able to generate leads through blog comments that drove $25000 in revenue for him.

So commenting is still alive and well in 2023 and beyond.

People used to leave comments on other blogs to generate links. Google uses links to understand how important your site is and ranks it accordingly. And this resulted in people trying to game the algorithm by building links indiscriminately.

Most sites give no-follow links with comments. You won’t be able to directly improve your rankings through blog comments.

If you want to build a relationship with the site owner and build some traffic to your site, then commenting is a great option.

1. Be thoughtful and useful

Start by reading the entire blog post. You can’t comment with half-sentences like “Great post” and expect to get clicks. You need to actually read the post and read other comments and add a coherent relevant thought to share what’s discussed here.Then compose a thoughtful comment. It can be four sentences long. And contribute to the conversation. If you’re targeting an audience that’s into graphic designing, and your site gives away free procreate brushes then talk about procreate water color brushes with your audience in the comments.What is more, it’s important to take care of your website before commenting as leaving meaningful comments means attracting your target audience. When potential visitors have an interest in your comment and tap on your website, they expect to see outstanding web design, high-quality content, and valuable offers. All these factors make them leave your website longer. You get a double bonus with blog commenting. This doesn’t always mean you need to do the hard work yourself. You can supply prompts to an AI writer and let it do the hard work.

2. Choose blogs wisely

Not all blogs will get you the same results when commenting to generate traffic. If you go to mainstream sites your comment is going to get lost in the sea of comments. Plus the readers are divided into several interests. If you want to attract people who are going to write the HVAC licence exam, target those blogs specifically.

Focus on blogs that speak to your ideal audience. You can use the sideways method to generate a list of such sites.

Create a list of blogs that match the criteria and look for when new posts are added and comment as soon as possible.

Another idea is to respond to comments on guest posts. If you write a guest post or be a guest on someone’s best marketing podcast, take time to respond to comments.

3. Track your progress

Just like it is with other strategies, measure your success by tracking things. The easiest way to do this is with the help of a link-shortening service like Bit.ly. This lets you create a unique URL that you can add to the URL field when commenting.You can create one link for the comments you leave or generate a unique link for every blog post you comment on. This helps you track the number of clicks you get from that link and see the traffic you generate.This yields insights including which blogs are best for commenting
  • Don’t spam blogs by commenting on every blog post. Focus on building a relationship.
  • Don’t link to the website or the body of the comment. Make it useful and relevant.
  • Don’t pick fights and don’t be a troll
  • Don’t be salesy. I probably wouldn’t even mention that you have a product. Be useful instead.

The Benefits Of Blog Commenting in 2023

If you genuinely put in the effort to write comments that add value to a discussion, you can use that to drive traffic, build connections and land new business opportunities.Let’s analyze the benefits of blog commenting.Let’s understand if there’s something to gain from leaving a blog comment.There are rewards to putting in the extra bit of effort.

Blog Commenting Helps You Grow Your Network

The biggest benefit associated with blog commenting is that it gets your brand across in the blogosphere. It gets your name out there without you having to wait for anyone. Popular bloggers and influencers routinely get hundreds of emails and many of them don’t Perhaps the best benefit of blog commenting is that it helps brand you and your blog across the blogosphere. It gets your name out there without you having to wait or ask for anybody’s permission. Once you grow your network you will start getting connection requests, interactive meeting requests, and more.Popular bloggers and influencers get hundreds of emails a day. Some of them don’t even check their own emails.These emails are handed off to assistants. Sending an email and hoping for a reply isn’t always the smartest way to start building relationships.You can start off with a blog comment to start getting noticed.Most bloggers always read comments even if they ignore emails.Ryan Biddulph, a blogger built his entire business by leaving comments on blogs. He has left over 40000 blog comments.You will be hard pressed to find a blog in the digital marketing niche without his comments on them. These are detailed well-written comments that immediately catch the attention of blog owners.With this strategy, he was able to build thousands of connections.

Blog Comments Generate Traffic

SEO automation software can help to a certain degree but nothing beats manual comments.You won’t get tons of traffic from blog comments, but it can be enough to make it worthwhile.For example, here’s an article from SmartBlogger with more than 400 comments.

Never forget to link to your site in the comments.

These links are no follow links. However if you’re one of the first to comment on a newly published article, this can result in hundreds of visitors to your site. The most popular blogs will even send a broadcast email to subscribers netting you even more traffic.

Helps You Get More Comments On Your Articles

This is an example of a give-and-take situation. Not every blogger returns the favor but those who value the input you provided will circle back and leave comments on your new articles as well.

How to write an awesome blog comment (with examples)

How does a great blog comment feel like? How does it start and end and what things go in the middle? There are several parts to a great blog comment. Let’s go over them.

PART #1: The Introduction

Do you ever meet someone and start telling them your life story? Perhaps this information is better digestible if you had an introduction with them first.Comments shouldn’t throw themselves at the author without any acknowledgment or greeting. A proper greeting goes a long way so say hello at first and greet the post author by his or her name.This is the proper way to start a comment.

PART #2: The Added Value

After the greeting, you need the message that needs to meet expectations. The goal of each comment is to add value. The word is overused in the world of blogging. But, in this context, it means doing something that makes you look valualbe to readers, especially in front of the author you want to impress.Be useful, interesting, insightful, and entertaining. Being valualbe makes you a person worth knowing.


Seriously that’s all there is to a value added comment that drives traffic and brings leads for you.

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