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The communication and public relations challenges faced by hospitals and healthcare businesses are unique, given the highly sensitive nature of the work and the extreme degree of media scrutiny. As experts in healthcare PR, Pearl Lemon manage the reputations of our clients in a highly discreet and confidential manner.

Healthcare PR for the 21st Century

Healthcare and healthcare technology (‘healthtech’) innovation continues to have an effect on the lives of millions of people around the world.

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, wearables and fitness applications, e-health, and remote diagnostics are all improving the way healthcare practitioners and companies communicate with patients and consumers.

In order to efficiently reach their target markets, we assist brands in cultivating and maintaining an authentic and authoritative voice that is also one consumers feel they can trust, the ultimate goal for any healthcare concern.

Healthcare PR, Healthcare PR Agency

Pearl Lemon designs the most effective healthcare PR and healthtech public relations strategies for our clients, based on their unique needs and priorities.

Whatever your aim as a healthcare or healthtech innovator is, from raising funds or growing brand recognition among potential stakeholders, consumers, and partners to creating and sustaining high levels of patient trust and clinician loyalty, we give clients a broad range of winning healthcare PR and healthtech PR strategies tailored to their unique and specific needs.

Pearl Lemon : Expert Healthcare PR Agency

Pearl Lemon’s healthcare PR and healthtech PR team will design and execute the best public relations plan to ensure your company stands out as an expert and opinion leader in this extremely fast-moving and crowded industry, from innovative content creation to strategic media and analyst relations. Specifically our healthcare PR agency include all the following (and more)

Community Healthcare PR

While reaching large media outlets with positive coverage is very important for most healthcare firms reaching communities – and the potential patients and consumers within them, is even more important.

Sending the right healthcare PR messages is not easy. The balance between offering authoritative, trustworthy and useful information and remaining as inclusive and inoffensive as possible is a delicate one for healthcare firms. Working with the right PR experts is a must, as sending the wrong messages can be disastrous.

The Pearl Lemon team develops and nurtures contacts with local press, local health advocates, social media influencers and healthcare bloggers as is appropriate for each client to ensure that their news receives fair, balanced coverage, and they are perceived as the trustworthy authority on health related issues they strive to be.

Crisis Healthcare PR

It’s an unfortunate fact that all too often when a healthcare concern is featured in the news media it is often not for the reasons they would prefer.

Our crisis healthcare PR client services and solutions are always aimed at enhancing, maintaining, and repairing their brands and reputations in order to increase their most valuable assets: trust and confidence.

We always lean on facts and ethics, with rigorous analysis and a personalized purpose, plan, and strategies, to better serve you, whether it’s supporting health and medical leaders and organizations during a pandemic like COVID-19, or offering litigation-support PR when dealing with major legal claims or a difficult product recall.

Healthcare PR Media Training

It’s the rare healthcare professional who has the time to spend the weeks, months and years our healthcare PR team has honing their skills in media relations. And that’s a great thing, as they have far more important work to do. However, there are times, especially in times of crisis, that these medical professionals will be called on to ‘meet the press’ and making the right impression is crucial.

We can offer our healthcare PR clients fast, effective media training to help ensure that when they do participate in press interviews and media appearances they make the impression they intended and get the information they are sharing across in the best possible way.

Pearl Lemon produces the ultimate healthcare PR campaign to fulfill the company goals, from overall brand strategy and creative content development to analyst relations, media outreach, and impactful thought leadership initiatives. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you.

Healthcare PR FAQs

Healthcare Public Relations focuses on businesses in the healthcare industry, ranging from individual and group practitioners, medical advances and products to patient care and even veterinary practices. As medical fields continue to expand through industries, it is one of the fastest growing sectors of public relations.

Healthcare PR is unlike any other form of public relations. Often the issues at hand are very sensitive, and phrasing messages in the wrong way can cause mistrust, distress and offensive with the very people it is trying to reach. In addition, the laws, rules and regulations healthcare professionals and companies must follow – and bear in mind in their messaging – are complex and ever-changing.

Keeping up with all this calls not only for superior public relations skills but also a willingness to undertake extensive research, the ability to phrase messages in just the right way and the ability to act fast when needed, especially in a healthcare PR crisis.

Teams who do not have specific healthcare PR training may not only fail to get the right messages across but may land their clients in legal hot water or destroy patient and consumer trust in their product or service.

For better or worse, a vast segment of the population does turn to social media for healthcare information. Sp while it may have seemed inappropriate in the past for a healthcare concern to maintain a presence on social media it is now almost a must.

Pearl Lemon healthcare PR campaigns do, where appropriate, encompass social media messaging with a focus on ensuring any and all information shared there is legal, accurate and stays within the parameters allowed by industry regulations while building trust with consumers.

Media training is a form of communication training that focuses on communicating with the media. The purpose of media training is to help you understand and prepare for your role as a spokesperson for your business or organization. You’ll learn how to anticipate questions, avoid common pitfalls, and stay focused on your key points.

You can handle any interview the media throws your way once you’ve been properly educated. Furthermore, you will be regarded as a reliable source of information by the media.

This is why media training for healthcare PR is so important: being a succinct, efficient spokesperson enhances the reputation of the firm or organization for which you are speaking. You may also use this new-found knowledge to target particular markets or reach out to a broader audience.

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