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In a digital world where everything takes place online, it’s hard to stay on top. It’s not any better in the WooCommerce industry, where there are currently above 6 million websites online.

This is the point where establishing an effective digital marketing strategy becomes crucial. Everyone in the market continues to employ different strategies to get ahead of their competitors by snatching users online.

If you’re an entrepreneur who paid for various digital marketing strategies, but none seems effective, then you’re missing the Google Ads PPC or pay-per-click strategy.

With Pearl Lemon‘s PPC management services in London, you can increase website traffic and conversion rates or do both at once.

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Best WooCommerce Google Ads Plugins

The visibility of your online store’s products can be considerably increased by running Google ads. Various plugins can assist you in optimizing your Google Ads campaigns if you use WooCommerce as your online store. 

Similarly, you will require help managing the ads you display on your website. Here are some of the best WooCommerce Google Plugins you can use.

Google Ads for WooCommerce

This plugin can help WooCommerce store owners increase traffic and sales. For the first three months, it assists you in managing campaigns without cost. Shop owners can begin driving traffic to their websites using “Surfaces across Google” and “Google Shopping.” Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns can help you increase product visibility by delivering advertising across the entire Google network.

The add-on will automatically provide Google Smart Shopping feeds, which include ad creation, targeting, and bidding.

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What is Google Shopping?

You can link your WooCommerce store to Google Merchant Center through the Google Shopping Integration app. Take advantage of Google Shopping’s Free Listings Program to increase your store’s organic traffic. 

Utilizing Surfaces Across Google, showcase your products across various Google platforms like Search, Assistant, Shopping, Images, etc.

Google Shopping is the most reliable tool for helping customers compare products and make informed selections. This offers businesses a priceless chance to stand out from the crowd. This unpaid experience aids you in increasing the visibility of your tools and products so you can track important data, such as monthly clicks. 

You can also make your paid shopping campaign stronger by enhancing your paid Shopping campaign with the Free Listings Campaign.

With smart shopping campaigns, you can increase your WooCommerce visibility, your online presence, and the distinctiveness of your brand without difficulty or cost.

Ads on Google

A game-changer for boosting Google Ads campaigns is Ads on Google. You can efficiently contact potential customers by running Google ads. You can speed up the creation of your Google Ads campaigns.

Additionally, this plugin might help you streamline the bidding process for improved budget management. As a result, you can prevent errors with your WooCommerce stores, like ad campaign delays or higher ad creation expenses.

The Ads on Google plugin gives users access to ad banner styles that are fully customizable. Because the plugin provides a feature that supports banner production, you don’t need to be an expert in banner design. 

Additionally, it automatically creates keywords and depends on the merchandise you sell.

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Google Ads ROI Optimiser

You can properly manage your Google Ads budget by using Google Ads ROI Optimizer. With the help of this plugin, you can turn expenses you might have made for digital advertising into savings.

It uses machine learning algorithms to recognize repeat visitors and gives them discounts each time they come to the site. This may help in lowering advertising-related costs. Customers don’t require any separate installation to access savings because the plugin works with your current traffic and shopping cart.

This plugin uses the user login information to identify potential clients. You can personalize messages to ensure visitors to your website have the greatest possible experiences.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Google Ads can be tracked with “WooCommerce Google Ads Conversion Tracking”. This might help you assess how effective your Google Ads campaigns are.

This plugin provides a way to keep track of orders placed via Google Ads. This will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising strategies. A detailed tracking report will prevent unsuccessful transactions and team member access. 

Additionally, it incorporates the functionality of add-cart data. Additionally, it functions well with any plugin you might use for cookie consent management.

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Google Ads & WooCommerce -- Perfect Duo

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Google Ads as PPC

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that enables companies to place bids on keywords to have their ads appear in Google search results.

You only pay for Google Ads when someone clicks on your advertisement to visit your website or give you a call. Additionally, you may change your advertising at any moment to target a particular audience (based on interests, location, etc.) or advertise a particular offer or item. 

Small businesses that cannot regularly change their websites to reflect specials, promotions, or seasonal goods might benefit from this flexibility.

You may also use Google Ads to advertise your company on relevant websites in the Google Display Network (GDN) and Google Search. 

You can connect with even more potential clients by using the GDN, which is made up of thousands of websites on the internet. You can choose individual websites to display ads on or specify the target demographics and let Google Ads compile a list for you.

You may use Google Ads to display your ads to potential clients at the right time when they are looking for a product or company like yours.

Now that we know how Google Ads works let’s further understand how it can effectively reach your target market.

Effectively Reach Your Target Market

With Google Ads, you can directly show your ads to your target market. It allows you to target specific people only based on gender, location, and even the kind of device they use to do their searches.

You can easily reach your target market using:

  • Custom Intent – Custom intent tracking is a feature available in Google Ads. When you use this, you can pick keywords and key phrases most likely to resonate with warm leads—individuals who are prepared to make a purchase. You may also enter specific URLs for websites, video content, and more to further focus your targeting.
  • Remarketing – Remarketing makes it easy for you to deliver your ads to people who have already clicked on them. Remarketing advertisements are beneficial since they keep your business and its goods or services in front of consumers’ minds, especially those almost ready to buy earlier and only need one last push.
  • Keyword Strategy – Targeting specific keywords makes it more likely that users searching for those terms will see your ad. The greatest benefit of keyword targeting is that it can be adjusted to consider the time of year, a holiday, etc. You can also hand-craft the keywords you select to appeal to a specific demographic or focus on particular search intent.

Similar Audience – Similar audiences are a first-party data lists-based targeting option in Google Ads that enable you to target new people who share characteristics with your website visitors to increase the reach of your best-performing ads.

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Why Use PPC for Your WooCommerce?

You can get outstanding results and have your wishes for your WordPress website come true with a great PPC campaign. You’ll know how your firm is progressing with the help of ongoing observation and in-depth analysis.

Aside from that, here are some benefits you can get when you start doing PPC campaigns for your WooCommerce.

Content Marketing


With Google Ads, only the visits you receive are charged for. In alternative advertising methods, marketers charge to display their ads, but there is no assurance that they will get results. Cost and effectiveness are directly correlated with pay-per-click marketing (visits).

Furthermore, you can place ads according to your budget. You can establish a daily maximum budget with PPC models; in some circumstances, you can start with just $1. As a result, they can be tailored to accommodate advertisers of all sizes, and you may decide in advance how much money you want to spend on each campaign.

Get Fast Results

It’s possible to observe an increase in website traffic during the first week of your PPC campaign because advertisements begin to appear for your selected keywords as soon as you bid on them and have a high-quality score.

Regarding other long-term strategies, like SEO (search engine optimization) or email marketing, results may not be seen for a few months. But those benefits are wonderful and well worth the wait.

Track Results Easier

Monitoring results is one of the most important components of any digital marketing plan. Without access to your campaign’s analytics, it would be impossible for you to determine which components are effective and which are lacking.

PPC campaigns offer a significant benefit over other marketing strategies in that it’s quite simple to do results monitoring and conversion tracking, both of which are extremely beneficial.

Effective Targeting

The success of your campaigns depends on getting your ads in front of the appropriate audience. And you can target each ad to a particular audience, which is a key benefit of PPC advertising.

You can target your ads based on your chosen audience and keyword selection. You can target the people most likely to become consumers by demographically targeting your campaigns or by geographic targeting.

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Pearl Lemon Experts for Your PPC Management

Managing a Google Ads campaign is an ongoing process. It is not something you can leave after setting it up.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we know how hard handling an online store alone is. If you’ve never looked into PPC, there’s much to learn. Gaining a thorough understanding of PPC, how it works, and the various advertising methods is essential if you want your campaign to be successful. Even getting halfway decent at PPC requires time and effort, let alone becoming an expert. 

Our experts here at Pearl Lemon put forth a lot of effort to bring you the correct audience, cultivate your leads, monitor your conversions, acquire a steady stream of traffic to your website, and more.

Book us a call today and start driving traffic to your WooCommerce using Google Ads campaign.

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Here at Pearl Lemon, we can help your company grow.

The engagement has led to an increase in inquiries through multiple channels. Pearl Lemon works closely with the internal team to ensure an effective collaboration. The team is open and transparent, providing a high level of customized service.
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The engagement generated eight calls within the first month. Pearl Lemon establishes a seamless workflow to ensure consistent communication. Their professional team is enthusiastic throughout the process.
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CEO, The Sales Consultancy
Attendance to the event grew at a rapid pace, and a significant number of respondents gave positive feedback regarding Pearl Lemon’s approach. The team provided recurrent progress updates that clearly demonstrated their impact. Their knowledge and transparency set them apart from other vendors.
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On opposite sides of the same digital marketing spectrum, SEO and PPC advertising are two different strategies. While PPC advertising focuses on placing paid advertisements on search engine results pages, SEO services are more concerned with bringing organic traffic to your website (SERPs).

Although PPC doesn’t directly affect SEO, it indirectly affects it.

Using PPC and SEO campaigns in conjunction leads to a wide range of indirect outcomes. It is best to combine these two strategies if you want your marketing campaign to produce the finest results possible.

For a WooCommerce PPC campaign to be effective, extensive research, keyword bidding, in-depth competition analysis, and more are necessary. A successful WooCommerce PPC campaign should provide instant results soon after starting. To get great results from your WooCommerce PPC ads, our experts in Pearl Lemon will assess your WooCommerce store, make the required adjustments, run tests, and analyze complex data.