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Two elements are at the heart of good fintech branding: empowerment and trust. You’ve already given consumers the ability to accomplish things they couldn’t do before within the traditional banking system, but how do you demonstrate trust? That’s where we come in. As a top fintech branding agency, we have the knowledge, tools and commitment to our clients to help you stand out – and be remembered – in an increasingly competitive field.

Fintech branding poses a distinct set of issues. Both finance and technology have an inherent dryness that can only be addressed by a compelling, human-centric brand experience. Our all-encompassing strategy takes a 360-degree look at your company, your goals and your competition to create – or rebuild – your brand across any and every channel where your target demographic  is looking for just what you offer. Even if they don’t know they are yet.

Why Your Fintech Branding Must Take Center Stage

Many financial technology organizations are well-known for having unique and innovative solutions to offer their consumers. However, by focusing solely on the product, businesses overlook the brand’s personal side and showcasing the kinds of people who stand behind it and the values it is driven by.

As intangible as these things might seem, especially to those most interested in more practical things, they are of the utmost importance to your target audience. Trust is key for any business, but when dealing with fintech companies, people know that their money is at stake, and few things are as important to anyone than protecting their personal finances, so trust is EVERYTHING.

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What Do You Want To Stand For?

Although every campaign our fintech branding agency undertakes is different, we always begin in the same place: by asking clients just what they want to stand for.

You must first identify what you want your target audience to think about you in order to facilitate successful brand building. What brand associations do you want your audience to have? What are the core values of your company?

Apple, for example, is synonymous with excellence and innovation.

One of the first and most important tasks in brand development is defining corporate values. They assist develop emotional connections with members of your target demographic by determining the personality of your brand. As a result, before going on to the next steps of fintech brand building, we make sure that we have spent enough time together defining the proper value statements.

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The Value of Your Investment in Fintech Branding

Dedicating resources to product promotion can yield immediate advantages in terms of leads and revenue; however, long-term gains come from investing in your brand identity. Here are some of the benefits of having a strong brand identity for your business:

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Establish a Path for Future Growth

Through various sorts of content, branding allows you to establish a community of engaged people who are interested in your products and the knowledge you provide. As a result, it is self-evident that developing a brand leads to long-term success.

Create Consumer Advocates

What could be better than having people believe in your B2B solution’s potential and provide positive feedback about you? Only 20% of customers believe what brands say on the internet, according to Gartner, so customer advocacy is a wonderful method to connect with other potential customers. People trust other people, and having a strong brand identity can help you increase consumer advocacy.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Customers become loyal when they believe in the people behind the business, which motivates them to stick with you and anticipate new products. This notion is particularly appealing for subscription-based business models, as it aids in lowering churn. Many ICT and fintech firms offer subscription-based services, demonstrating the relevance of branding. Brand building keeps customers interested in your company and extends their journey as a customer. Isn’t that what all financial tech businesses are looking for?

Enhance Your Brand's Perceived Worth

There are many similar products and services available in the fintech sector today. As a result, demonstrating that you are more than simply a product is the best method to gain consumer attention. By letting consumers know what else you have to offer besides your basic solutions, your brand helps to boost customer value. For example, effective branding can help you establish you and your company as an industry authority.

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Make Use of Influencer Marketing Effectively

Like it or not, influencer marketing plays a big part in the marketing of any fintech concern. People trust people, they don’t trust brands anywhere near as much. Therefore, if someone they like and trust advocates for you that can only be a good thing.

At Pearl Lemon, as a leading fintech branding agency, we emphasize the concept of brand authority when it comes to influencer marketing. As previously stated, a brand not only reflects the personal side of a company, but it also promotes favorable word of mouth.

This is why we stress the necessity of assessing brand authority and determining the best place to begin an influencer marketing campaign. And which influencers are right for you. Making use of the wrong influencers can have devastating consequences. Therefore, we use what we’ve learned about your company and its values to ensure that any influencers matched with you are the right fit for your brand before we begin.

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Why Work with Pearl Lemon?

You’ll find there are a lot of firms out there claiming expertise as a fintech branding agency, so why choose Pearl Lemon? Our experience aside – and we have a lot of it – we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients rather than working for them. We are as invested in your success as you are, which means you can be sure we’ll do everything we can to help your fintech company build a brand that consumers trust, remember and prefer.

Ready to work with a fintech branding agency that will produce the real, measurable results you are looking for? Contact us today and let’s get started.

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