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When consumers feel that their wealth is at stake, they tend to be more specific and skeptical when conducting research. Why? They are looking for companies that are proven to be trustworthy and professional.

Across sectors like banking, wealth management, insurance, accounting, stocks, mutual funds, and more, one of the most prominent forms of digital marketing they can use includes finance SEO.

Customer experience and personalization are so necessary for financial companies. Tailoring financial services SEO for brands involves understanding the psychology and search habits that people use.

Even though some aspects of SEO are universal, financial advisors can’t use the same SEO strategies as any other online business. 

Financial services SEO is unique, and if done right, it can help your financial services firm boost credibility and land new customers.

So, What Are SEO Financial Services?

“Financial services SEO” is the digital marketing strategy for the finance and banking sectors, and it aims to help prospects find their sites via the search engine result pages(SERPs).

In short, financial services SEO is meant to help drive organic traffic to your financial services by offering valid ad relevant content, ensuring a secure and healthy site, and earning valuable backlinks from high-authority sites.

As a financial services provider, you will face extra scrutiny from both visitors and search engines, so you must go the extra mile to ensure that your SEO content is of worth. After all, people are going to be entrusting you with their fortunes. 


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How Is Financial Services SEO Different?

For one, let’s start with Google’s 2018 Medic Algorithm Update; “Your Money, Your Life” (YMYL) websites. 

According to Google, any page that could impact the user’s current or future well-being should be scrutinized for E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

And all financial services websites like baking, investment, insurance, etc., easily fall under the “your money, your life” umbrella. 

Financial services SEO requires a rigorous, disciplined, and careful approach to content and marketing. Unlike PPC campaigns that can be an and off approach, SEO is a long-term investment. 

Your Financial Services SEO Guidelines

The greatest challenge that financial service providers face is trust. Users need valuable and relevant content. 

Let’s take a closer look at the separate SEO components you should focus on as a financial advisor.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is much more straightforward. Start with a comprehensive website audit to uncover any issues that might affect crawlability and usability.

Technical issues like non-index tags on your resource pages or robot.txt files that could be blocking essential pages should be looked at and fixed immediately.


Page load speed

Page load time is a critical SEO ranking factor. You want to make sure your web pages load faster and that your visitors do not wait too long. 

In addition to that, page load speeds impact user trust and usability. A user may overlook a slower site if they are browsing articles or blog posts. Still, they won’t be as patient if your finance service website times out before they can access vital information.

A slow site with a poor user experience doesn’t favor you in the user’s eyes, so you have to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and is very fast.


Website security is crucial for financial SEO, and the routine security checks usually performed during an SEO audit may not be enough. 

You practically need a full site crawl and Google SERP analysis. You might also want to include security service notices in your global footer to let users know that they are protected.

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When planning for financial SEO, privacy should be paramount. However, being too private with your site might be detrimental to your SEO efforts. 

Avoid keeping your content behind a firewall because then Google won’t crawl it, and if Google can’t crawl your site, then there might be no chance for your site to be found, which will ultimately hurt your SEO efforts.

URL Structure

If you aim to rank higher in the organic SERPs, your URLs should be clear to Google. 

Schema (structured data)

Google might be good at deciphering data on your web pages, but it’s not that perfect. Schema or structured data helps search engines understand and categorize your content better.

Schema markup for financial advisors describes fees, commissions, and other applicable terms for financial products(locations, hours, telephone numbers, online reviews, etc.).

Structured data allows your site to appear in “rich snippets” within the SERPs.


On-page SEO

On-page SEO goes beyond fixing technical issues; it also includes optimizing content for targeted keywords. You must choose search terms based on search volume, user intent, competition, relevance, and funnel stage. 

Also, to rank highly, you need a systematic approach to content creation. Create topic clusters and build your content on that. Random content cant do you good in competitive categories.

Build trust

Your content is one of the best ways to convey your brand voice, but you have to ensure that it’s trustworthy. Within user behavior, consumers tend to trust brands that provide valuable information more than those that don’t. 

But even as you are providing information, be careful not to give redundant and generic information. As a financial service provider, focus on creating content that elevates trust, drives insight into consumer behavior, and derives more meaning in the consumer’s decision-making journey. 

You can start by:

  • Humanizing your brand: the best way to do this is to get on the emotional side of your consumers. Give information that makes users feel something, and then compel them to take action. 
  • Trust elements: quality content aside, other factors can convey trust; for example, awards, memberships seals, even visual elements can put customers at ease. This will help you build relationships with your audience, set you apart from your competition, provide and allow client reviews, etc.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO goes beyond fixing technical issues; it also includes optimizing content for targeted keywords. You must choose search terms based on search volume, user intent, competition, relevance, and funnel stage. 

Also, to rank highly, you need a systematic approach to content creation. Create topic clusters and build your content on that. Random content cant do you good in competitive categories.

Financial services content strategies

Google places a strong emphasis on quality content and topic authority within the financial sector. For this, your content strategy is critical to the health of your organic search performance.

You want to ensure that your financial services content is written by and vetted by experts. The best way to produce quality content is to:

  • Align content to audience segments and life stages: the financial services sector targets a population with needs that vary depending on customers’ life stages. That’s why keyword research is critical. 
  • Align your content with the customer journey: take the extra step to document your customer journey. It will help you differentiate your brand by providing relevant and informative content to support your prospects throughout their customer journey.
  • Focus on creating interactive content: incorporate interactive content such as financial planning tools, calculators, online courses, and interactive infographics. 
  • Create video content: Video marketing allows you to break down complex topics into easily digestible videos to attract and engage a broader audience.
  • Compliance: as a financial services provider, develop content and optimize your sites in compliance with the rules by regulatory bodies such as FINRA(Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).
  • Voice search: voice search is rising in popularity fast, so capitalize on it.
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Off-page SEO

Your expertly researched and valuable content will give you an advantage in the link-building sphere. Publishers love to share genuinely helpful information, plus people are naturally interested in topics that emphasize saving, spending, and making money. 

Offer guides, interactive tools, and content because these often attract a significant number of backlinks which amplify your off-page SEO. 

Another tip is to attract third-party links that create content that customers can re-use. It may be in the form of infographics, data visualization, and analysis, presentation, research reports, or videos.

Build mutual relationships with online publishers and influencers in your industry, ask if they could share your content or if they would like to write complementary pieces.

Always provide value and avoid low-quality link-building strategies like paying for links or spamming comment sections of various blogs.

Local SEO

Lastly, if your financial institution has local branches, you will consider local SEO as part of your optimization efforts. You can optimize local search by including schema in your site or claiming your Google my business and Yelp.

On your site, choose a user-friendly route to find the closest location. You can have your customers enter their zip codes so that they can find the closest branch near them, ensure that the Name, Address, and Phone number for each branch is clear and consistent.

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