Successful SERPs Glow Up: How Pearl Lemon's SEO Strategies Catapulted a Beauty Startup to Unprecedented Growth


In the fiercely competitive world of beauty eCommerce, standing out can be a daunting task, especially for a newcomer. This is the story of a burgeoning beauty brand offering innovative magnetic lashes and eyeliner fighting to make its mark.

Upon entry into the market, they found themselves getting lost in the bustling crowd of established brands, struggling to gain visibility and convert potential customers. Enter Pearl Lemon, with our arsenal of proven SEO strategies.

Over a span of 12-16 months, we partnered with this innovative company and embarked on an SEO journey that resulted in a staggering 5x increase in their revenue. This case study dives into the challenges the client faced, the SEO strategies Pearl Lemon implemented, and the remarkable results we achieved.


As a new eCommerce store in the highly competitive beauty space, the client faced several considerable challenges, which they came to Pearl Lemon hoping we could help them overcome.

Low Organic Traffic

Being new to the market, they lacked the visibility needed to draw significant organic traffic to their site. This low level of traffic impeded their potential sales and growth.

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Poor Search Engine Rankings

Without an established online presence, this beauty business client initially struggled to appear in search engine result pages (SERPs) for crucial keywords in the beauty industry. This low visibility hindered their ability to reach potential customers searching for their products.

Highly Competitive Market

The beauty industry is saturated with numerous established brands, making it challenging for a new entrant like our client to gain a foothold. Their unique offerings of magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner are amazing products, but they faced stiff competition from traditional lashes and liners that dominate the market.

Lack of Brand Awareness

Without a substantial online presence and visibility in SERPs, the client struggled with brand awareness. Potential customers were unaware of their innovative products, thereby affecting their sales.

Inefficient Website Structure: As a new eCommerce store, their website was not fully optimised for user experience or search engine crawling. This resulted in lower SERP rankings and a decreased likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

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Addressing The Client's Challenges with SEO

The primary goal of the Pearl Lemon team’s effort was to generate significant organic traffic to the client’s site. This began with a multi-faceted on-site SEO approach:

Keyword Optimization

The Pearl Lemon team performed exhaustive keyword research to identify keywords with high search volume and low competition that were relevant to the client’s offerings. We updated the site’s content to include these keywords strategically, making the site more relevant to these queries and, hence, more likely to be found by potential customers.

Improving Metadata

Our SEO experts updated the meta titles, descriptions, and alt tags to include the identified keywords. This helped search engines understand the site’s content better, leading to improved visibility on SERPs and ultimately higher organic traffic.

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Enhancing Site Architecture

Pearl Lemon ensured that the client’s website was user-friendly and easy to navigate. We streamlined the URL structure, developed a comprehensive sitemap for better indexability, and worked on reducing the website’s load time. This not only improved the user experience but also made it easier for search engine bots to crawl and index the site, further boosting its visibility.

Schema Markup: Pearl Lemon added structured data, or schema markup, to the client’s website. This helped provide search engines with additional information about the site’s content, improving its visibility in SERPs and potentially increasing click-through rates.

Internal Linking: We strategically used internal linking to guide users and search engines through relevant content on the site, boosting the SEO value of those pages and helping to establish a hierarchy of information.

Product Descriptions: Product descriptions were enhanced to be unique, compelling, and keyword-rich. This not only provided a better user experience but also improved the site’s ranking for targeted keywords.


We added a blog section to the site, regularly updating it with relevant, engaging, and SEO-friendly content. This helped to attract more organic traffic and increased the site’s potential for ranking in search results.

Optimising Images

Pearl Lemon optimised all images on the site for size and speed to improve page loading times. We also included keyword-rich alt tags for images to improve search engine visibility.

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Page Speed Optimization

We implemented techniques to improve the site’s loading speed, such as compressing images, leveraging browser caching, and minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

SSL Implementation

Pearl Lemon ensured that the site was secure (HTTPS) which is a ranking factor for Google. It also reassures visitors about the security of their data when they are making a purchase, meaning that they are more likely to do so.

Improving Search Engine Rankings with Off Site SEO

As our primary task was to ensure the client’s website and its individual products appeared prominently on SERPs, a crucial aspect for any eCommerce business, Pearl Lemon focused on off-site SEO in addition to on-site optimization:

Backlink Building

Recognizing the power of high-quality backlinks, we implemented a robust link-building strategy. This involved reaching out to beauty blogs and industry-specific sites, contributing guest posts, and seeking link insertions. The incoming links from these high-authority sites boosted the clients domain authority, contributing significantly to their SERP rankings.

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Content Marketing

A well-planned content strategy was put into place. Pearl Lemon created high-quality, informative blog posts, encouraged product reviews, and helped the client create video tutorials, promoting them across various platforms. This engaging and relevant content attracted more visitors and links to the site, further boosting its rankings.

Brand Positioning

Given the highly competitive nature of the beauty industry, it was crucial to carve a unique space for our client. Pearl Lemon worked to position them as a pioneer in magnetic lashes and eyeliner in the industry.

We highlighted and showcased these unique selling points in the website content and off-site promotional activities. This helped differentiate the client from traditional beauty brands, garnering more attention and interest in the company and what they had to offer.

Influencer Marketing

To increase the client’s visibility and credibility, they partnered with beauty influencers that our PR team connected them with. These influencers reviewed the client’s products on their platforms, meaning that the brand was able to reach a wider audience and reinforce its innovative image.

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Building Brand Awareness

Pearl Lemon executed numerous other strategies to bolster the client’s brand recognition even further:

Consistent Online Presence: They ensured MoxieLash’s information was consistent and present across all online directories and platforms, creating a strong, unified brand image that people would quickly come to recognize and trust.

Social Media Engagement: Pearl Lemon helped the client to leverage the power of social media platforms to showcase their products, share customer testimonials, and interact with potential customers. This constant engagement not only significantly improved their brand recognition but also helped to boost their customer service response, inspiring even greater trust.

Online Directories and Citations: We ensured the client’s business was listed on relevant online directories and business listings, improving the brand’s online presence and aiding in local SEO.

Forum Participation: We participated in relevant online forums and communities, answering questions and providing helpful information while subtly promoting our client’s products. This drove referral traffic and helped build the brand’s reputation.

Competitor Backlink Analysis: The Pearl Lemon team analysed the backlink profiles of our client’s competitors to identify potential link opportunities and gain insight into their link building strategies. We then used this information to build additional backlinks.

Image Sharing: High-quality product images were shared on popular image-sharing platforms, providing further opportunities for brand exposure and backlinks.

Review Management: We actively encouraged and managed customer reviews on various platforms. Positive reviews not only help with local SEO rankings but also build brand credibility and trust.

Podcast Interviews: We arranged for some of our client’s representatives to be interviewed on relevant podcasts that helped further expand the brand’s reach and authority in the beauty industry.

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The implementation of these strategies led to a remarkable improvement in our client’s online presence and sales performance. Here are some of the key results:

Revenue Growth: The client experienced a 5x increase in revenue over a 12-16 month period, primarily driven by the influx of organic traffic to their site.

Improved Domain Rating: The company’s domain rating jumped to 30, indicating its growing authority in the beauty industry.

Keyword Rankings: The client’s website started ranking for over 4,000 organic keywords, with hundreds of them holding high positions in SERPs. This increased their online visibility, leading to a significant boost in traffic.

Increased Organic Traffic: As a result of higher SERP rankings and an improved domain rating, the saw a substantial increase in organic traffic. They also saw an increase in metrics such as time on site and pages per session, indicating that visitors were more engaged with the site’s content.

Improved Conversion Rate: With increased organic traffic and a better user experience, the client experienced an increase in their conversion rate, leading to more sales. The optimised site structure and loading speed also reduced the bounce rate, indicating that users were finding what they were looking for more easily and staying on the site longer.

Better Brand Authority: The comprehensive off-site SEO strategies such as guest posting, PR outreach, and influencer marketing helped our client establish itself as an authority in the beauty industry.

Increased Social Signals: As a result of the concerted social media marketing efforts our beauty business client saw an increase in social signals like shares, likes, and comments, indirectly aiding their SEO efforts.

Positive Customer Reviews: The Active management and encouragement of customer reviews likely led to a rise in positive reviews across various platforms, enhancing our client’s online reputation.


Growth in Domain Authority: Due to the effective backlink building strategies, the website experienced a growth in its domain authority, further strengthening its position in search engine rankings.

Expansion in Market Reach: With the robust content marketing and outreach strategies, the client reached a broader audience, opening up opportunities for new customer acquisition and market growth.

Boost in Referral Traffic: Active participation in forums, guest posting, and PR outreach drove significant referral traffic to the client’s website, contributing to the overall growth in site visits and sales.


In conclusion, this case study highlights how a robust SEO strategy, when implemented effectively, can drive tangible results. Despite the competitive landscape of the beauty industry, our beauty business client witnessed phenomenal growth in its organic website traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately, revenue. This success story underlines the expertise and commitment of Pearl Lemon in helping brands realise their full potential through well-executed SEO practices.

If you’d like to experience similar results for your business, don’t wait to make your move. Partner with Pearl Lemon today. Allow us to deploy our proven SEO strategies to propel your business towards success. We look forward to transforming your online presence, just as we did for this client. Contact us today to take your first step towards unprecedented growth.


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