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Business Development Manager

The role

Pearl Lemon is looking for business development manager

You’ll develop and launch outreach campaigns on email and LinkedIn for our clients.

POSSIBLE responsibilities will include

  • Respond to cold emails
  • Write cold emails
  • Write LinkedIn outreach
  • Respond to LinkedIn messages
  • Cold call prospects with scripts we will provide to book appointments
  • Give client status updates
  • Manage the overall campaigns
  • Developing growth strategies and plans.
  • Managing and retaining relationships with existing clients.
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Required skills and experience

  • Proven experience in account management
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Being comfortable with developing outreach strategies
  • Strong persuasion and communication skills
  • An ability to think outside the box, get creative and persist to achieve results. 
  • Being a self-starter is vital to succeed in this position. 
  • English at a Native level
  • Knowledge about Domains, cold emails, setting up emails, managing sending limits
  • knowledge about cold emailing, non spamlanding tools etc.

Benefits of working with Pearl Lemon

  • Learn Very Very Fast
  • Work with TedX Speakers
  • Work with ultramarathon runners, speakers of multiple languages
  • Work with a fully digital and remote team across different time zones
  • Build and grow entirely in the cloud
  • International work-cations where we meet and work in a foreign country for a week
  • Worst case – learn tons, get an amazing reference and move forward
  • Best case – go full time, build your personal brand and work from anywhere in the world
  • Take your digital skills you learn with us and apply to any job in any industry
  • Work remotely and manage 100% of your time

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