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Just created a political campaign website? 

Great! Now, you need to ensure that people can find it. 

Focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) and develop a backlink strategy as your new political campaign website gains traction.

However, it can be challenging for someone who’s dealing with a campaign to focus on SEO at the same time. Good thing you can always outsource and buy quality political backlinks from a reputable company like what we do here at Pearl Lemon. Our team of skilled link builders only employs white hat techniques when constructing links to increase organic website traffic and track results. 

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What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is a connection between two websites. Search engines use backlinks as ranking signals because when one website links to another, the latter considers the content to be of note. An increase in the ranking and visibility of a website in search engine results can be facilitated by high-quality backlinks (SEO).

Backlinks can be Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks. One type of backlink is more valuable than the other of the two basic types.

No follow link: Search engines are instructed to ignore a link with a Nofollow tag. They don’t transfer any value between sites. Therefore, they typically don’t aid in raising your search ranking or visibility.

Do follow link: All website owners desire dofollow backlinks. Just keep in mind that the most valuable links are those coming from reputable websites. Your search engine rankings can only be boosted with this kind of backlink.

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Best SEO Practices To Acquire Political Backlinks

Although backlinking may seem difficult, concentrating on the fundamentals will benefit you and allow you to build on the site’s momentum. The best way to demonstrate to Google that you are the website owner of a legitimate political campaign site is to have external validators link to you.

Here, we’ve listed excellent ways to acquire high-quality backlinks for your political campaign website.

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Guest Post

The best way to get a link on an authoritative domain (and even on an authoritative page) with the exact anchor text you want is through guest posting. Because you are providing something (a piece of content) in exchange for the link, the process is a very “pure” way to build links. This frequently implies that:

  • You can host your content on a reputable domain.
  • that the website will be syndicated independently and draw its links.

You will be allowed to create a link with excellent anchor text.

Respond To A Trending Topic

Political personalities must build authority by expressing their views on hot topics or articles. You can do so by writing a blog post, making a video, making a podcast episode, or using a combination of all three.

Begin by broadly keeping an eye on hot topics on Google Trends. Through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others where you’ve determined your audience is active, you can also conduct pertinent keyword-based hashtag searches.

The result should be to give listeners, viewers, or readers a comprehensive analysis of the subject that establishes your authority and level of knowledge.

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Leverage Broken Links

There are a ton of link-building opportunities that are low-hanging fruit because the internet is replete with broken links.

Why do links get broken?

These broken links no longer function and direct users to deleted web pages. There are times when bloggers are unaware that their website contains broken links.

Find any broken links on the website you want to receive backlinks from, and ask the blogger to replace them with relevant content from your website. You’ll be doing yourself a favour.

It’s a win-win situation because you’ll get your backlink on a reliable website, and the blogger will update an old post to fix the broken link. This strategy is great because you offer a piece you already have, which requires less work than coming up with new and original quality content.

Use Google Search Console Reports

You can also use Google Search Console to look for opportunities to get links pointing to your website. You can improve your rankings using incredible data from the free Google tool. You can look through the backlinks to find out what kind of content the people who provided you with links liked.

They are already familiar with your website because they have linked to it before, so that they might add another backlink. Finding websites and contacting them with pertinent content is all you need to do.

Outsource Link Building Or Purchase Backlinks

Many website owners don’t have the time or expertise to involve themselves in the lengthy and sometimes challenging process of link building-especially for the political sector. 

Good thing you can now achieve results more quickly by outsourcing link building because it’s frequently much less expensive, produces consistent results and eliminates the need to hire and supervise an entire team.

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Good Reasons To Buy Political Backlinks

You can always outsource link building to a reputable SEO company if you don’t know how to do it yourself or don’t have the time. The following arguments support outsourcing link-building services:

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Link Building Is Money And Time Expensive

Building links takes a lot of time, as you are already aware. Without a writer and a virtual assistant who performs email scraping, it is a full-time job that even one person will find difficult to handle. You can’t expect to hire someone on a budget to do this, much less succeed. And even if you pay them well, they are still just one person. The average cost for a complete SEO team is $86,636 per year.

If not for less money than a good SEO, hiring an agency gives you access to a whole team to manage your project. Furthermore, the outcomes are assured.

Outsourcing Gives You Faster Results

Outsourcing is the best option if you urgently need a high-quality backlink. Experienced agencies already have tried-and-true tactics in place.

Build Trusts And Votes With The Help Of Pearl Lemon

There are numerous ways to increase backlinks to your campaign website, and with a little effort, you should be able to obtain dozens of them quickly. Your website will gradually increase the search engine rankings as your backlink profile expands, resulting in more visitors, volunteers, donors, and votes for you on election day.

However, link-building can be a time-consuming and challenging task. To ensure that your website receives links from high-quality websites, it’s crucial to outsource and pick the right agency. Pearl Lemon is one of the top SEO and digital marketing firms you can rely upon to achieve your goals.

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Attendance to the event grew at a rapid pace, and a significant number of respondents gave positive feedback regarding Pearl Lemon’s approach. The team provided recurrent progress updates that clearly demonstrated their impact. Their knowledge and transparency set them apart from other vendors.
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Although it is legal to purchase backlinks, it is against Google Webmaster Guidelines to purchase links directly from a website without the website promoting the link as “sponsored.”

The price of backlinks is determined by your methods and techniques and the calibre of links you hope to obtain. True impactful backlinks from high authority domains are more expensive.

Although you could face a penalty if Google discovers you, buying backlinks is allowed if it uses white hat strategies. Here at Pearl Lemon, we only use white hat strategies to ensure you will gain more visibility and avoid penalties.

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