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Do you have a wide business network, no matter where in the world you are based? Do you want to leverage the power of passive income generation using that network?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

The Pearl Lemon Group, which began as an SEO firm just a few years ago, has now expanded to cover a number of niches and services designed for both B2B and B2C businesses.

We’ve won several prestigious awards and have grown from a bootstrapped one man band to a global concern. Like any business on the rise, we are trying to ensure that this growth cycle continues, which is where the Pearl Lemon Affiliate Program comes in.

And the Pearl Lemon Affiliate Program is where you come in.

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The Pearl Lemon Affiliate program In A Nutshell

We are looking for new challenges, which means we are looking for new clients. Not just in our founding country (the UK) but across the globe. The digital nature of the services we offer, coupled with the Pearl Lemon team itself is based worldwide – across several time zones – means we can serve a global audience. We maybe can’t reach them all to tell them that, at least not as quickly as we’d like.

As a member of the Pearl Lemon Affiliate Program you can refer potential clients to us, and, if they are a fit and choose to work with us, you’ll benefit, financially, right along with us.

And the longer they stay with us, the more you’ll earn.

How Much You Can Earn?

That varies according to the services sold and the affiliate package you choose to work on. Still, we can offer a simple example that demonstrates the cumulative power of passive income at work.

Let’s say you refer two clients in a month, both of whom like what we have to offer and agree to a £5,000 a month services package. We agreed in advance to pay you a 10% commission on earnings. For the two clients in total, that’s already £1000.

Now, let’s imagine those clients stay, and, in the following month, you refer us to two more new clients. You’ll earn a 10% commission on that first set of clients’ monthly bill, in addition to 10% on the new clients. This pattern can continue for up to twelve months, with months one to six for each client paid at 10% commission and then 5% for months six to twelve.

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So A Best Case Scenario Would Break Down As Follows:

As we mentioned, this is a best-case scenario, but one that would be perfectly possible for a well-connected person whose contacts would be interested in the Pearl Lemon Group’s award-winning services. This is, obviously, not a sum to be sneezed at. It can either supplement your current income in real-time or be grown even larger if invested wisely. If you have been looking for a way to save for retirement, for example, but don’t see the room in your current budget to do so effectively, then this might be it.

When you become a Pearl Lemon Affiliate, you’ll get the full rundown on what we offer and how to explain it, as well as to the Pearl Lemon staff who can answer any questions your contacts might ask you about us.

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The Pearl Lemon Affiliate program Advantages

Why choose our affiliate program when there are so many out there? Here are just some of the reasons:
  • Easy to get started, just drop us a line
  • No up front investment
  • No special knowledge needed
  • No website needed, your LinkedIn contacts will quite possibly be all you need.
  • No big time sink. Think a contact would benefit from our services? Tell them so, and then when they contact us, let us do the rest.
  • No selling. We have a stellar sales team to do that, all we need from you is an introduction.
  • Get started at any time, refer as many, or as few, potential clients as you like.
  • All legal bases will be covered. THIS IS NOT A SCAM.
  • 24/7 support. Your hard work won’t result in contacts that are ignored, or leads that are lost.

Earning passive income is something we can all benefit from. And the Pearl Lemon Affiliate Program is an easy, straightforward way to do that.

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