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We have worked long, hard and meticulously to build a one-of-a-kind fashion PR solution in the same way that you have tailored your fashion brand to stand out from the crowd, ensuring that your brand never seems ordinary.

What is Fashion PR?

Fashion PR is the promotion through earned media platforms, including radio, print and online and social media outlets, clothing and accessory labels and brands. Fashion PR targets editors, creators, reporters, and writers at important mass media outlets and bloggers, YouTube vloggers, and social media stars, who are becoming the necessary focus of an increasing amount of fashion PR work.

How A Fashion PR Agency Can Help Your Brand

Connecting with Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities and influencers play a larger-than-life role in fashion PR, especially as compared with trendsetters in other business sectors. Although A-list celebrities get plenty of coverage, emerging brands can build partnerships with high profile social media influencers and up-and-coming celebrities.

At Pearl Lemon, we leverage our PR connections, both with established media names and influencers on the rise, to ensure that the right people are talking about your brand at the right time.

Innovation is the secret to winning in the fashion PR ecosystem. We know that the way your customers are motivated can change. We have built a digital strategy to reach influencers anywhere and on any channel they choose.

High-profile Fashion Event Coverage

Fashion PR still revolves around high-profile events, including the regional Fashion Week events, staged across the globe, film festivals, awards shows and other occasions where fashion takes center stage, particularly for luxury or high-end pieces. By helping to ensure that your brand is mentioned – and where appropriate showcased – at these events as your fashion PR agency Pearl Lemon will help your products take centre stage in all the right places as worn by just the right people.

Strategic Influencer Liaison

If you send a product to influencers in return for a review (organic outreach) or pay them to write about your product (pay to play), the secret to spreading the word about your label with influencers and leveraging their considerable promotional power is effective relationship building. We will help you build relationships with fashion influencers appropriate for your niche and products and whose endorsement will resonate with your target audience.

How Pearl Lemon’s Fashion PR Agency Team Will Help Your Brand

Pearl Lemon Follows Best Practices for Fashion PR

Thousands of brands now have the opportunity to sell fashion online with the advent of e-commerce. As e-commerce dominates, big fashion weeks are gradually scaled down, giving a brand even less of an opportunity to get its name out there via traditional PR channels.

So you have to work hard to use language that makes it sound like the reporter you’re pitching to gets access to an exclusive line that millions of fashion devotees are dying to get their hands on. One of the hallmarks of luxury fashion, using exclusivity, can cause beauty editors and reporters to feel flattered enough to write a story while creating the picture of your brand as high-end and desired.

The copy experts on the Pearl Lemon Fashion PR team are highly experienced in creating these kinds of press releases, articles and content pieces, and working with us will give you full access to their impressive talents and experience.

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We Take Advantage of Underutilized Publications

You’re losing out on a big opportunity to boost revenue and get attention if you’re pitching reporters at the ‘big’ fashion publications. Pitching smaller publications with hyper-engaged audiences will allow you to enter a market that is ready to purchase because they are intensely loyal to customers who read the publications and take their feedback as gospel.

The Pearl Lemon fashion PR team constantly monitors the fashion media landscape to discover these underutilized opportunities to promote your fashion brand and actively develops relationships with the content creators, influencers and journalists behind them.

We'll Get You the Immediate Attention You Need

Editors of fashion and beauty publications and major fashion influencers receive thousands of emails from “up and coming” brands every day. They use the headline to determine which ones they should really pay attention to. Therefore you have to lead off a pitch with a headline so intriguing, journalists can’t help but click.

The Pearl Lemon fashion PR team have spent countless hours A/B testing email headlines to discover which ones work best, and they can offer the fruits of their labour to you.

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We'll Create That Buzzworthy Sense of Urgency

It takes months for fashion trends to cycle, so your pitch needs to persuade beauty editors to cover your brand now instead of later. Capitalizing on quirky holidays such as National Dress Day on March 6 provides reporters with a tangible reason to write about your item as soon as they open the email while offering a nice excuse for purchasing it for customers.

Crafting Immediacy and Brand Stories for Fashion PR Success

Failure to establish a distinctive brand in the fashion industry would most likely mean failure. Not just the clothing itself but the emotional advantage of what the clothing represents is what is promoted by the best fashion PR practitioners.

It’s hard to persuade fashion editors to write about your brand or unique collection without a good brand story. We’ll help you create that compelling brand story and develop a voice that can be used throughout any PR campaign to ensure that your story is one that fashion media and consumers alike find compelling.

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To Boost Your Brand We Can Help You With:

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Fashion PR FAQs

The fashion industry relies on the development of trends that capture and hold the attention of a fashion-conscious public. And as anyone involved in the fashion world knows those trends move fast.

To paraphrase Heidi Klum, one day you’re in, the next you’re out. Fashion PR has to move fast. Waiting a week for a press release to be created about your latest news is not an option. So, in a nutshell, fashion PR has to be fast (even if the fashion itself isn’t)

It’s fair to say that if you don’t have an in with fashion influencers, you are missing out on a lot of fashion PR opportunities.

As a fashion PR agency we know that these days it can seem like everyone (and their cat sometimes too) claims to be a fashion influencer. Figuring which ones really do have clout and which just wish they did can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Working with a dedicated PR agency with experience in dealing with fashion influencers takes that task off your plate.

Fashion fans like to see the latest styles, but they also still hungrily consume written content based around it. High profile fashion bloggers, who offer top ten lists, styling tips, personal reviews, and gossip and news about the fashion industry in general are some of the most widely read bloggers in the world. So yes, they are very relevant, even in an Instagram dominated age.

If everyone had the same style and the same fashion tastes, the world would be a very boring, and a lot less attractive, place. At Pearl Lemon we take the time to learn about your business, so that we can ensure that we represent you properly. On an ongoing basis we make checking in with you a priority to ensure everything planned is in line with your brand, its values and your message. From school uniforms to cosplay fashion, we’re excited every day to tackle everything fashion!

Yes! In fashion, perhaps more than many other niches, we know that print media still matters a lot, which is why we have taken the time to cultivate relationships with print media contacts to ensure we can get our clients the right coverage there too.

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