Crisis PR Agency

Crisis PR Agency

A public relations crisis can take several forms, from humiliating executive scandals to a flood of negative online reviews. Unfortunately, no organization is immune to a PR crisis, and when one happens, businesses are often thrown into a panic. As the media becomes more curious and provocative, the pressure to act—and act quickly—intensifies. The need for a crisis PR agency has, therefore, never been greater.

What Counts as a PR Crisis?

Any business is at risk of failing victim to a PR crisis. According to PwC’s Global Crisis 2019 report, almost seven out of ten leaders have faced at least one business PR crisis in the last five years, with an average of three PR crises. However, according to a Deloitte report, the majority of businesses do not have a strategy in place to prepare them to respond effectively to unexpected events and have not considered working with a PR crisis agency.

A public relations disaster can manifest itself in a variety of ways. A product that has been released to the public must be recalled. A company board member makes an offhand remark that enrages the public, resulting in a social media outburst and negative online reviews. A company’s image is tainted when two workers make offensive remarks outside of work.

As you would suspect, a significant part of crisis management involves taking proactive action in circumstances that might not appear to be a catastrophe at first glance but may easily develop into a crisis. How you approach these situations reveals a lot about your business and can even decide your brand’s long-term success. A good PR crisis agency knows how to help, and to help fast.

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A PR crisis is described as any negative publicity that has a negative effect on your company and your ability to function at peak capacity. Since crises are often volatile and difficult to manage, you must ensure adequate preparation and training, as well as establish a protocol for your team as part of a comprehensive crisis management plan. Having a strategy in place will help avoid and minimize the consequences of a crisis striking your organization when you least expect it.

The first few hours of a crisis are critical, and recovery can be difficult if you don’t have a plan in place that helps you to respond quickly.

Cancel Culture PR Agency

The practice of “cancelling” an individual, a corporation, or a brand due to unpopular remarks or views is a toxic trend that can cause so much harm that crisis PR firms like Pearl Lemon are necessary to undo the damage. Our crisis PR teams are made up of industry professionals who have dealt with social media meltdowns, media outreach, and content development for years.

Our public relations experts are trained to deal with the specific issues that come with “cancel culture” and its long-term impact on a brand or company. Our strategic relations team will show you how to deal with cancel culture and give you advice about how to prevent future controversies.

The Pearl Lemon team of cancel culture experts knows how easily an online attack can spin out of control, and how vital it is to reroute the narrative, so you can share your brand’s message with the audience you want it to reach.

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What exactly is "Cancel Culture"?

When an online mob threatens your company or brand, Pearl Lemon’s crisis PR and reputation rehabilitation experts understand how crucial it is to evaluate the situation and formulate a plan of action. Our international crisis communications firm specializes in dealing with online threats, and we’ll audit your social media pages to ensure that all offensive content is deleted, ensuring that your organization remains effective and profitable.

With our social media experts on your side, the company would be better able to minimize the impact and magnitude of any cancel culture issues. Our crisis communications team and cancel culture experts will make the process of getting back to business as normal as simple as possible.

Our highly trained experts will rebuild your faith, teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of cancel society, and demonstrate how to manage future crises quickly and efficiently.

Our team has years of hands-on experience dealing with cancel culture problems and knows what to do when trouble occurs. It’s critical to seize control of a story as soon as possible in order to limit the damage. Your company or brand may have been canceled, but that does not mean it cannot fully recover. Our team of experienced experts will guide you through the entire process.


Cancel Culture Calls for Crisis PR Help

When a company or brand is the target of an online assault, the resulting online discourse may quickly devolve into a battle for survival. Pearl Lemon’s social media specialists have dealt with social media vigilantes before and know how to easily manipulate an unfavorable narrative.

It’s critical to comprehend the influence of internet mobs and why they’re so relevant in the rising cancel culture phenomenon. Businesses and organisations may go from doing business as usual to battling for survival in the blink of an eye, and they can even face physical attacks as a result of social media allegations.

Our team of crisis PR experts knows how to assess these risks, formulate a strategy, and carry out the strategy so that the company’s image is not tarnished.

It’s vital to deal with false claims and maintain your integrity if you want to remain in company. Pearl Lemon’s cancel culture PR experts will assist you in developing a robust crisis management strategy that incorporates these key points. We’ll also compile a list of potential problem areas and work with you to build a strategy to resolve them.

Expert Help to Respond to a Cyber-Attack

Pearl Lemon’s crisis PR team will evaluate your particular situation and work with you to create a personalized plan of action that meets your specific needs. If your company or brand is the target of a social media attack, our ORM experts can assist you in developing a robust social media credibility repair plan that you can rely on.

It’s important not to panic. Very few crisis PR situations are impossible to solve. Companies do survive, even thrive, after an embarrassing PR crisis. On the other hand, some companies, those who were not prepared, sink and never rise again. Don’t be the latter.


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Crisis PR Agency FAQs

To the companies and brands in the throes of one, no. As the result of a single negative mass attack, especially online, key personnel may be lost, product or service sales tanked and, when applicable, company shares may even plummet. To us, this all sounds like a very real crisis.

Cancel culture is not only real, but it’s growing in leaps and bounds right now. Anyone can fall victim to it too, even companies and individuals that have been previously been admired and respected for years.

There are some easy ways to help you determine if your firm is facing a full on PR crisis. Any and all press about you is negative, social media comments – often across all channels – are largely negative too. Sales decrease, and/or employees begin to jump ship. In a nutshell you lose control of the narrative about your brand.

While public relations crises aren’t always inevitable, they sometimes can’t be avoided. It’s likely that your organization will encounter an incident that creates negative attention, publicity, and mass social media mentions through no fault of your own.

Pearl Lemon specializes in crisis management public relations for both established companies and start-ups. The following are some examples of incidents that could necessitate the use of a crisis PR agency like ours:

  • Legal Actions and Lawsuits
  • Challenges in the Community or with Government
  • Problems with Product Availability
  • Product Failures, Recalls, and Mishaps
  • Acquisitions of businesses
  • Defections of Core Customers
  • Challenges in Labor Relations
  • Key Executives’ Departures

Pearl Lemon will greatly minimize possible brand harm and transform a PR crisis situation into an opportunity for the promotion of positive brand messages by enabling the company to establish a strategy for PR crisis management in advance.

Usually, the answer is yes, unless the act committed by the brand was truly heinous and indefensible. In most cases that  isn’t the situation, and the PR crisis comes from a place of near hysteria. Once the calm heads of the Pearl Lemon crisis PR agency team take control, volatile situations can be diffused, reputations can be protected and brand images can be rebuilt.

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