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The Art of Distilling SEO: How Pearl Lemon Boosted Organic Traffic by 200% for a Luxury Gin Company

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In this case study, we will discuss how we increased keyword visibility and organic traffic for a family-owned luxury gin company. The company is located in the United Kingdom and specialises in creating unique, high-quality gin blends using locally sourced botanicals. The company is a luxury brand that targets high-end consumers who appreciate premium quality gin.

The Challenges

This bespoke gin company approached us with the primary challenges of increasing its website’s keyword visibility and organic traffic. The company needed to better establish its online presence and reach a broader audience. The company’s website had relatively low traffic and wasn’t ranking for essential keywords related to its products and services.

The luxury gin market is one that has exploded recently, and now includes competition from not just other luxury alcohol brands but even from celebrities (think Ryan Reynolds and Aviator Gin in this case.)

This company faced some unique challenges when it came to SEO. As part of the alcohol industry, the brand has to navigate strict regulations and restrictions that make it difficult to promote its products online. Alcohol brands also face intense competition and tough advertising rules, making it tough to stand out in search engine rankings and reach potential customers.

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Moreover, the company, like any business offering age restricted products, has to comply with strict advertising policies that limit the types of content and platforms it can use to promote its products on social media, which is often the go to for offsite e-commerce promotion. This made it challenging to reach a wider audience and generate traffic to the website.

Overall, it was clear that our team had to take a creative and strategic approach to overcome these obstacles and help this gin company achieve its goals. Fortunately, we thrive on these kinds of challenges, and the Pearl Lemon team was more than eager to use the project not just to help the client achieve their goals but also to showcase, and even stretch, their wide ranging skill sets.

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Our Approach

We approached the challenge by taking a holistic approach to the company’s online presence. We understand that SEO isn’t just about keywords and rankings, but about creating a comprehensive digital strategy that will improve the company’s visibility and reach.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital part of any successful SEO strategy. We conducted comprehensive keyword research for the bespoke gin company to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for the business.

To begin, we analysed the company’s industry and target audience to understand the language and terminology that potential customers use when searching for products like the company’s gin blends. We then used various keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMrush to generate a list of keywords.

After compiling the initial list of keywords, we analysed the search volume, competition level, and relevance of each keyword. We then narrowed down the list to the most relevant and profitable keywords for the company. These keywords were relevant to the company’s brand values and target audience, and they had a high search volume and low competition level.

We also conducted competitor analysis to understand the keywords that the company’s competitors were targeting. This helped us identify gaps in the market and find new opportunities for the company to target.

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By conducting this kind of high level, comprehensive keyword research, we were able to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for the company specifically. We used these keywords to optimise the website’s content, titles, descriptions, and images, which helped the website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

For any e-commerce business, conducting comprehensive keyword research is essential for optimising their website and product listings. By identifying the most relevant and profitable keywords, you can increase your visibility in search engine results pages and attract more potential customers to your website.

Keyword research also helps luxury businesses understand the language and terminology their potential customers use when searching for products online. By optimising product titles, descriptions, and other content on your website with relevant keywords, you can improve the quality, as well as the quantity of traffic to your website, as you will be attracting the people most likely to convert and buy, rather than just browse, your products.

Furthermore, in depth keyword research can also help luxury businesses identify gaps in the market and find new opportunities to target potential customers. This can help you stay ahead of the competition and increase your market share.

Extensive Onsite Technical SEO Optimization

Technical onsite SEO is a critical aspect of any successful SEO strategy. For this bespoke gin company, we focused on optimising their website’s technical elements to improve search engine rankings and user experience.

To begin, we performed an SEO audit of the website to identify any technical issues that could be impacting the website’s search engine rankings. We checked the website’s load time, broken links, crawl errors, and mobile-friendliness. We also analysed the website’s architecture, including its URL structure, sitemap, and internal linking.

Once we identified the technical SEO issues, we took steps to fix them. We optimised the website’s code and images to improve its load time. We fixed broken links and crawl errors, ensuring that search engine crawlers could easily navigate the website. We also made sure that the website was mobile-friendly and responsive, as these factors can seriously impact search engine rankings and the user experience.

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Next, we optimised the website’s metadata, including its meta titles, descriptions, and header tags. These elements provide context to search engines about the content on the website, helping to improve the website’s search engine rankings.

We also optimised the website’s existing content by ensuring that it was unique, relevant, and of high quality. We optimised the website’s images and videos, ensuring that they were optimised for both search engines and humans and had relevant alt tags.

Finally, we optimised the website’s structure and navigation to make it more user-friendly. We made sure that the website had a clear hierarchy and a logical flow of information, making it easy for users to find what they were looking for quickly and easily. We also made sure that the website’s internal linking structure was optimised, ensuring that search engine crawlers could easily navigate the website.

No matter what your business does or the niche it operates in, your website’s structure and content play a vital role in your SEO strategy. It’s crucial that you optimise your website’s structure and content to align with your identified keywords.

You also need to make sure your website is easy to navigate, both for search engines and humans, has a clear hierarchy, and loads quickly and efficiently across all platforms.

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Expanded Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy, and for this client, it played a significant role in increasing its online visibility and reach. However, content marketing can be challenging in the gin industry, as brands must be careful to follow regulations and restrictions when promoting their products online.

The gin industry is rapidly expanding online, with more and more consumers turning to the internet to research and purchase gin products. This makes it crucial for gin brands to develop a creative content marketing strategy that stands out and engages their target audience while still following regulations and restrictions.

For this client, we developed a content marketing strategy that aimed to improve its online visibility and reach while still adhering to the industry’s regulations. We created engaging and informative blog posts that were optimised for the identified keywords but still offered real value to those reading them.

The company’s luxury status was also an essential factor to consider when creating content. As a luxury brand, the company’s target audience had a specific set of expectations when it came to the content they consumed online.

We created content that aligned with the company’s luxury status and reflected its brand values. The content showcased the company’s attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship, which resonated with the target audience.

For example, we created blog posts that featured unique and creative cocktail recipes using the company’s gin blends, highlighting the brand’s versatility and exclusivity. These recipes were designed to appeal to the target audience’s sophisticated palate and reflect the luxury status of the brand.

We also created content that showcased the company’s sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, which are highly valued by luxury consumers. By highlighting these values, we were able to attract the right audience and build the brand in the luxury space overall.

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By creating content that aligned with the company’s luxury status and reflected its brand values, we were able to engage with the target audience and build a loyal customer base. This helped the company establish itself as a leading luxury gin brand in the UK market.

Creating content that aligns with a luxury brand’s status and reflects its values is crucial for attracting the right audience and building the brand overall in the luxury space. By highlighting your brand’s quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, you can better engage with your target audience and build both your overall brand and an audience of engaged, loyal consumers who are willing to pay a premium price for what you have to offer.

Luxury Focused Link Building

Link building is a crucial part of any successful SEO strategy, and for this luxury gin company, it played a significant role in increasing its online visibility and authority. However, link building can be challenging in the luxury products industry, as brands must maintain their luxury product image while still gaining high-value links.

We developed a link building strategy that focused on obtaining high-quality links from relevant and authoritative websites. We focused on building relationships with bloggers, influencers, and journalists in the food and beverage industry who could provide links to the company’s website.

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To begin, we conducted a backlink analysis to understand the company’s current backlink profile and identify areas for improvement. We then created a list of high-authority websites in the food and beverage industry that were relevant to the company.

Next, we reached out to these websites to pitch content collaborations, guest posts, and product reviews. We provided unique and valuable content that showcased the company’s brand values and highlighted its luxury status. 

We then collaborated with bloggers and influencers in the food and beverage industry to promote the company’s products and services. We sent them samples of the company’s gin blends and asked them to create content that featured the products. This helped build buzz around the company’s products and attract new customers to the website while also adding high value links to the website’s growing backlink profile.

However, maintaining the luxury product image was crucial in the link building process for this client. We had to ensure that the websites we collaborated with and the content we created aligned with the company’s luxury brand values. We had to carefully select the websites to approach and create content that reflected the company’s exclusive status.

By developing a link building strategy that focused on high-quality links from relevant and authoritative websites, we were able to improve the company’s online visibility and authority. The high-value links helped increase the website’s domain authority, which improved the website’s search engine rankings while also boosting the brand in all the “right” circles.

Careful link building is essential for any luxury brand’s SEO and brand image efforts. Link building can be an effective way to improve your brand’s search engine rankings, drive traffic to your website, and increase its online authority.

However, luxury brands must be careful in their link building efforts to maintain their brand image and exclusivity. Luxury consumers expect brands to maintain a certain level of prestige, quality, and sophistication, and any links or collaborations that do not align with these values can damage your brand’s reputation.

Therefore, it is essential for luxury brands to carefully select the websites they collaborate with and create content that reflects their luxury status and brand values. By focusing on high-quality links from relevant and authoritative websites, you can improve your online visibility and authority while maintaining your exclusive status and brand image.

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The Results

Our efforts in improving this luxury gin company’s SEO strategy produced significant results in a short space of time. By focusing on comprehensive keyword research, optimising the website structure and content, developing a content marketing strategy, and carefully implementing link building, we were able to increase the company’s online visibility, organic traffic, and authority.

The comprehensive keyword research helped identify relevant and profitable keywords that were then used to optimise the website’s content, resulting in a significant increase in the website’s search engine rankings. The optimised website structure and content improved the user experience, making it easier for potential customers to find the information they needed and driving more organic traffic to the website.

Our content marketing strategy helped attract new visitors to the website by creating engaging and informative content that showcased the company’s brand values and reflected its luxury status. The carefully implemented link-building helped improve the website’s online authority and domain ranking.

Overall, our SEO efforts helped the bespoke gin company establish itself as a leading luxury gin brand in the UK market. The results of our SEO strategy were significant, with a substantial increase in organic traffic, online visibility, and authority in under 90 days.

If you are a luxury brand looking to improve your online visibility and authority, working with Pearl Lemon can help you achieve your goals.

Our comprehensive SEO strategies are tailored to your business needs and designed to improve your search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and attract new customers to your website.

Our experienced team of SEO specialists will work closely with you to develop a custom SEO strategy that aligns with your brand values and reflects your luxury status. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help your luxury brand achieve its online goals.

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