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Everything You Need To Know About A Tool In One Place

A digital tool is any program, application, platform, software, or resource accessed through digital technology. They are made to improve the workflow of a system or an individual doing certain tasks at hand.


But there are many digital tools out there– and not all are effective, efficient, and convenient. Only a few can really be called the best tools to work with. That’s why here at Pearl Lemon, we have dedicated ourselves to reviewing the digital tools available online or offline.

It’s our way of informing people about which digital tools can be relied upon greatly and which ones are just meh.

And don’t worry because every tool review we make is derived from the best research, first-hand experiences, tests, and other audience feedback given to the same tool!

So what are you waiting for? Browse our selection of reviews now.

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Rank Ranger Review

With our specially qualified SEO super tool, you’re able to efficiently monitor the progress of your site, and gain organically natural growth for your business! This can be extremely helpful for both small and big businesses who are wanting to find an easy tool to use for SEO purposes.

Peppertype AI Review

Looking for a virtual content assistant? Look no further my friend, as we’ve got you covered. With our tool, you’re able to get twice as much work done, when needing to create content for blogs, headers, intros, or copywriting, e-commerce, cold emails, and emailing content!

Friday Review

If you’re a business or company actively looking for new ways to reduce the hassle of unneeded meetings and want to be able to talk about issues or specifics sooner to not waste anyone's time, then this affordable tool should be on your wishlist!

Mailjet Review

Effective email marketing can be tricky when you’re working on it by yourself and without any prior experience! Making emails personalized and effectively advertised is important, and when you use our tool you’re guaranteed success and the ability to generate more subscribers.

Snagit Review

Recording your screen and taking screenshots for your work can be a real pain if you don't have the right software to do it. Snagit is a tool that all businesses and companies should have in order to share data easily with others through digital means.

Glassdoor Review

Effective review sites and job boards can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to start your search or are having a troubling time getting employee reviews. Luckily for you, Glassdoor is where you’re able to get real reviews from real people.

Wideo Review

Are you the type of person that's wanting to create animated videos and presentations, whether it be for your own independent hobby or your work? This tool offers the ability to do that for you while providing video templates to use, and affordable plans to choose from!

ContentCal Review

Good content management tools don't always offer a lot for you to choose from. This tool on the other hand offers a range of different features to choose from like category tabs and access to a link shortener!

CoverageBook Review

Needing a creative and effective way to make reports on your coverage faster? This site puts your coverage in a unique and organized book that is provided with metrics for your report within minutes! Through CoverageBook, you can organize each section based on your clients, both with offline and online coverage.

Podia Review

Creating memberships, selling courses, downloads, webinars, and being able to promote your knowledge, along with your brand to your targeted community. Come and check out our quirky monthly feature subscriptions dedicated to you for your business!

Podseeker Review

Looking for podcasts to promote your brand and products can be difficult at the surface, but with this effective search tool for podcasts, you’re easily able to find helpful information regarding a podcast's audience, ratings, descriptions, and what’s overall the right fit for you.

HARO Review

Journalists wanting to require more information on topics, or provide information to others and are looking for a website to connect with other journalists or sources, stop right there! This site is for you, where you can sign up to receive emails every morning and afternoon about the latest scoop and more.

Miro Review

Having your own personal virtual whiteboard where you can change the template of and bring teams together for planning, meetings, and discussions is a MASSIVE YES. With this website by your side, communication and overall work progression are easily documented and put all in one place.

Crystal Knows Review

Team management through platforms and apps is super-duper-relevant and a must-have in companies and different types of businesses. You’re able to take a personality test through this application to see how you’re able to get along with others if you work well in a team environment or not, and who works well together in your team!

Audiense Review

Consumer segmentation and having cultural understanding should be one of the top strategies you focus on in your business. A platform like ours is easily able to do this for you, showing how you’re able to grow and share your business strategically.

Mighty Networks Review

Wanting to find new ways to bring your community together for your company? Mighty Networks gives you options to make courses and memberships, giving people an opportunity to learn, while overall being engaged with your audience positively.

Whereby Review

There are so many ways that you’re able to host meetings and meet with friends online, and this tool is something that makes that whole experience easier, without having to worry about microphone settings, video meetings, and screen-sharing!

Trustpilot Review

If you’re a B2B or B2C business and want to know more about competitors or potential business partners, then this website is a great place to look at reviews who are or have been clients or customers of a business.


By reviewing a digital tool online or offline and relaying that review to an audience likely to use the same tool, they will have an unbiased outlook before even buying or using it.

You can tell a digital tool review is authentic when it has an unbiased opinion. The reviewer– in any way– is not related to the tool being reviewed. Another factor is that the review has constructive criticisms and suggests room for improvement.

You may find reviews online helpful when choosing a company or a product to buy. Here at Pearl Lemon, we take pride in putting our best foot forward and sharing unbiased insights into the tools we review.

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