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Are you a rental property manager? Chances are, you’ve used Airbnb to advertise your listings. Boost your listing visibility and increase your bookings with our results-driven Airbnb SEO Ranking service.

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We'll Design & Implement A Killer Airbnb Ranking Strategy

By combining over 5 years of Airbnb SEO experience, our globally diverse team will break down your current metrics and then implement sound tactics designed to convert Airbnb members and secure more bookings to your property. Our mains areas of focus would be:

Image Tags

We’ll ensure that your property’s images rank on Google to attract new leads to your listing, with proper tags.


Excellent copy makes up half of your listing. We’ll study your ideal market to develop the most attractive and SEO friendly sales copy that tailors to your property and the client's needs.

Location Analysis

With so many listings sharing the same location, your property must stands out from the crowd. We’ll research the immediate area around your listing and devise ways to outshine your competition and focus more on your niche.

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We’re a team of highly experienced Airbnb SEO experts, committed to taking your business to the next level.

We know the platform’s ins and outs and have designed strategies to increase your visibility, secure more bookings, and boost your revenue.

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Airbnb SEO

Airbnb isn’t just about posting listings up and hoping someone ‘bites’.

There are many strategies involved in ensuring that your listings are the go-to place for potential clients. Things such as response time, price and overall customer experience are tantamount in boosting your rankings.

Our experts consider these variables when planning your ranking strategy to bring you optimal results.

Airbnb SEO Case Study

Pass the Keys tells us about their experience of working with us and how our SEO techniques helped them.

What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a members-based online marketplace and hospitality service platform that specializes in tourism-based lodgings and rentals. Persons can browse or post their own listings which can range from homestays to hotel rooms.

Since launching in 2008, Airbnb has grown to be one of the leading platforms within the tourism rental industry, having served more than 400 million guests in over 190 countries.

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Airbnb SEO FAQs

To increase your booking rate you need an SEO Airbnb plan! If you are looking to increase your booking rate you could bring in an Airbnb expert or Airbnb marketing agency to do the heavy lifting. Pearl Lemon provides expert Airbnb SEO services that can help you improve your booking rate on Airbnb. To have great SEO for airbnb you have to have an airbnb SEO strategy. This includes the title and description, you need genuine reviews from guests, all facilities should be mentioned, and your images should have file names. In addition to this your cancellation rates and and response rates/times are factored as well by the platform,

2% is the average booking rate on Airbnb. There are many people listing on Airbnb so that is something to factor and people will shop around for a while before settingling on a place to stay. Some owners of a .5% booking rate and some can go above 3%. But if you are sitting at 2% you can consider yourself fairly average.

If you are looking to increase your booking rate you could bring in an Airbnb expert or Airbnb marketing agency to do the heavy lifting. Pearl Lemon provides expert Airbnb SEO services that can help you improve your visibility and in turn your booking rate on Airbnb.

Airbnb uses SEO to help bring up the most relevant properties for potential guests looking for a “home away from home” for their getaway. This means Airbnb is a type of search engine as SEO does apply when making listings. Airbnb SEO ranking services are the best way to take advantage of the way Airbnb’s algorithm works. An Airbnb SEO specialist will be able to ensure there is excellent SEO for Airbnb listing.

To improve search ranking on airbnb you need to implement a bespoke airbnb SEO strategy. You can’t just make property listings on airbnb all “willy nilly”. You have to be sure titles, descriptions and more are optimised for both the platform and potential guests. Look at your current listings and think about what could improve… your title, named image files, facilities listed out…etc.

SEO for airbnb is similar to running an SEO campaign on any other platform. At its core, airbnb is a search engine, but it only brings up properties on its site. This means to have great SEO for airbnb you have to implement a well thought and planned out airbnb SEO strategy. This means you need to factor in title and description, you need genuine reviews from guests, all facilities should be mentioned, and your images should have file names. In addition to this your cancellation rates and and response rates/times are factored as well by the platform.

Airbnb is an American online rental company created in August 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, United States. It enables hosts to rent their accommodations by listing them on the booker’s website and offering experiences to travellers and locals, such as culture walks and photography masterclasses.

Originally, the company’s founders rented out air mattresses in their living room to enable several conference attendees to find a place to stay nearby and make some money in San Francisco. Hence, they successfully turned their apartment into an “Air Bed & Breakfast” as distinct from typical “Bed & Breakfast” places. 

Therefore as primarily launched on its website in 2008, Airbnb refers to a shortened version of their “AirBed & Breakfast” experience, as retrenched in March 2009 to “Airbnb”.

Airbnb works as a remote booking intermediary between hosts and guests. It verifies their personal profiles and the accommodations and experiences listed on their online market and earns a commission on each transaction. 

It also ensures a messaging system between its users and manages a secured platform to collect and transfer related payments.

Airbnb SEO aims at boosting your listings’ visibility on its e-market by improving the rankings. In fact, the company shows around 20 offers on each of its searched pages which vary between 17-18 available pages in total. 

Thus by empowering your Airbnb SEO’s listing and personal profiles, you correlatively further develop and strengthen the attractivity of your listed accommodation and/or experience and so increase your potential booking rate.

Airbnb’s search ranking algorithms are composed of nearly 100 different elements peculiar to each posted listing and each conducted search. However, the exhaustive list of factors is confidential, but the company revealed the 3 most important ones

(i) Guest needs: renting areas where they are looking for, their own localization while making such searches, their previous trips and the listings they have viewed or saved into their Wish List. 

(ii) Listing details: the price, the location, the reviews, and so forth. 

(iii) Trip details: the number of travelling guests, the duration of the trip, the destination’s length from the place of booking and much more.

Ultimately, given the company’s commercial object and business model’s high success, the competition on its e-market is rude. Consequently, hosts tend to do their very best to distinguish their listings from others, such as maintaining very competitive listings’ SEO. 

To do so, two alternatives exist : 

While hosts may manage the listings independently, most of them contact Airbnb to help them build their personal and listing pages. Nonetheless, this process can be quite lengthy as it requires the hosts to regularly be available to improve their profiles, be flexible in communicating with a new Airbnb advisor, and patient, given the high number of the company’s customers. So, obtaining answers from the instant message box, email, and/or by phone usually takes time.

Therefore, an alternative and much more recommended strategy to improve your Airbnb listing ranking consist in working closely with a specialized SEO Agency, preferably a recognized multiple Awards recipient one such as Pearl Lemon and which talented commercial motto can enable you to “double your organic traffic in 90 days”. Thus feel free to contact us anytime; also the sooner, the better for your business!

Recently launched by Airbnb to address COVID-19 global impact also on its e-market, the company further developed the experiences that hosts could suggest offline to travellers and locals, now being also available online. Subsequently, it is possible to register on the broker’s website to assist in traditional cooking recipes or yoga classes virtually. 

Also, as a result, it correlatively provides for a bigger SEO room for improvement. Indeed, while a broader panel of related promotional images and videos is developing, so do the required additional SEO qualifying content.

Another important element of a successful Airbnb SEO refers to the status of Superhost. Indeed, it guarantees a hosts’ qualitatively assessed excellence about the listings. As such, the company directly enables guests to select this distinctive high host standard status before conducting a booking search.

The excellence in quality standards of this status is definitely valuable in terms of SEO in that it can only be obtained through first rate standards that a SEO-specialized Agency would efficiently fulfill. Some of them include ; providing for a detailed and very attractive host and listing profiles, activating “instant booking” and managing the assorted calendar, ensuring efficient communication with guests, assuring a 0 host-cancellation rate and maintaining a five-start reviews all year long.

Indeed, current additional Airbnb SEO tips are listed as follow : 

  • Airbnb primarily boosts newer listings on its e-market to evaluate its performance. Hence, the best is the offer set up and the more probable you would probably secure an attractive listing SEO! 
  • Guests tend to book trips benefitting from a ‘flexible’ cancellation policy. However, each listing is different, so the choice of another cancellation policy may be justified, but it should undoubtedly be persuasively explained in the listing description. 

As previously highlighted above, hiring a specialized SEO Agency boosts the listing visibility to guarantee a distinctive and constant attractive ranking.

Airbnb is not illegal per se (except in a very few countries such as in Thailand and Singapore), but it is subject to several restrictions varying between countries. Indeed, while appearing disruptively innovative for some inhabitants, the company’s commercial object seems disruptively problematic for others (increased attractivity touristic rates, real estate and taxation law issues, etc.). 

Therefore, while it remains possible for most hosts to list their accommodations and experiences on the website, they nonetheless have to prior hand check and duly comply with the national legislation applicable to the location of their services. 

For example, to rent a property in New York, it is required to live in the property, and the maximum number of guests per stay is limited to 2. Whereas to rent a listing in Barcelona, the host must obtain a license to be directly issued from the hometown before pursuing such activity. 

As a result, it may limit your listing SEO in that the recommended listing promotion on social networks would also have to comply with each regulation put in place carefully. For instance, as indicated in the example above, it would be illegal to advertise the capacity of your listing to up to 3 or more guests in your property located in New York City. Subsequently, suppose this type of advert or similar ones has nonetheless been made. In that case, it will require that you accordingly adjust your SEO content that would bear a detrimental impact on your listing traffic.

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