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Increase Your Leads And Sales With Pearl Lemon Conversion- Focused Custom Content

SEO and PPC, even social media, are all about driving traffic to your website. But all those efforts are wasted – not to mention all that money – if that traffic does not convert. Great content helps drive conversions, and that’s where Pearl Lemon Content comes in.

The content we create on our clients’ behalf is crafted by our writers to draw the reader in, engage their attention onto what you want to say and ultimately drive them to take your desired action.

At the same time, we keep a close eye on the SEO-friendliness of the content, to help you drive more ripe for conversion traffic to it via organic search.

What Is Pearl Lemon Content?

Content is king. It’s become a cliché perhaps to some, but it’s still true.

Your website browsers, potential customers and returning visitors are all hungry for engaging, informative and relevant content. Search engine bots are ravenously searching for great content too. 24/7.

The problem is that even if you are a decent writer yourself, you are almost certainly too busy to write much yourself. Or have the time to learn about the differences between standard copy and SEO optimized copy.

However, great content is still a must if you want your website to do its job; convert more customers and build your brand.

Pearl Lemon Content
Content Structure

What does great content look like? It needs to be relevant and fresh, engaging for your audience, attractive to search engines and persuasive enough to convert. A tall order for sure, and quite the challenge, but one that Pearl Lemon’s content creation team are up to every day.

If you need help writing content for the web, Pearl Lemon Content is the best all-in-one content creation service money can buy.

Following our tried and tested copy creation process Pearl Lemon can offer you an original, engaging and relevant copy for any page on your website. Or create blog posts. Or help your business provide high-quality guest posts to gain those all-important high-quality links.

The Benefits Of Offering Superior Content

The old adage’ you get what you pay for’ is often especially relevant when it comes to copy. Yes, there are lots of writers out there who will create copy for dirt cheap prices. But you will be rewarded with copy that reflects that. And no one, human readers or SEO bots, will be impressed.

The fact is that bad content hurts websites, especially in the B2B sector. Poor copy irritates, frustrates and annoys human readers, often to the point where it damages their trust in your brand and your products/services.

It does the same for search bots, who, in 2020, have evolved to the point that they understand the nuance and intent of words, as well as the words themselves. Keyword overstuffed content now has the same effect on search bots as it does on humans; it drives them away.

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Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.


What Our Clients have said about our SEO Agency.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we can help your company grow.

The campaigns led to an influx of new listings as well as buyer leads. Pearl Lemon responds quickly to inquiries and communicates effectively with the internal team. The team is hard-working, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
Chris Myers
Co-Owner, DVC Resale Experts
Competent and flexible, Pearl Lemon delivered successful improvements to the site. Although it's early to gauge metrics, the project points in a promising direction. They'll continue to execute effective SEO in the ongoing effort.
Gev Balyan
Founder, Ucraft
The efforts of Pearl Lemon resulted in an increase of 30% in unique monthly website traffic and grew purchases on the site. Their team was friendly and professional, emphasizing the importance of effective communication both internally and with their client to create a good final product
Aftab Sherwani
Director, Online Vape Retailer

Some Of Our Clients

In a nutshell, by offering higher quality content on – and even off – your website you will see an increase in:

Webnode Website SEO
Best content writers

Work With The 1%

Pearl Lemon interviews a lot of writers. We only hire the top 1% of them. In other words, for every ten portfolios we review, only one makes the cut.

For you, this means no trial and error with unqualified candidates, no financial waste, no hiring headaches and no bad copy. Each of the Pearl Lemon Content writers are trained in creating conversion-driven content that does everything you pay for it to. Every time.

Pearl Lemon Content Offers Copy To
Suit Every Need

Custom Home Page Copy

Your homepage is the most important piece of digital real estate any company owns. It introduces your brand and informs your visitors what your business, and your products and services, are all about.

The best homepage copy does more than that, though. It also guides users to the next stage of their journey through your website in a clear, concise and conversion-focused manner.

Custom Home Page Copy
About us pages

About Us Pages

Website browsers navigate to an About Us page to help them determine if the people behind it are trustworthy and can meet their needs. Search bots do the same. So while an About Us page is often overlooked, it has the potential to be a very powerful tool, if crafted in the right way.

Service Pages

Your website should offer a page that describes it for every service you offer. Pearl Lemon Content will assist you in creating these crucial pages, explaining what each service is and why your visitors need it.

Award-Winning Service
Localized Service Pages

Localized Service Pages

If you offer a service to a number of different areas you need web copy to reflect that. But, creating a localized web copy for the same service is not easy. It needs to appeal to the local audience you are targeting while still outlining what’s on offer in, often, the same way as many other locations.

Localized service page copy that is not expertly crafted is often boring, reads poorly to locals and results in duplicate content that search engines may penalise your site for. Work with Pearl Lemon, and we will ensure that each of your local service pages is as engaging, informative and conversion-driven as it should be.

Product Description

Product descriptions are something else that gets lost too often because businesses fail to understand how important they are to consumers. Great product photography is a wonderful thing to have, but consumers need more to make a purchasing decision they are comfortable with.

Whatever they are shopping for, consumers always have questions before they buy. What are the benefits of buying this product? Is it high quality? Will they be able to return it/get a refund if it’s not right for them? Where is the product made? All these questions and more should be answered by your product descriptions while also engaging and exciting the prospect enough to buy.

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Blog Content

Blog Posts

Blogging remains one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged, attract new visitors and increase your standing in search engine listings. Business blogging is also an excellent way to build your brand and establish you, your business and your staff as experts in your field.

Pearl Lemon’s senior content creators are responsible for our blogging service, and their expertise stretches across dozens and dozens of niches and many years. They can provide you with engaging, informative blog posts that are properly researched, focused on conversion and SEO without being boring sales pitches and that truly add value.

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What are the types of content writing?

Content writing services, London based like us, can come in a few different forms.

Types of content writing may include:

  • On-page SEO writing
  • Guest posts
  • Blog posts
  • Long form blog posts
  • And more

What are the benefits of content writing?

There are countless benefits to content writing for your SEO and business. Having excellent content both tells Google what your site does and is for AND gives value for your site visitors. This combination can help both your SEO and sales due to keyword relvancy and establishing a level of expertise in your niche

What is business content writing?

Business content writing often has a focus on describing products or services for a company to ensure that site visitors know exactly what you are offering. This means writing services pages or product pages going over features and aspects of that specific item.

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What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is written content with the purpose of increase a site’s search engine ranking. This means having keyword-rich pieces published with links and appropriate headings to signify to the bots what that page or post’s purpose is. A content writing expert will conduct keyword research and build out content to fit  your niche’s requirements.

Will conduct keyword research and build out content to fit  your niche’s requirements.

How much does content writing cost?

SEO content creation services will vary in cost. This is often due to how many blog posts or on-page content will need to be bulked up or rewritten, the length of the content, and how many keywords will need to be used. SEO copy writing services, London based like us, will be offered ina  variety of “shapes and sizes”.

At Pearl Lemon, we offer our content writing services in three different packages, so you will be able to find a package that suits both your needs and budget.

What does a content writing agency do?

blog content creation agency or on-page content creation agency -or both combined- will create a keyword focused content calendar to prepare posts for regular publication to improve your SEO and give additional value to your audience.

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What is content writing?

Content writing is when a content writing agency, London founded ;), does a comprehensive audit of keywords needed for a website and builds content for services pages and blogs to help improve the site’s overall SEO.

Pearl Lemon is a content creation agency, London based, that can help you improve your SEO by assigning you a dedicated content writer, London trained, to work on your content creation project.

What is a content writing agency?

A content writing agency is a team of expert writers and SEO specialists that ensures any written copy that gets published is fully optimised for the SERPs. That is exactly what the Pearl Lemon team is…a team of SEO and content pros ready to help you add extra value to your site and improve its current standings.

What do you mean by “Content is King”?

This simply means that your content very much rules your site. Poor content will push and drive people away. Excellent content will gain traction and rank within the SERPs. 

Your content is how you get your keywords through your site and provide value to your site visitors. This being said, it needs to be nothing short of top-notch. The Pearl Lemon writing team understands this and how to implement the writing techniques to make your content reign supreme.

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What Is A Lead Generation Funnel?

What is A+ Content & what are the benefits?

A+ content is a program that enables vendors to enhance their product detail pages with more detailed product descriptions, charts, videos and more. A+ content is designed to drive more sales from the potential customers who visit your product pages.

Having A+ content can increase your click-through rate by up to 10%.

A+ content does not improve the rankings of your products, nor does it increase visibility. It can increase CTR and conversions once visitors are on your page.

What are some content writing rules Pearl Lemon follows?

Pearl Lemon follows standard SEO procedures for all content we deliver to our clients. We:

  • Start with keyword research or gather the keyword list
  • Research each subject
  • Include proper H1s, H2s etc
  • Include needed internal links
  • Break the piece into sections to be more digestible
  • Never copy/duplicate content
  • Write on-page content from a sales perspective
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Why should I outsource my PPC service?

What tools do you use in content writing?

Our team uses a variety of tools to ensure your content is written out top-notch. We use multiple different keyword research tools, keep on Gsuite to allow the team to collaborate and a variety of other research-based tools to be sure your content is up to date and relevant.

Why do I need a content writer?

People want information. Google searches aim at sourcing information. This means your site MUST provide answers. 

A content writer can provide you with written words that bring visitors to your site. Not only does this increase your overall word count and in turn keyword frequency, but your site will then have the useful and evergreen content that people want.

This web traffic, in turn, brings in more conversions and sales for you.

Can anyone do content writing?

Technically, yes, anyone can write content. The trick comes down to is that writer skilled, training and experienced in writing for SEO. This means they keep all the nuances of site ranking in mind while creating headers, content, use of keywords and keyword research, and specifics within your niche all while producing the pieces.

You and your business will benefit much greater from bringing in a team of writers that will dedicate their time to your pieces and have been properly trained on who to produce expert content.

I Have No Time to Blog, Can You Do it For Me?

We can. Our expert content writers have lots of experience creating engaging, informative blogs that keep keywords and SEO in mind while also adding value for your customers and have worked with a wide cross-section of retailers in lots of different niches.

Guest Blogging and Outreach in Glasgow

Ready To Discuss Your Unique Content Needs And How Pearl Lemon Can Help You Fulfill Them?

Content Writing FAQs

The Pearl Lemon writers are ready to produce a variety of different content options to suit your needs. A few times of content we can get written for you includes:

  • Guest posts
  • Long-form blog content
  • On page web copy
  • Content for landing pages
  • Content for email copy
  • Product titles and descriptions
  • Copy for service pages

We can create a content calendar based on what you are looking for, and you can rest easy knowing pieces that will be sent over will be expert level, and fully SEO optimised.

Yes, Pearl Lemon offers copywriting services for landing pages and service pages. Pearl Lemon also offers guest posts and other blog-based content to suit your needs.

We know your landing pages need to be appealing, informative and be sure to capture the aim of your CTAs. The Pearl Lemon team can ensure you that this will be accomplished.

Social Media has gained huge popularity over the past few years. Today, almost every web user is active on various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and so much more. Making your content shareable allows your readers to share it across different social networks while driving huge traffic to your site.

Adding social sharing buttons to your website drives not only traffic but also improves your website’s credibility. This is exactly what a new tech site Techie Nize did and saw a boost of 20% in traffic. So, never take social media power for granted.


The Pearl Lemon content team is fully trained on how to produce content that is fully SEO’d. Our team is skilled in keyword research, use of keywords, long-tail keyword inclusion, link inclusion, and formatting that helps boost your SEO and help you maintain and improve page rank.

Beyond training, Pearl Lemon aims at hiring experts in the world of content writing. We go through an extensive interview and trial process to be sure any team member working on your project will deliver nothing less than the best.

Keywords are critical to the success of your content ranking. Keywords are the meat to your content, although it is important to not over-use them; otherwise, you are keyword stuffing.

The Pearl Lemon team writes content based on your niche’s keywords and is sure to use variation and spacing to avoid just trying to rank for keywords based on the frequency of use. Your content needs to be aimed at sales and conversions, so be sure to plan your keywords around the goal of your product or service.

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