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Ecommerce SEO

Big Guide to Adding an e-Commerce Blog to Your Retail Website

You’ve heard, time and time again, that if you want to have some chance of succeeding in the increasingly competitive online marketplace, your e-commerce site needs to have a blog attached to it. One that is updated regularly to boot. Finally, you have been persuaded by all the advice you’ve read, heard and seen, and

e-Commerce SEO
Ecommerce SEO

Top 9 Ways An e-Commerce Blog Drives Better SEO AND Boosts Your Bottom Line

SEO is important for a website operating in any niche, but in the increasingly important world of e-commerce, it’s more important than ever. As big bricks and mortar retail businesses who have never made online sales a priority were forced online due to the COVID-19 pandemic their brand clout, and bigger budgets, have made it

PR SEO Agency

Why You Need a PR Agency AND an SEO Agency

The marketing world is changing quickly. And all the time, as most business owners are painfully aware. Get the hang of one marketing concept – especially digital marketing, and another one pops up. It is no wonder that things have gone through such a dramatic metamorphosis with the emergence of digital communication and the social

Image SEO for e-Commerce
Ecommerce SEO

Understanding Image SEO for e-Commerce

Have any of these questions about image SEO ever crossed your mind? Or, as an e-commerce player, pique your interest now that you read them? What is SEO for Images? In Google Image search, how do I increase the rank of my product images? What is the optimal image format for all my product images?

Google E-A-T Algorithm Update
Local SEO

The Google E-A-T Algorithm Update – What It Did and Why It Matters…To You

Google and their algorithm changes. One of the biggest reasons freelance SEO consultants like myself are well known for ending their days in the bar. All joking aside (although it’s not actually a joke), one of the biggest challenges for any SEO expert, SEO agency and indeed for any webmaster, is keeping up with the algorithm updates that

Airbnb SEO Business
Local SEO

How To Boost Your Short Term Rental Business with Airbnb SEO

Airbnb has grown, globally, beyond the expectations of almost everybody, including that of its founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, who hatched the idea in 2007 when as broke California students they couldn’t pay their rent, but has a spare room they could let out for a little extra cash. Now there are over 1,000,000 listings worldwide,

Cold Email and Lead Generation

Easy Ways to Fail at Link-building and Ruin Your Reputation at the Same Time

Link building. It’s time-consuming, often confusing and sometimes downright tedious. Plenty of even the most “expert” of content creators just wish that it wasn’t necessary, that the search engines would start paying less attention to who is linking to a piece. But that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future. Links are still the easiest way for

Why SEO Matters

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Matters

If you’ve ever sat down and wondered exactly why SEO matters so much, then sit back and let Deepak Shukla, one of the top SEO consultants in London provide a simple, straightforward explanation. The vast internet is awash with blog posts. First off, let’s take time to think about the internet or worldwide web (www.com)

Voice Search SEO
Marketplace SEO

How Voice Search Is Changing the SEO Game – Fast

At Super Bowl time in the US, TV advertisers pull out all the stops and pay millions for a 30 second or maybe one-minute spot. This past Super Bowl Amazon went even further and paid for a minute and a half to advertise on behalf of their AI voice assistant, Alexa. If you missed the spot, take a

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