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No matter which platform you use, our Ecommerce SEO Agency SEO experts know how to leverage white hat, effective SEO strategies for eCommerce that drive traffic, increase sales, and help you showcase your products to a bigger audience than ever before.

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A streamlined, intuitive online shopping experience means nothing if consumers can’t find you online. Pearl Lemon’s search engine optimization services ensure that consumers can find you at just the right time; when they are ready to buy.

Our Team of E-commerce SEO specialists are experienced in optimising these Ecommerce & CMS platforms: 


SEO is a vital component of your e-commerce marketing strategy. Here’s a brief look at our process

1.  Discovery Call 

We’ll start off by taking the time to get to understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

You’ll also be encouraged to ask any questions or concerns you have.

2. SEO Audit 

After our initial chat, we’ll immediately perform an SEO Audit.

Based on our audit, we’ll highlight any issues we discovered and provide actionable steps and a rough outline of the approach we’ll take to help you to achieve your e-commerce goals.

3. E-commerce SEO strategy

Once we’ve had a chat and have performed the initial SEO audit, we’ll then devise a results-driven strategy SEO strategy.

The strategy we come up with will be used to inform the approach we take when it comes to implementation.

4. Implementation 

We will get to work immediately.

As we deliver our SEO services, we will continually adapt our strategy based on the results we get. In other words, we’ll maximise your return on investment.

Our Core E-commerce SEO team

Deepak Shukla SEO Expert


Semil -Head of SEO


Atit Technical SEO Expert


Results & Reporting 

We’ll analyse the data and report it back to you in a format that suits you the most.

That might be in the form of:

-A call/video call
-Short frequent voicenotes over WhatsApp



We would love to help you with our bespoke SEO services. Pearl Lemon can get you ranking better for improvement in the long-run. Book a call today!


Product Descriptions

Ultimately, you need product descriptions that sell. Our SEO copywriters will review the copy on your product pages, and assess your use of keyword targetting and CTAs.

Technical SEO Audit

We’ll conduct an e-commerce website audit to analyse how easily your site is indexed by search engines. We’ll identify and fix any issues affecting your website’s rankings.


We don’t just focus on driving new traffic, we’ll leverage your existing traffic. We use a combination of tools such as Google Analytics and techniques to assess your sales funnel.

Category Optimisation

Stores strategically place products to optimise the browsing experience & maximise sales. When it comes to your ecommerce store, we’ll essentially do the digital equivalent.

E-Commerce SEO Consultancy


We don’t just implement the services above and call it a day. We take the time to understand your business, your growth goals and your customers, then incorporate our E-commerce SEO services into a tailored strategy.

The best ecommerce SEO strategy also involves conducting data-driven keyword research, optimising your ecommerce site architecture, Local SEO – if you also have a physical store, improving the authority of your site and of course, tracking and measuring the success of the campaign.

We are an ecommerce SEO agency with a team of experienced SEO experts who have earnt a track record of helping a growing number of ecommerce clients to grow their stores!


Ultimately, investing in your e-commerce SEO will improve your sales by ensuring that the search engines can easily parse and interpret your products, identify and fix any underlying issues such as duplicate content, optimise your sales funnel and pinpoint missed opportunities and ensure that your copy is optimised for search engines and your customers.

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We are an experienced ecommerce SEO agency with a team of SEO experts! We’d love to discuss how we can design and implement the best ecommerce SEO services for your online store to boost your sales and help you to achieve your digital growth goals.


The Sweat Store, based in Las Vegas has both a physical and a Shopify e-commerce store. We focussed heavily on their on-page SEO to increase their conversions. We helped them to generate an extra $20k per month!

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Speak to our founder & experienced SEO expert Deepak Shukla today if you are ready to take your e-commerce store to another level!


What do 90% of modern consumers do when they are looking for products to buy online? They perform Google searches. In fact, they even perform Google searches if they intend – at the time – to purchase the good they are looking for offline. Why? Because they are looking for different options, comparing prices, seeking out reviews and even looking for product use tips to help them make informed buying decisions.

It is for these reasons – and more – that SEO for e-commerce is something every e-commerce business owner needs to be concerned with. Although you might have created the best Internet-based storefront for your goods if they are not easily found that won’t mean a thing.

The way technology has evolved over the years has transformed the way consumers purchase products. Search is an integral part of the purchase decision-making process, with 89 percent of consumers using search engines to inform their purchase decisions.

Ignoring SEO means you’re taking the risk of not being found during your customers’ buying journey. When you not found in search results, fewer customers know about you, you sell less, and your growth slows down. At the same time, your competitors will increase sales and profits — and you’re letting them get stronger.

If you’re an e-commerce business, technical SEO will always be important, so yes, it’s very important to us. Good technical SEO is no longer about just about sitemaps and meta tags.

As the lines between technical SEO and on-site SEO continue to blur, it’s more important than ever to build a retail website with clean URLs, correct internal linking, a clear path to conversion and that moves at the speed impatient customers want it to. We’ll help ensure you have that, and more.

In many ways SEO for ecommerce is very similar to ‘standard SEO’, but there are also specialist techniques and tactics that specifically boost ecommerce sites that any good SEO company should be aware of and able to implement for you.

You can get traffic to your store from paid search, but SEO usually costs much less. Plus, ad blockers and ad blindness can seriously reduce the effectiveness of paid search, so you’ll want to optimize for search organically regardless of any paid search campaigns you might undertake.

E-commerce SEO typically involves optimizing headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internal link structure, and navigational structure for search and user experience. Each product you sell should have a dedicated page designed to draw traffic from search engines. But offsite SEO is important as well, especially when it comes to reviews and offering information that is useful to shoppers via blogs, articles, social media and more.

While you must never overuse keywords, as doing so can do far more harm than good in terms of e-commerce SEO, you do need to make use of them sparingly in product descriptions and other website copy. In order to discover just what keywords are being used by consumers searching for products like yours, keyword research must be undertaken.

Product descriptions enhance the customer experience by making your site look professional and they also help to sell your product. When a potential customer lands on your site and is browsing through your products they will often have questions. If you are a clothing brand, for example, they may want to know the fit of a specific shirt. Without a detailed product description that offers them that information, the chances are good that they will click away to another site, losing you a sale.

Product descriptions are also very important for SEO. By making the proper use of keywords, and providing useful, relevant information you will create product listings that are more likely to rank well in the SERPS and get your store and your products noticed.

common problem that e-commerce stores often have is failing to create unique and engaging unique product descriptions. All to often e-commerce stores make use of product descriptions copied from the manufacturer, so every e-commerce store that sells that those kinds of products are using practically the same content. As Google can only rank copy for one site the chances are very good that it will not be yours.

An e-commerce SEO campaign ensures that unique product descriptions are created over time to avoid duplicate content on all product and category pages. It is extra work and perhaps even an extra expense for e-commerce site owners but is the only way a product’s page or listing will ever stand a chance of ranking well in SERPs.

We can. Our expert content writers have lots of experience creating engaging, informative blogs that keep keywords and SEO in mind while also adding value for your customers and have worked with a wide cross section of retailers in lots of different niches.

Blogging is a hugely important part of a successful ecommerce SEO plan. Consumers regularly seek out information, advice and even product usage tips online before making a purchase. By providing original, useful, keyword optimized and informative blog content you will not only receive a boost in SERPs rankings from Google but position yourself and your company as experts in your field, increasing a consumer’s trust in your brand and the likelihood that they will choose to buy your products.

Research study after research study has shown that more and more consumers rely on online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions, and so if a consumer can view positive reviews on your website that is almost certainly going to boost their confidence in purchasing from you.

How reviews affect SEO is less clear, as Google is not very forthcoming about whether these are a ranking factor they consider. However, as numerous reports have shown, there does seem to be a correlation between displaying reviews and increased organic traffic to an ecommerce site. One study, conducted by Yotpo, on more than 30,000 businesses who agreed to implement reviews on their ecommerce site, found that within nine months of the implementation, organic traffic to these sites increased by as much as 30%.

Did you know that Google’s image search, in itself, is one of the world’s most commonly searched resources when consumers are looking for products to buy. As they will be conducting those searches as keyword searches it is essential that all of your product images are SEO optimized so that they will be found in a Google image search. Doing so properly involves optimizing both image titles and the alt tags that search bots use to help determine what an image depicts (as they cannot actually ‘see’ images at all) Alt tag optimization also creates a more useful on-site search experience for consumers, some that they appreciate and Google is likely to reward with a nice boost in the SERPs.

By now most website owners are aware of the fact that Google favors websites that load fast and then continue to be fast to navigate as a user clicks through them. This is especially true of ecommerce websites. Google is more likely to favour an ecommerce website in the SERPs if it provides a fast, seamless experience for users, and obviously, today’s busy consumer will really appreciate that too.

Yes. Amazon has its own search algorithm known as A9. It looks for different things in order to rank third party sellers across the site than Google and other ‘standard’ search engines do. It also looks for some of the same things. Amazon SEO is a discipline unto itself, and only people who have studied it – like the Pearl Lemon SEO team, can really help you leverage its power. 

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