WordPress SEO | Video Summary Notes

If you’re thinking about WordPress ⚙️SEO⚙️ since you may have a WordPress with a WooCommerce integration or you’ve got a local services wordpress-based site, there’s maybe hundreds of millions of sites that are built on this CMS (content management system).

What Can Pearl Lemon Do with WordPress?

As you may imagine, we work with a bunch of wordpress websites, and they’ve got custom themes, standard themes, whatever it may be, and we need to then go in and look at the custom code, custom HTML, the CSS the markup, whatever it may be.

My point is: If you’re considering the space of WordPress SEO, then there’s a couple of considerations in terms of the theme that you use, and it’s speediness.

Whether you’re using Yoast or other SEO player plugins. Yoast is the one that we tend to use and work with, but we’ve worked with a bunch of others depending upon what your preferences are what level of sophistication that your team have going on.

If you want us to do everything in terms of the pages that we build and making sure that the plugins are optimized and updated, we could work either hand-in-hand with your developer or whatever you would like.

We’d Love to Work with You!?

I’d be really excited to work with you and with your WordPress Website.

The Pearl Lemon website is built on WordPress, and we’ve got a couple of sites that we own, and they’re pretty much all on WordPress. It is an excellent platform to begin to rank your business with.

If you’ve got a WordPress website, then we would absolutely love to help your business grow on that platform. WordPress SEO is something that we do day in day out, not only for the businesses that we work with but for ourselves.