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Hello everyone, this is Celeste with Pearl lemon and today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Wideo. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit ours at SERPWizz.com to see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

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If you’re interested in this tool, feel free to click on our affiliate link in our description down below. If you want us to review a specific tool, feel free to add any comments or contact us through our YouTube channel. Other than that, thank you so much for watching. And we’ll go ahead and get started. Here we are at Wideo. So Wideo is, as you might tell by the name, it is a tool that can create videos, so animated videos and presentations in just minutes. So it’s a video editing tool that they offer templates for or you can just create completely from scratch. So let’s go ahead and go into the pricing. So here are the pricing plans, we have a free basic Pro, and Pro Plus. And this is by annually you can see the monthly as well. And overall, it’s based on the amount of templates that you can view, the length of the templates and the branded videos and downloaded videos. So one thing that I would like to know is that I really don’t like the basic plan, because it goes from one minute to 1.5 minutes. And that really depends on what you’re using this tool for. If you’re using this tool for like a quick demo or quick presentation of a product or like introduction of you know, hey, here’s a new feature, then yeah, that’s a good length. But it really depends on what you’re using this tool for. And if you would want it for a longer length, then it sucks that you can’t use the basic plan and you would have to automatically jump to the Pro, or the Pro Plus, it’s 10 minutes isn’t enough either. So that’s the only thing that I would like to note about the time lengths, I feel like this one should be a little bit longer. But you can scroll down to see more features that are compared with the tool and just a different customizations that you could get across the board. So here we are at my Wideo dashboard. And here are the different templates that you can see, we have a tool for product presentations, an app demo, a real estate promotion software and product demo, etc, and so forth. And just different things. And this is perfect because it gives you ideas on what you can use this tool for it. I was having a hard time of thinking of how you can use this tool, especially spending time on the animations. But they do offer quite a bit of templates. So let’s go ahead and look at one that I previously created.

So here we are and I chose a I believe an app product introduction or something like that. And if you scroll across the bar, you can see the video I can play it, of course, but I just wanted to just show you the movements. And this is just how short the video is very quick and very easy. So the way that the tool works is that the bar section is basically the length of the video. And if you click on the video, you get to further see different objects that you can edit. So these little circles right here across, you can edit those but of course, they are locked right now you can unlock them at any time. The unlock and lock feature is essentially whenever you’re done with a product, you might want to lock it, I guess you can say. So here I’m just gonna unlock this specific object. And then I can edit that one and change it as much as I want to. And then when I’m done, I can just go ahead and lock it.

And another thing that you can do is that you could just automatically unlock all the objects if you want to, or do them one at a time. And I’m just gonna lock this object. And we’re actually just gonna go ahead and lock all the objects. So that’s pretty neat that you can do that just so that while you’re working on another one, you’re not messing up the previous one, and it kind of just stays there. Here is where you have the music with the templates. There’s already music that goes with it, but you can change it of course. And then you can just enter any types of media so an image and video, a background, the sound and the different texts. And here is the text that you can edit. So these are the texts that I can do I can choose – the frames, the in and out, basically, the transitions of it going in and out, and the size, the font, and the keyframe. So there’s quite a bit you can do with that. It really depends on the template, I guess you can say.

Anytime that you’re using an object, it’ll appear on the bar as well to show you how you can edit it in how you can make it bigger or smaller, make it last longer if you need to. So there’s quite a bit that you can do. And then you have different transition videos right here as well, to add upon your scene. So this is just the first scene and you can look at other scenes that are given in your template. So it really depends on the one that you chose, I can jump from one to another if I want to.

So here we are at another one. And we have those same circles again, I can move them around change of add my logo, and just constantly look and view and see how it works. So I really liked the animations that they gave with the templates, I feel like it just makes it a lot more professional in my opinion. And just seems like you put a lot more work into it. So I really enjoy those. So that is quite interesting. So to recap, you can edit the different objects on the template by unlocking them, and then lock them whenever you’re done. You can change the sound and change any media, you can change the text like the font, and as well as with any of the elements, you can change the transitioning the length, time, etc, and so forth. And you have different scenes to choose from, and the seeing length for each scene. When you’re ready to view you just preview the scene or you can preview the Wideo which will take up the whole screen to view.

So let’s go ahead and see our pros and cons. For my pros, I really like that it’s very easy to edit individual elements. Whenever you get a template, you’re allowed to edit those animations within them. And I really liked that I liked that they don’t limit the animations. And you can just make it as creative as you want to. And this is just perfect for demos, presentations or announcements, different things like that if you want to keep it within your team, or if you want to showcase it on your website and just kind of promote Oh, here’s a new feature, here’s a new app, etc, and so forth. So there’s so many ways you can use this tool. As for the cons, it was hard to find a con specifically for me. So I always look for cons. And so I provided cons on how I feel about the tool. And then I look at cons that people have mentioned across different review sites. And what was interesting is that there hasn’t been a review for about a few years on one site Trustpilot I did see a recent review. So 2020 and 2021. And everything was good except for one. One person just absolutely did not like this tool. Is that was the only one I saw. So I did want to just mention that briefly. But overall in the past, people have mentioned that they were just a lot of glitches, but that was in 2018. So I don’t know if they have fixed it since then, as I was using the tool, I didn’t experience any glitches, especially since I’m recording because sometimes that might cause a glitch. And so I didn’t experience any glitches. If you do feel free to comment them down below. Thank you so much for watching today’s video, it’s always very interesting to see tools that are a little bit out of my comfort zone, such as video editing. I mean, I do that right now. But still, I feel like it’s very helpful to see all those different tools because you never know what someone’s role is. So feel free to comment down any pros or cons with the tool if you have that experience or any alternatives and why is an alternative for you. But overall thank you so much for watching.

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