What Do People Hate About SEO Agencies?

What is the biggest reason why?

Put simply; people hate BS.

Far too many ‘SEO companies’ have been shown to be full of it.

Cloaking URL

It’s been more than a few years now since people began realising: ‘hey, there’s money to be made in this SEO lark, let’s give it a go’ and SEO became a big thing.

Like every ‘big thing,’ there’s good and bad.

On the one hand, there are some agencies that are good at what they do but are honest about what can’t be done. These often white-hat and organic agencies know their limits and strive for transparency. The transparency adds to the security of the campaign, and you know you can leave your business in capable hands.

Then, on the other hand, there are those who will lie through their teeth to get business and then attempt to deliver on what they promised via some terrible black hat SEO techniques. While the presented techniques are appealing and too good to be true..they are too good by a long shot. Exaggerations on ability show that trust does not matter to the black hat company.

Sadly, since SEO became a ‘thing’ far too many people have been burned by these cowboy SEOs. Getting betrayed by these false agencies can be detrimental to your business and your rankings within the Search Engines.

Not just small businesses either….

There was a huge scandal in the US several years back when it was discovered that the SEO agency representing one of the biggest department stores, JC Penney, had been up to all kinds of terrible things to get their client ranked.

One of the techniques used in that campaign was the application of very general or irrelevant keywords for products. So when users would search for blue evening gowns, they could end up on a product page that had absolutely nothing to do with that item, but the search results showed that there was a product match.

Another point with this particular campaign was that through the months that it lasted, the company ended up getting multiple warnings and penalties, but the campaign continued on the same path.

The agency was fired, but Google still penalized the company, big shot retailer or not. The mud stuck too, especially as tons of people like me are still citing this example some six years after it happened, as a cautionary tale. ⚠️

Large companies have an ability to recover and reinvest a bit easier, but these hits still take a huge effect. For smaller companies, these effects are absolutely detrimental and have the ability to wipe them off the face of Google and ruin the business.

To be honest, as an SEO consultant in London, it really winds me up when I hear such stories, as it reflects poorly on the industry; however, it motivates me all the more to ENSURE that we deliver RESULTS to all of our clients here at Pearl Lemon.

Advice when looking for an agency

Make sure that when looking to bring on an SEO agency, you do your research fully. Here’s some advice to consider when choosing to work with an agency:

1: Grill the heck out of any SEO agency you consider hiring.

Ask them as many questions as you need prior to working with them. Things like:

  • What methods do you use?
  • How many clients have you served?
  • What niches have you served?
  • Do you have case studies?
  • Do you have any typical results?
  • What is client support and onboarding like?
  • How quick will you respond?
  • How long will the contract last?
  • How long have you been in the business?
  • What makes you the best?

At my SEO agency, Pearl Lemon, we encourage all of our prospective clients to ask questions. So do feel free to drop us a line at any time!

2: Ask for PROOF

3: Once you’ve hired the agency, make sure you get constant reporting.

4: Make sure the agency is knowledgeable about the entire scope of SEO

5: Ensure the agency will give you a catered approach