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Whereby Review: A Video Conferencing & Meeting Application

Hello everyone, this is Celeste with Pearl Lemon and today we will do a review on this tool called Whereby. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit ours at to see what a toll free, let’s go ahead and jump right in. So here we are at Whereby and I just wanted to provide an alternative tool because with this remote world, there are so many ways in so many, there’s so many ways where you can host the meeting, meet with a friend, you know, things like that all online. So that’s what we’re going to get today. So Whereby is just another place where you can host your video meetings, you can record share your screen, etc. So let’s go ahead and get into it.

So overall, Whereby is a tool where you can meet with members,  and you get unlimited encrypted videos. And here’s the setup, how the meeting looks, you kind of get this outer layer that you can see, and then each person gets their square boxes, you can just simply join very quickly, no guest registration. If the other person doesn’t have Whereby they don’t have to register for anything, you just automatically jump right in.

And you also get some screen sharing. And you could still see your screen right here, one of these two people are sharing their screen and you’re still able to see them in the corner if they choose to be seen. While you’re seeing these screen share.

You also get up to 100 people in a meetings, that’s very neat, you can host a session a class or anything like that, if you’re just trying to bring in people that is a great idea for that. And there are some custom branding here. You can also do recording and meetings on the go, you can join from any mobile device, Android or iOS. And you get a chat feature as well as live reactions.

So let’s go ahead and look at the pricing before we jump into how my Whereby personal room looks. So here we are, you get a free pro and business with a free plan, I definitely recommend this for students or anyone who’s not in a business that would like to still have this tool on hand just in case they need to meet with anyone. So you can host up to 100 participants and get unlimited one on one meetings. And the group meetings are up to 45 minutes along with the pro plan and business plan. You get everything with the free plan, but unlimited group meetings, unlimited recording, and some company branding. With the business plan, you get early access to new features. So that’s very interesting to see. So I really think that the price is reasonable. It’s not like they give you a set amount of meetings per month. And if you surpass it, you have to pay some more, it’s basically a month to month plan. So let’s go ahead and log in and see how my dashboard looks already. So the dashboard is nothing really fancy or nothing interesting, I guess you can say, you basically get to see the different rooms that you have, and you automatically get your own personal room. And you just see any of the person plans if you need to upgrade. And that’s pretty much it, do you get some settings. And let’s just go ahead and jump into my room already. So here we are. And this is the set-up that everyone gets to see before they join. So here you get to see your camera, you get to see your microphone, and so on and so forth, you can choose to join in with your camera on or without it. So let’s go ahead and join without. So here’s what we have. I chose to have my camera off, you can turn it on, of course, you have your microphone settings. And you can share your screen through Google Drive, micro whiteboard, trello board YouTube, configure integrations and just share your screen in general. You can also record your meetings as well and look at the chat as well as during the reaction. And also look at the people. So on the website, they didn’t mention that they have breakout groups, but they do have that option for you. I don’t know if that’s available with the free plan. I am assuming it is because it doesn’t say anything about the features that aren’t available. So other than that, that’s pretty much it. You do get a picture in picture view, which is what we were kind of seeing earlier. If you were to if you were just like share your screen or different things like that. That is what you get to see for the person that’s hosting.

You can also see the meeting timer if you have a timed meeting for those pre plans. In my opinion on how the meetings book, I feel like it’s a lot more casual. And it just looks very personal to me. And I really liked it. It’s very inexpensive and you get a lot with the free plan. I feel like people who aren’t necessarily are part of a company or are using this for a company or trying to use this tool for their own personal needs. I feel like this is very helpful. As for the cons, I didn’t really have any big cons I guess you can say I just would like to say that it can be confusing for new users, just because if you’re used to other tools like zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp, different things like that, where you can meet. I feel like it takes some time to adjust from knowing what you already know, to learning about this tool. But overall, that’s pretty much it.

Thank you so much for watching today’s video. If you have any pros and cons, feel free to add them down below. If you have any alternatives towards this tool that you’d like to comment on, feel free to add those as well. Again, we’re all trying to help each other out. But thank you so much for watching.

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