What Is The Best Way To Cheaply And Effectively Advertise Your Small Business Locally (no online interactions)?

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    Straight off the bat, I want to say that it is possible to find affordable SEO services for your small business…
    However, this is an interesting question! ?

    My honest opinion is that I can’t see how you’ll manage without any ‘online interactions’.
    Even if you are running a relatively small business.

    It is vital that your small business has an online presence.

    Right now, if a potential client or customer can’t find you online they will think something is up. ?
    This is because the following are all established elements of the customer journey:

    • Conducting online searches
    • Seeking reviews
    • Watching video demonstrations
    • Following the business’ social media
    • Reading company blogsPotential clients and prospective customers EXPECT to be able to easily access these sources of information. Furthermore, they’ll want to be able to reach out to you at any time with questions or queries about your offering.Even if you stick to the more traditional forms of marketing such as sending out postcards and flyers, it would still put you at a disadvantage if you’re not active online.

    Implementing a Digital Marketing strategy for your small business can supplement your offline efforts

    This is not to say that offline marketing tactics can’t still be a decent SUPPLEMENT to online local business marketing. However, you need to get online. Here’s a bonus, here are 4 benefits your small business will reap from using online marketing:
    #1: Cheaper– traditional forms of marketing such as printing and distributing flyers can get very costly, not to mention time-consuming.
    #2: Highly measurable– running an online campaign allows you to see exactly how many people have engaged with your business online. There are several metrics that you can monitor to see if your marketing efforts are yielding the results you are after.
    This is significantly more difficult to do when using traditional forms of offline marketing.
    #3: Cost-effective – regarding online advertising campaigns such as PPC, you are only charged when a potential customer or client clicks on your ads, you also have full control of your ad spend, meaning you’ll only pay for the interactions that have an impact. ?
    #4: More relevant – online campaigns enable you to advertise directly to your target audience.


    At my SEO marketing agency, Pearl Lemon, ? we specialise in  SEO and have experience with working with several start-ups and small businesses – helping them to achieve their digital growth goals,
    We provide affordable SEO services to ensure that smaller businesses can also benefit from the growth.
    From my experience, I can confidently say that regardless of the size of the business, being present online and running high-quality, cost-effective ads and affordable SEO helps generate new leads and increase conversions.
    Furthermore, it also helps with client retention and maintenance of profitable relationships. ?
    But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what one of our client’s had to say:
    I hope this post has emphasised the importance of online interactions in today’s digitalised world.
    Whilst offline marketing can be an effective supplement to online efforts. Completely avoiding online interactions will put you at a disadvantage to your competitors who have an active online presence. ⚠️

    Thanks for reading this post! I’d be SUPER grateful if you could check out our Quora page – It’s managed by Rajesh (pronounce Raa-Jesh lol), one of our SEO specialists based in London. There you’ll find even more tips and advice for achieving your digital growth goals!

    If you are looking for affordable SEO services in London, UK (or anywhere else in the world!?) I’d be more than happy to have a chat!

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