What Are Your Favourite Tools For Lead Generation

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    With so many options for lead generation, it leaves many people confused and getting less than desirable results because they are all over the place instead of focusing on what is working for them.
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    However, in this blog post, I will share with you three of my favourites, as well as some tips for using them to get optimal results. ?

    So let’s jump straight in:

    #1: LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a much-underutilised source of high-quality leads. Most of the reason for this is because people do not understand how to use the platform to generate leads that convert. ?

    If you are an amateur on LinkedIn, you may send unsolicited links and get blocked from your contacts or even reported to LinkedIn for practices they do not condone. So, what? Is it worth learning LinkedIn?

    Let’s see what these stats tell us:LinkedIn lead generation Inforgraphic

    Obviously, this is a place you want to be generating leads and it is worth learning how to do so or have an agency that will help you do the work.

    #2: Lead Capture Pages

    Lead capture pages allow you to catch your potential customer in your web of marketing.

    What are lead capture pages?

    Lead capture pages are a one-page website with minimal information – this is to avoid distracting the potential customer viewing.

    It is designed to push people towards fulfilling the desired CTA such as putting their email address into the opt-in form.

    This means you will now have them on a list where you can go on to use the next tool I am going to recommend.
    LeadPages is a company that specializes in lead capture pages, it is beginner friendly, and has pre-designed templates that can be customised to your business needs.

    #3: Email Marketing

    Once you’ve captured people into your web, you can use a service such as GetResponse or Aweber to market to them over and over again.

    Make sure you understand how to do email marketing really well, otherwise you could suffer from low open rates and high unsubscribe rates. If this happens your efforts will not yield the results that you are looking for.

    So there we are folks, those are just three of my favourite tools for lead generation – I hope my insight into these three tools were useful to you and your business.

    My London based digital marketing agency, Pearl Lemon ? is made up of a team of SEO and lead generation experts who strive to help businesses to achieve their digital growth goals.

    We make sure email deliverability, copy, targeting, and LinkedIn approaches are spot on and we adjust as we learn which is all critical to the success of lead generation.

    If your business is in need of more leads – let us build your pipeline for you!
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