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What Are Good Strategies When It Comes To SEO For Healthcare?

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    The healthcare industry tends to lag behind relative to other industries when it comes to digital marketing in general. This includes SEO for healthcare providers such as doctors and dentists. 
    One reason for this is the strict regulations that determine how patient information is used and stored.
    However, in today’s world, patients expect to be able to engage with their healthcare providers online.
    In this post, I will share some tips related to both content marketing and SEO for healthcare providers. ?  

    SEO for healthcare providers ?  

    With more and more patients searching for healthcare services online, it is vital that your organisation creates an SEO strategy so that your potential patients can find you online.
    Therefore, when it comes to keywords, it is important that you use keyword research to identify the keywords that are commonly searched for by patients that are in search of the service that you offer.
    As the healthcare industry is large the competition for search traffic is high. So if another practice has a better strategy than yours, they will rank higher in the search engine results
    Tip: if you are new to SEO, consider hiring an SEO expert or an SEO agency to help you with your local SEO, on-page SEO and link building strategy.

    Content marketing and SEO for healthcare providers

    Having a good SEO strategy goes hand in hand with having a great content strategy.
    In the healthcare industry, it is important that the content you produce is:

    • Inline with healthcare regulations
    • Is optimised for search engines
    • Helps you to generate more business
    • Is accurate and up to date with medical advances

    There are several types of content that you can create for your healthcare service such as:

    • Blog posts

      When creating blog posts, you must keep in mind that you will need to regularly review the blog post content and update it accordingly when there are new medical advances, to ensure that you are providing your patients with accurate information.

      Some examples of blog posts you can create for your healthcare service includes Q&A style blog posts featuring the perspectives of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

      Another tip is to learn how to newsjack. Newsjacking is the science and art of providing professional commentary on news about technical sectors such as healthcare.
    • Social media posts

      You could use social media to keep your patients updated with your service. Also, you can share content that is relevant to your patients via social media.
    • Video

      Video content can also be used to promote your healthcare business. A tip for creating video content is to make sure that you Avoid technical jargon. Use clear, easy-to-understand language to describe your products and services. This kind of language is shareable and easy to digest by your patients.


    Content is king.
    Always strive to create content that is engaging, provides the patient with useful advice and valuable insights that they can trust. Also, ensure that it is also optimised for search engines.
    Once you have developed a solid SEO-driven content strategy, you’ll be able to improve your search engine rankings and drive new traffic to your healthcare website. This will help you to outshine your online competitors!
    If you need help creating an SEO-driven content strategy for your healthcare company, get in touch with us ?  

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