digital marketing scholarship

Do you have what it takes? At Pearl Lemon we love everything about digital marketing and it’s one of our missions to help make the field brighter, more exciting, effective and understandable. We’re advancing that mission by offering US college students of any major the chance to earn themselves a $500 digital marketing scholarship by showing off their marketing zeal! You can use the money for books, tuition or even for lots of that coffee you need to make it to your first class awake and ready to learn.


For your Pearl Lemon digital marketing scholarship entry we’re asking that you submit three blog posts that form a full funnel strategy to increase enrollment at your school. But you need to focus on just one aspect of your campus culture.

It does not matter what it is – a club, a major, a sport, a campus organization, it’s your choice. The campaign you propose will need to be engaging and effective, as the idea behind it is to capture the attention of those school shopping high school seniors and get them to schedule a campus visit.

All you need to create are three blog posts – with images – that will address the three funnel stages that we’ve outlined in the article below.

Step 1

Choose a single aspect of your school’s culture that you think learning more about would help boost interest in enrolling in your school

Step 2

Read our piece on full funnels below and use the information to create a blog post for each stage.

Step 3

Assemble your final project in Google Drive and share an editable link with us.


A true ‘full funnel’ campaign comprises three major stages; awareness, nurturing and conversion. Each step moves prospects closer to your goal for them, which in this case is adding your school to their campus visit list. Here’s a breakdown to help you.


Awareness is at the top of the funnel and needs to spark the interests of people who know nothing about your school. With one image, and one caption, your post will get potential students excited about learning more.

Whatever your selling point is, it’s one that you’ll use in all three posts, so make sure it’s engaging and exciting for a wide cross section of high schoolers.

Blog tip: Introduce your USP – unique selling point – but make it short and snappy. You will design this campaign to share across social media, so you must stick to the Twitter character limit of 280, as that is the social platform that’s most restrictive on text.
Image Tips: Choose images you think are the best ones to attract attention and make potential students feel like they depict something they would like to be part of.


Now it’s time to move those prospects down the funnel. The second blog post you create needs to offer even more compelling reasons for kids to apply. This is a great time to mention awards, accolades, bragging rights, or any other evidence that your school is well worth your prospects considering.

Caption Tip: Build on the theme you started in the first post.
Image Tip: Choose images that offer visual confirmation of what you say in your copy.


The prospects have reached the bottom of the funnel, it’s time to convert them. This is the post that openly asks the prospects to come and look at your school for themselves.

Blog Tip: This is your last chance. Invite your prospects for a school tour while reminding them why doing so is such a good idea.
Image Tips: These need to be great ones. These images need to make the prospects feel like they can’t wait to come and check out your school for themselves.


We’ll make selections for our digital marketing scholarship award based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: We want to see new, original thoughts and tactics, not what other schools have been doing year after year.
  • Professionalism: This is a mockup of what could be a real campaign (who knows, your school may love it enough to use it) But don’t sweat the technical stuff. We’re not looking for Photoshop geniuses or Shakespearian prose, we are looking for great ideas converted into a great social campaign.
  • Future plans: We want to hear from students across all majors, not just marketing majors. Maybe you are in Pre-Med. How will you market your doctor’s practice in a few years? If you are going into HR, how will you use digital marketing to recruit the best talent?

When you are ready, you can submit your project, and your scholarship application hereSubmissions close on February 28th, 2020.