The world of marketing is very different than it was ten years ago. And even five years ago. For any business digital marketing is a must. That means it’s crucial students understand it. We’re offering the Pearl Lemon ₤500 UK Digital Marketing Scholarship to help make that happen.

You don’t have to be a marketing student to apply, just have an interest in the subject. The winner of the Pearl Lemon ₤500 UK Digital Marketing Scholarship can spend their money in whatever way they like, however it helps most (we’ve been students, we know every little helps.)


Yes, we’re asking you to write an essay. Sort of. We’re asking you to write about digital marketing. You can do that in the form of a long form article, a blog post, a case study, it’s your call. We’re looking for originality, new ideas and strong opinions. How you express them is up to you.


In terms of what to write about, we’ve chosen three subjects dear to our SEO, digital marketing loving hearts for you to choose from:



Artificial intelligence will soon be the driving force behind lots of services, including digital marketing. We’re already seeing it in the digital marketing world in areas like:

  • Customer service chatbots
  • Basic consumer communication
  • Product recommendations
  • Content creation
  • Email personalization
  • E-commerce transactions

But is artificial intelligence really all it’s cracked up to be? Will consumers eventually rebel when the only interactions they can get with a company’s customer service is via a chatbot? Can robots really write engaging copy? In your piece we want to hear what you think.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is word-of-mouth marketing which is one of the oldest marketing tactics in the book. It focuses on using key leaders to drive a brand’s message to the larger market. And we know that you see it all the time. In your Instagram feed. In your Snaps. Everywhere.

What we’d like to know from you is; do you trust these people? Should anyone? Or should consumers stop being swayed by what celebrities and YouTube stars have to say and go back to making all their own decisions. Should the government get more involved and hold influencers to higher standards, like those TV advertisers have to follow? In your piece we’d like you to tell us.

Voice Search

Alexa. Google Home. Siri. Voice assistants are everywhere, and the stats say that more and more people are using them to find the things they need. Digital marketers are rethinking their search engine strategies to reflect this.

What we’d like your piece to tell us is how you use voice search, and what you’d like to use it for in the future. Which voice assistant do you trust most? Do you trust any of them? Or do you think they are just another form of digital marketing on behalf of the companies behind them disguised as a virtual friend?


When your Pearl Lemon ₤500 UK Digital Marketing Scholarship is finished upload it into a Google Drive doc. Create an editable share link and then complete the application you’ll find here.


We’ll be selecting our winner based on how original, intelligent and engaging their submission is. The judging panel will include the founder and managing director of Pearl Lemon, Deepak Shukla, as well as our Head of Content, Head of SEO and other seasoned members of the team. Submissions close on February 28th, 2020 and a winner will be announced shortly after that.