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Snagit Review: A Screen Capture & Recording Software

Hello everyone, this is Celeste with Pearl Lemon and today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Snagit. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit to see if it is a tool for you. But let’s go ahead and get started.

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So here is Snagit and it is a screen capture and recording software to capture your screen that you can easily share with your co-workers or other members a part of your team.

So let’s go ahead and jump right in. And I’m going to take you to the pricing. So we have a few pricing plans, we have the individual, business and education plan. And overall, I feel like it’s a bit on the expensive side in my perspective. And I just wanted to say that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac.So that is something there for you. I was a bit concerned about this tool beause I couldn’t quite see looking on the features and the pricing, I couldn’t quite see if there is a limit to how long you can record. It didn’t say Unlimited, and it didn’t say limited. So I’m just assuming that it’s unlimited recording in terms of the length of your recording.

So let’s 

But I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m not quite aware. So let’s go ahead and just take a look at some of these features. So overall, of course, the main features that it is a screen recording tool, you can capture your full screen or capture just a portion of your screen, you can record webcam, audio, and put animated GIF, as well as do some editing features with this tool. So again, this is both available for Windows and Mac, I have a Mac. So I did realize that you know that. And the screen recording tool that I use for my YouTube videos that you see or that you see right now is QuickTime Player because that automatically comes with the Mac. So I did want to let you know that. But let’s go ahead and jump right into kind of how the tool works. So it is a tool that you have to download. And of course, you have to let it have access to your screen recording and some other information as well. So it’s not necessarily a Chrome extension, it is a downloadable tool that you have to use. So what I’m going to do is that I’m actually going to show you through my QuickTime player on the steps of making the recording, as well as recording the editing tools as well. So simply, you open up your app, and there’s this little red button, you click the button and then you just make adjustments as needed, you can do an image or video. So if you don’t need to do a full on video capture, you can just do a screenshot, which is the image capture feature. So I’m going to go ahead and just put that and it walks you through that you can capture or select a portion of your screen of what you want to record. So I went to record this section.

Okay, keep it right there. And then this bar pops up, it will ask you basically if you want to record a video or with just a screen capture, etc, and so forth, you click the one you want. And I’m going to click the video for this example. As you can see my microphones working right now, when you’re ready, you just hit the record button, which is this red button right here. And you can start recording.


It’ll give you a countdown of when to record and then you are currently recording. So I’m recording my screen right now, where I’m just scrolling up or down with this screen. And that’s pretty much it. Now we’re back when you’re done, you just hit the pause button or stop button, whatever you need. And I’m going to hit the stop button. So when you hit the stop button, it takes you to the app where you can make any additions. If you want to hit the pause button, it’ll just pause your recording. For you to do anything that you might need to say, if you need a login or if a video of a screen is taking too long, you can do that. So your video that you recorded will open up within the app so that you can make any changes as necessary. You can view it if you want to, you’ll be able to listen, you can change the audio, and export it to a GIF or PNG if needed.

If you want to add any images, or like animations in text different things, you just go up to the plus sign right here that’s right next to the recording button. So I’m going to click that plus sign. And you can do image from templates or video from images.

And here are some templates that they have for you. So they have different landscape templates, a meme template, just different things that can help you out depending on what your needs are. From there, you can click these lines, which is basically your library. And this is where all your videos and images. And maybe just anything that you were create will be stored in one place. So that’s very helpful and very organized. I like the way it holds. Rather than on your computer itself. You can export it to your computer when you need to. But I just like it that it’s organized right here because it kind of separates from the videos I make for YouTube versus videos that I might need for this tool. So that’s very helpful to us. Overall, that’s pretty much it. You can export to GIF, as I said, or PNG or you can even share across these multiple things as well said very helpful, it’s very easy to share, which is always complicated across multiple sites. But let’s go ahead and go into our pros and cons.

As for the pros overall, I like that this is a useful and quick tool that you can probably use for employee trainings, just a quick explanation. A lot of the times we make videos whenever we’re trying to explain a task just because it’s a lot easier than sending a text and you might not have time for a call, you know, video just seems a lot more relevant. So this is a great tool for you know, easy for communication for employee training, different things like that. And I like that they do like any graphics, they walk you through on how exactly you can do that I mainly was focusing on the recording and exporting itself because exporting is always an issue that I feel like I have. So that’s pretty much it.

As for the cons, it’s a bit on the expensive side which I’ve seen across different views that is it is a bit expensive, and there’s not a free version there’s only a 15 day trial for free and it just can be a bit overwhelming the way screen recording tools are kind of organized you kind of have to adjust and think on how it works and different things like that. But overall that’s pretty much it. I did want to mention, as I said earlier, I don’t know if there is a limit on how much you couldn’t record I’m assuming there’s not which is why I think that it’s so expensive because across other tools they have a five minute limit on recording or a 10 etc and so forth. So I don’t think there’s a limit if there is please correct me and comment down below. But overall that’s pretty much it.

Thank you so much for watching today’s video. If you have any pros or cons feel free to add those down being low, then that thank you so much for watching.

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