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As 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, it is critical that your company optimises its website through search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is improving your website’s ranking in search results to attract more valuable leads.

So, if you want to reach more customers and increase revenue for your rug retailing company, SEO can help! While it may sound easy at first, it requires more than “you know how”– you must reach out to an SEO expert like Pearl Lemon.

Our experts here at Pearl Lemon are well-versed in understanding your industry, allowing us to employ SEO strategies that will undoubtedly grow your business in no time.

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How SEO Helps With Ecommerce Retailers

When a consumer requires a product or service, what do they do? Many people conduct Google searches. They’re looking for alternatives, tips, comparisons, and other data to help them make informed decisions.

You are losing valuable exposure to qualified and interested ecommerce customers if your website does not appear in the SERPs. Your products may have a web presence, but is it easily accessible?

This is where ecommerce SEO can help. It enables you to reach your target audience without spending money on advertising. Visitors to your website can be delighted with high-quality products, intriguing copy, and compelling calls to action.

You are doing your company a disservice if you only optimise your website for people. SEO for ecommerce addresses the first barrier to acquiring new customers: driving traffic to your website.

Generate Quality Traffic

Keyword research is a significant component of search engine optimisation.

This usually entails looking for short and long-tail keywords that are highly relevant to your ecommerce store. If you can find these keywords and successfully target them, you will see a large number of visitors who are looking to buy your products.

Assume you run an ecommerce store that sells house plants. You could target a search term like “buy cheap door rugs” and work to have your store rank high for that term.

This increases the number of visitors to your store and allows you to find visitors ready to buy your products. The more specific your keywords, the more relevant traffic you will be able to generate for your rug store.


Good SEO Equals Better User Experience

Every marketer’s top priority is now user experience. Everyone desires higher organic rankings and greater visibility. Few realise, however, that a good user experience is a big part of getting there.

Google has learned to interpret a positive or negative user experience, and a positive user experience has become a critical component of a website’s success.

Google’s Page Experience Update is something marketers in all industries will have to follow, and it is part of Google’s ongoing focus on improving customer experience.

Boost Brand Awareness

Having your website greatly increases brand recognition among Internet users. Being active on social media, receiving numerous opinions and product reviews, and having your company featured on other valuable content, encourages potential customers to return to your website and convert. Being recognisable is the only way to eventually become an industry leader and attract new clients daily.


Working With An SEO Agency for Rug Retailers

One of the difficult decisions a retailer must usually make is whether to hire an outside Rug SEO firm or in-house regular SEO employees. 

As a leading Rug SEO company, we at Pearl Lemon encourage businesses looking to hire in-house search engine optimisation specialists to work with us to achieve their online marketing objectives. Consider the following factors when evaluating Rug SEO services:


Rug SEO Agency Can Construct A Thorough Solution

Rug SEO firms have more experience dealing with a wide range of businesses. This enables the development of a comprehensive strategy that addresses multiple foreseeable setbacks. An in-house digital marketing department often develops a one-track mind and only works on a few specific issues, resulting in poor results.

External SEO Professionals Have the Expertise

A single SEO staff member is unlikely to have the complete skill set required to manage a company’s internal marketing cycle. SEO personnel can specialise in one of three areas:

  • Rug Technical Search Engine Optimisation
  • Rug SEO on-site
  • Rug Link Building Search Engine Optimisation

On the other hand, when you hire an outside SEO expert, you can delegate these tasks all at once to them. Aside from the tasks above, an expert like Pearl Lemon can help with the following:

  • Keyword research 
  • Meta title tag optimisation
  • Troubleshooting 404 errors
  • Maintaining an appropriate keyword density on pages
  • Creating eye-catching meta descriptions
  • Quality content creation
  • Link Building

And more! If you need something not on the list, call us today, and let’s discuss your SEO needs.

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SEO Agency Shares New Insights

An in-house SEO department typically works on the same site for an extended time, resulting in boredom and using techniques that do not produce the best results. An SEO agency for Carpet and Rug sees the site for the first time with fresh eyes; analysing the problem usually results in innovative solutions that produce fantastic results.

Outperform Your Competitors By Having Pearl Lemon On Your Side

A rug retailing SEO expert, such as Pearl Lemon, has access to resources that in-house SEO employees do not. 

Furthermore, an SEO firm will typically have individuals who specialise in specific tasks such as keyword research, quality backlinks, and on-page search optimisation. Because the company has individuals who focus on specific processes, they are much more likely to do a much better job than an internal internet marketing department with a couple of employees attempting to do everything themselves.

As a result, our SEO company can scale up efforts to handle larger problems, whereas an in-house SEO department typically has limited resources. Finally, we are usually able to provide much faster results than an in-house SEO department.

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Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.


What Our Clients have said about our SEO Agency.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we can help your company grow.

The engagement has led to an increase in inquiries through multiple channels. Pearl Lemon works closely with the internal team to ensure an effective collaboration. The team is open and transparent, providing a high level of customized service.
Lucy Russell
Director, Winova Properties
The engagement generated eight calls within the first month. Pearl Lemon establishes a seamless workflow to ensure consistent communication. Their professional team is enthusiastic throughout the process.
Leigh Ashton
CEO, The Sales Consultancy
Attendance to the event grew at a rapid pace, and a significant number of respondents gave positive feedback regarding Pearl Lemon’s approach. The team provided recurrent progress updates that clearly demonstrated their impact. Their knowledge and transparency set them apart from other vendors.
Lulu Laidlaw-Smith
VP Events & Sales, Paddington Works


In 2022, the average SEO cost from an agency is around £500 to £1000 per month.

SEO, unlike other popular marketing channels, does not produce immediate results. Most professionals expect to see results in as little as two months, but SEO can take up to a year. While each company’s SEO strategy is unique, most can expect to see significant results in 6 to 12 months.

While this may sound like a promising result, yes, SEO agencies can assist your website in achieving a higher search rank and increased online visibility. 

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