On Page SEO – How an SEO Agency Central London Can Help You Make the Most of Yours

On-Page SEO is one of the most important elements of a website that most Central London businesses don’t utilize properly as a part of their SEO marketing strategy. As a leading SEO agency Central London Pearl Lemon is the perfect choice to show you how on-page SEO can benefit your business website.

There are lots of elements to search engine optimization (SEO), including on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is strictly focused on enhancing the pages of your website while off-page SEO is the enhancement of your digital presence beyond your website. Off-page SEO can also be referred to as Local & Organic SEO, another area in which a great SEO agency Central London can help you, but for now, let’s talk on-page SEO.

On-page SEO is critical to the success of your website being found on the internet. In essence, without on-page SEO, your website will be lucky to be found and indexed by search engines, let alone found by potential customers.

What defines a good user experience on a website?

In the simplest definition, a good user experience on a website is one where the user’s questions are answered. The question of the user may vary widely, like “what is the number for a 24-hour cab company?”, “where is a barber near me?”, or “what grocery shops are near me?”.

Generally, users on the internet are searching for an answer to their question, and this same question is probably being asked many times by lots of different people in the same areas. If you are able to provide the answers to these questions to fulfil the user’s needs, then you have a better chance of winning their business. You also have a better chance of ranking better for keywords related to those questions in the future. The latter is what a good SEO agency Central London can help you with, leaving the former – converting the leads SEO generates for you, up to you.

Other website factors that make for a good user experience include easy-to-read text, compelling content, simple site navigation, nice visuals, and strong call-to-action. It is also beneficial and important to list your contact information in multiple locations on each page of a website, so the user is never left searching for your information.

What do search engines like in a website?

If you’ve ever searched for something on the internet, then you’ve seen a bad website. It may be one that loads poorly, has hard to read fonts, shallow content, poor punctuation, or simply doesn’t make you happy. Search engines have tools in place to identify the poor content. Websites that have this type of poor content will not rank as well as websites with better content because search engines know the user would rather see the superior content.

Search engines also employ metrics to monitor how many people access a website and how long they stay on the website. The users own experience will tell search engines whether it is a compelling and engaging website by the number of visitors and the average time they stay on the site.

Search engines want to rank websites with pages that are easy to navigate, load fast, have content depth, have keyword focus, indexable sitemaps, great content and images, error-free, organized structures and many other factors.

What can we do to help you make users and search engines happy?

When clients begin working with Pearl Lemon, we go through a series of action items to ensure we check all the important aspects of on-page SEO of an existing site. All of them, not just a select few. We then make a detailed set of recommendations for improvement, explaining the reasoning behind each of them. Then, as we are a full-service SEO agency Central London we offer you all the help you need to implement them to help take the effectiveness of your local business website to the next level.