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Rank Ranger Review

Hello everyone, this is a super lemon into the OBD review on this tool called rank Ranger. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit to see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and jump right in. So here we are at rank Ranger. And I must say that this tool is quite impressive it is an all in one SEO Software with competitor analysis, keyword rank checking and as well as monitoring the progress of your site. So let’s go ahead and jump right in because there’s quite a bit of features to go over. So here we are at the pricing plans, or they have quite a bit they have the enterprise SEO plan and advanced products. So definitely take a look through each here are the SU plans, there is the light standard pro and premium with quite a bit to offer. Mainly the difference between each are the campaign’s daily keyword tracking and search engines per campaign, the rest are quite the same. And then it’s basically the numbers for towards each action for each feature to use. So go ahead and take a look to see how often that you would use this tool. The light is quite impressive, but it all depends on the stage you’re at with your business and your website. So let’s go ahead and go into the dashboard. So with SEO tools, it’s very hard to kind of understand every single feature and show every single feature because there’s so much and I would be quite disappointed if I could show you every feature all in one video. But I’ll try my best to go over each and every one, I did want to say that they do not have a guide to guide you through each of the features. The guy just go over just goes over the campaign’s reports and tools basically hovering over this whole section right here. It doesn’t go into detail on the smaller sections. But that’s what we are going to go through today. So first, starting with the campaigns, which is quite unique, you get a toolkit which comes with notes presets, profiles site audit summary, and Tag Manager. You could also sign up for email notifications on the following that you see on my screen, which is quite a bit to offer, I feel like that’s very beneficial, or you can just view everything directly from your dashboard. Lastly, we have the important export with the campaign’s which is pretty straight forward. Moving on to the reports and the Tools section, this is the section that has quite a bit. So the reports and tools have categories within themselves. And those categories has even further categories. And some even have any further subcategories. So I’ll try my best to kind of show you so that you can visually see each tool. So with the organic research, we have rank tracking competitor analysis as you audit link manager website, Webmaster Tools and Google My Business. With the rank tracking, you have even further categories within them with the Rank Tracker, rank trends, landing pages, rank distribution and SERP features. That’s quite a bit all right there. With the competitor analysis, you also have smaller sections as well, such as SEO, monitoring, and just an overview of each of your competitors viewing different things that is beneficial to you. But the SEO audit, you basically just get an overview and they further break it down based off of your audits of the issues, the pages, the Compare and on page different things. As for the link manager, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s basically the dashboard distribution and some summaries that you can see right here. For the Webmaster Tools, this includes Google Search Console, which is always beneficial and Bing webmaster tool. I’ve never heard of it before. So that was quite interesting to see. And always something great to include.

And lastly, we have Google My Business which is pretty straightforward. It’s everything that you’d probably see within Google My Business but you get to view it through your dashboard and set it up there. As per the keyword research, you get keyword research finders lists, suggestions and trends. We’ll go ahead and go into the keyword research right here real quick so that you can finally see something. So I did a keyword research on vegan scones and this is kind of how the setup appears. whenever it comes to the research section. You get to see the keyword volume average CPC, Keyword Difficulty, relevance and similarity. So I think this is quite interesting to see. Definitely with it whenever it comes to the relevance and similarity because sometimes people may look for keywords that they’re not familiar with. And especially whenever it comes to brands, we definitely don’t want to include a brand in our keyword. But overall that’s pretty much it for that section. Going back to the reports and Tools section. Yeah, the site traffic analytics, you basically have it broken down into the overview, audience performance multi channel funnels and widgets. With the traffic summary, you’re going to have to connect it to your Google Analytics. So if you don’t have that, you’re going to have to do that whenever you get this tool. And then you basically we would offer here, the Site Explorer. As for the Site Explorer, we basically have an overview organic search paid search, backlink Explorer, and the overview within those as well. So definitely take a look at those, this is going to be your site. And then you have a paid search session if you’re interested in that, which includes Google ads and Google Ads analytics. Next, we have quite a unique section whenever it comes to the custom suite, which includes reports, widgets and custom views. For the custom suite section in the reports, you get insight graphs, geo insights, market reach, and notes report. And, and this is one of the features where you could do filters and apply it to any of the report sections such as the custom suite, such as the cursive suite and the white label section. Lastly, we have digital marketing, which includes social media, email marketing, color tracking, and project management. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. So you can do all of your is SEO optimization, and tracking in one place across your social media platforms. As their email marketing, they have MailChimp, Constant Contact and AWeber. Because tracking is basically more of analytics, or through call rail, call rail calls in voco, what converts and Twilio. And then finally, we have project management, which is quite unique. I’ve never seen this on an SEO toolkit before, but they have their project management through Asana. So I’m very impressed with this one section, you’re not only getting SEO tools, but you’re getting reports. And you’re getting a bit of management across platforms such as the social media, digital marketing, etc, and so forth. So they really expand their definition of SEO and help you through that with their project management section. Next, we have white labels, which is the online dashboard, automated email reports such as PDF reports, coverage, PDF templates, and email content snippets. Overall, that is pretty much it, I basically wanted to refer to each of the features, so that you can see that in terms of how each section kind of looks, it’s all going to be the same just depending on the content. It’s very easy to easy to read on all the section that I tried, the visuals are aren’t great, but they are still easy to look at. And you can do filters for each section, depending on the feature itself. So that is always helpful. So they have the tool itself very organized, it is quite confusing going to the subcategories of each one. So that’s just something that I would like to know as for the pros. Overall, the major Pro is that they have a ton of features that you never see on SEO toolkits before. So I’m very impressed with that, that could be a con if that’s not something you’re looking for, then that’s okay. And then the tracking itself is quite a powerful tool, instead of very easy and very quickly. As well as a competitor analysis. People always enjoyed that kind of feature and enjoy seeing that. And overall, they provide multiple detailed reports which are very easy to visually see and look at any time. And I would like to note that for many of the features, they do come with filtrations. So you can organize and do things a lot easier.

Lastly, we have the columns it is it does take quite a bit of a learning curve with this tool and with many SEO toolkit, just because there’s so many features. So make sure you just keep your information clean and up to date because it can get quite packed after you’re inputting a lot. And I did like to note that there’s no extensive guide, it might be more confusing than helpful that I now that I think about it, but I feel like a demo would be nice and I couldn’t quite find one. There might be one on YouTube, but that’s something that I would like to note. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. If you have any pros or cons Feel free to add them down below if you have any alternatives towards this tool that you’d like to comment on, feel free to add those as well. Again, we’re all trying to help each other out. But thank you so much for watching.

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