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Podseeker Review: A Podcast Database For PR & Marketing

Hello, everyone, this is less of Parliament and today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Podseeker. If you’re looking for an SEO tool, you can visit ours at surface comm to see if there’s a tool for you. But go ahead and get started.

So we are here at Podseeker and it is basically a tool that can help you search on all these podcasts for your outreach campaign, and to potentially get on their podcast and spread more about your brand. So overall, this is a search tool that we haven’t quite gotten to in terms of podcasts. We’ve talked a lot about PR, and marketing. But in terms of podcast specifically, I don’t think I’ve found a tool yet. So let’s go ahead and dive right in and start with the pricing. So here’s the pricing plan, and it is just $50 a month. Here are the main features that we’ll be going over today, we get over the following podcast contacts, you get custom MEDIA list to save your favorite podcast, multiple contacts per show. And you get an audience size prediction, as well as you know, some advanced searches and exporting the list to CSV. If you have any questions about their pricing, feel free to get in touch with them. They’re very communicative and reach out pretty fast. So let’s go ahead and go into my dashboard. So here we are in my dashboard, it’ll be fairly quick just because this is specifically a tool kind of for research, and organizing and advanced searching. So it’s supposed to be very quick. So that is great. So here we are, this is your podcast search. And let’s go ahead and just so you can search up a specific podcast by name that you know of, or you can put in a niche or term that you are related to. So pro lemon is in the SEO field. So we’re going to put SEO in all of these podcasts come up, related to SEO, probably in their title and their description, etc, and so forth. So let’s kind of break down on what we’re seeing right here, VC, their podcast illustration, we get the name, we get the genre, we get the average iTunes ratings if they have any, the estimated listener per episode, an estimated ad cost per episode, which is quite interesting to see as, as well as the episodes in primary location, and the latest episode. So I feel like every bit of information that you’re seeing here is very helpful, especially with the last episode, you want to know if they’re recent. If they are posting you went to see their listeners and the ad cost per episode. So overall, that’s pretty much it, we can scroll down so you can kind of see more, this one has a little bit more information, such as the average itune ratings, the primary location, etc, and so forth. So it looks like these are fairly recent, we have this one September 2, that’s today, September 1 was yesterday. So they’re fairly recent. And basically, you can continue searching based off of freeze. Or if you already know a podcast and would like to look at their information, you can do that as well. If you find one that you’re interested in and you would like to contact you can put add list, then you can have different media lists, which we’ll go into in a second. So here’s your media list section. So I like that it’s not just one list, you can have multiple lists if you want to. So some of y’all might know that prelim, and we have multiple websites with different niches. So maybe we want to have separate media lists for each niche. So that would just be very helpful to organize through there, you can remove from details and you can remove from list or show more details, go ahead and click the show more details. So going to the Show More details you’re seeing exactly what we saw on the previous page is nothing more, but you also get the contact information. So this is going to vary depending on what the podcast is and how much information they have out. We also get to see the latest episodes directly from this tool. So it’s not only a research tool, but it also kind of get to see into their contact directly from here, you don’t have to go on to Spotify or iTunes and look for them to see what they talk about and get a real feel of their podcast instead, you can just do it directly from here. So it is so simple, so easy, and you can find out everything that you need to do. And if you’re interested, you can contact the person to book a podcast with him. Now let’s go ahead and look at this advanced search and see what that means. So maybe you have a specific goal in terms of the type of podcast you want to get on, you know whether it’s the audience where there’s genre, different things like that. So that’s what you can do with the Advanced Search. You can actually put The category genre, number of episodes if you want to, they have arranger year, you can put lakh leaders episode published, which is seven days, 30 days, etc.

And the number of iTunes ratings, as well as the average itune rating estimated a listener per episode, and they sorted by so that’s very helpful, I feel like this is really going to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. The general search is very helpful too. But obviously, if you have a specific preference, such as the rating or the number of episodes published, then you might want to use the advanced search instead. And again, everything you’re seeing here right now is all through the same pricing plan. There are no advanced features or higher pricing plans, and there’s no limited features or a lower pricing plan, it’s all on the same. So there’s no confusion about that. Let’s go ahead and go into my pros and cons. So overall, I feel like every single feature is a pro just because overall, they all save so much time on your research, it can be so hard looking at Google just because of the amount of things that come up. There’s not necessarily an advanced search, you’re just constantly rewording and rewording what you’re looking for trying to find what you’re looking for. And it could just be very time consuming. I like that you can view the audience size. If you’re looking for a podcast with specific preferences based on you know the level of your business that can be very helpful for you. And you can get the contact information right from there, you don’t have to advanced search, you don’t have to look on Google for their contact information. Although you can if you want to, it’s just very easier to do it directly from here. But I really like that you can see the podcast directly from this tool, you don’t have to go near where you can see some of the podcasts and get a feel and really decide right then and there if that’s the tool, if that’s the one for you, and then save them. And I really like the advanced search for people that have preferences as I mentioned earlier, overall, I don’t have any personal cons, I would have to say that people might have an issue with the pricing. Just because I went to be open about you know, maybe you prefer pricing that has different levels, I do completely understand that. It’s just that this tool is quite a different tool compared to the other ones that I’ve previously done. The other tools that I have done, organize their features at different levels, and you get all the features all in one unlimited directly from here with the one pricing plan. So that’s the why that’s the reason why I’m not too bothered by it just because it is a different tool. And it’s kind of hard to kind of differentiate or separate the features into different pricing plans. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. If you have any pros or cons look free to add them down below. Check out the tool in our description. Other than that, thank you so much for watching.

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