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Podia Review: Worth It?

Hello everyone, this is Celeste with Pearl Lemon and today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Podia. If you’re looking for your own SEO tool, feel free to visit ours and to see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and get started.

So here is Podia and I am quite surprised that I have not heard of this tool before. But essentially, this is a place where you can create your site to sell courses, webinars, downloads, and creating memberships. Overall, you’re just promoting yourself promoting your knowledge and your brand, and trying to build an audience in essentially your community. So let’s go ahead and look at the pricing. So you can have a 14 day free trial. But unfortunately, there’s no free plans after that you do have to play for the mover, shaker or earthquaker, which is quite funny. For these pricing plans. The essential features that they kind of promote is the core, sell, market, email marketing and any extra features that only come with this earthquaker plan. So with the core, it’s essentially those main features that you get across all the pricing plans. The sell feature is kind of what you’re able to sell. So for example, this is everything that you’re allowed to sell through Podia. And then the market is of course, kind of how you market your courses through the website, through course certifications, affiliate marketing, if you want to, etc, and so forth. And then the rest are kind of pretty straightforward. So let’s go ahead and look at my dashboard.

So here we are at my dashboard and one thing that I wanted to note is that I’m very excited that with this tool they offer so many tours, demos, and just different resources to help you through each and every step, really making it easy for you. And I always find that very helpful across any tool, I feel like that just shows that they do a great job of just being there for you and reduce that learning curve. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to talk about the products first what you can sell, market, etc, and so forth. And then we’ll go to the editing site, because that’s going to hold all of your products, and essentially be the place that’s going to promote your courses, coaching, etc, and so forth. So we’re going to go to the product section. So here we are at the product section, and I showed you on the pricing plans on what you can create. But just to recap, we essentially have an online course, the digital download a webinar bundle and coaching session. Now this is what the free trial, so everything’s available. But once you get the paid plan, depending on what you get, you only have access to a few things. So I’m going to do the online course. And you have to choose the name, I already created one so far. And we’ll put this

and we just create the product. So here we are. And it is super easy, we have different things that we can add. Now this specifically for an online course, the other products that you create are going to be different. So let’s go ahead and get started, you just want to start by adding a section. So basically, it’s the section which is going to hold different lessons. So the section itself is just basically going to say what the title of that content is. So recording tools, and then you put the description, then you have lessons within the sections to talk about that specific section title, we said. So here I’m going to put my description real quick. Now that I’ve created my section, as you can see, I have a lesson to create. So you just simply create your lesson and that is when you can add all of these elements right here. It can be a text, it could be a link, quiz, coaching files, etc, and so forth. And that’s pretty much it you just continue adding the content that you like. Then we have some details within this product, such as the name categories, options, etc, and so forth. Next we have the pricing which is basically setting the price for your product, you can change your currency which is always very helpful. I always like whenever there’s multiple currencies or multiple features where you can change the currency. You can also manage payment integration Which makes payment a lot easier. And you can check out their upsell feature. Next you have the availability if you want to make this product available for a certain amount of time, you can only make it visible to certain people, or a certain amount of people, I guess a start and an end date. And that’s all within one product, you can do the same settings for any type of product that you choose. And you just simply publish if you want to, as soon as you’re done.

Next, we have the memberships section. So the membership section will basically be the place on building your audience. Essentially, any people that want to be members, I’m sure you visit sites where it says Oh, join the team or you know, become a member of our community, etc, and so forth. And this is just where you can create your memberships.

Next, we just have email marketing and coupons. Those are pretty straightforward. The email marketing, I have seen reviews that they wish it was a little bit more personalized. You can stay in touch with fans or just market your products. You also get a few stats such as the sent openly, open click sales bounce, and subscribe, etc, and so forth. You can also create a broadcast or campaign if you want to. So that’s quite a bit that you can do. Next, we have some coupons, which is pretty straightforward. You can also create coupons to engage with your audience. And I feel like it just seems like a lot more connected and more personalized when you have a coupon. 

Next we have the audience section. It’s kind of similar to the memberships. But this is just where you can manage your audience, such as the numbers, so customers, subscribers and audience. And this is just where you can just see it all in one place, then you have the affiliates. So this is quite unique and I am surprised that they offer this. But basically you can offer affiliates  to incentivize your customers and become advocates for you, essentially. So they can become affiliate marketers if they want to. You have sales revenue, paid, unpaid, clicks, and conversions. Now, this is only through the affiliate program, this isn’t your total revenue, I guess you can say any have unpaid affiliates. Next, we have sales. Now sales are going to be everything that you are making. So it’s the sales, revenue, and pending all in one place. Now going back, we’re just going to quickly look at the site and the editing. So something about the site through Podia, which is gonna hold all your content, it’s not as personalized or flexible, I guess you can say, it is very easy to create, but you don’t have a whole lot of flexibility whenever it comes to creating content or creating your designs, etc, and so forth.

So it’s mainly focuses on layouts, colors and fonts rather than templates. So that’s something I did want to note, I feel like it’s still makes it very easy to, you know, make edits, of course. But if you’re looking for something a little more hands-on, then this isn’t probably for you. I wish they allowed you to integrate your products within a current site that you might have. But I’m glad that they do have this for those who probably don’t have a site. For the pros. Overall, you know that I always enjoy a tool that has resources to help me throughout the way. I like that it’s more than just courses, you can do coaching sessions, webinars and downloads. So there’s just so many products that you can offer to your audience into your community. And they make creating and selling just very easy. It’s not this long process. It’s very quick and very easy and you can do it the way you want to.

As for the cons, there’s very little flexibility when designing your site that could be a pro or a con for those who don’t necessarily want to spend too much time on the looks of their site and they just want to get their product out there. And there isn’t a free plan. So overall that’s pretty much it. I really like this like it’s very powerful and I feel like so many people can benefit from it.

Thank you so much for watching today’s video, feel free to add any pros or cons down below or any alternatives that you have towards this tool. Other than that, thank you so much for watching.

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