Pitchengine Review

Pitchengine Review | Digital PR Software

If you work in public relations, you know that there is no shortage of software to choose from. 

The tricky thing with such a wide variety of options is deciding which ones are actually worth investing in

Pitchengine markets itself as a “modern software built for public relations.” 

This is the official information you’ll find on their website. 

But what is it really like to use Pitchengine

What are the pros and cons of using this software? 

Most importantly, is it worth the money

Well, let’s find out what this software actually has to offer, and decide whether it’s worth committing to.

What is Pitchengine?

Pitchengine is designed for PR professionals to manage all their communication in one place. 

With Pitchengine, PR teams can:

  1. Create elaborate PR campaigns and brand communications
  2. Integrate winning PR strategies to reach a wider audience
  3. Measure the success of their campaigns and audience reception

The features included in Pitchengine have a great emphasis on digitalization and accessibility. 

This PR software could be a good option for PR teams who are trying to stray from traditional press releases. 

But before making any hasty decisions, let’s dive into what Pitchengine offers and figure out if it works for your PR needs!

A Review of Pitchengine Key Features

Create an attractive thumbnail

In order for PR teams to create elaborate campaigns, Pitchengine offers a Smart Pitch tool that makes this process easier. 

The Smart Pitch tools include four major elements that are designed to create impressive PR campaigns with high attention to detail.

The PR Elements enable users to add specific media and elements to their pitches. 

Users can add subheads, Twitter pitches, media, and/or custom boilerplates as they see fit. 

This lets users have outstanding pitches that truly stand out from the endless pitches media professionals receive.

Users can also ensure that their pitches and PR campaigns are multimedia ready by featuring images or videos.

There’s an option to even create galleries with downloadable content as necessary. 

It’s uncertain what value this feature adds, but hey, maybe you’ll find some use for it!

Here, users can really personalize their pitches in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very convincing. This can all be done using the Smart Pitch feature. 

When users are done building and creating their pitches, they can publish them within the Pitchengine platform. 

This is a really cool feature for PR teams that are totally going digital. PR content creation is taking a new turn, and using Pitchengine may help your team catch up with the times.

Integrate with Newsboard

Pitchengine offers users the opportunity to stay updated with news about their brands using the news board feature

Here’s how it works:

  1. Add a link to an existing press release to add it to the Newsboard platform
  2. You’ll get to preview each post before it is added to your personalized Newsboard feed.
  3. Every time you add more press releases to your Newsbord, the software will automatically lay it out in a unique design.

This particular feature is pretty cool because it allows users to have a new board-themed portfolio for their clients. It’s unique and truly stands out.

The downside is, the news board feature is glitchy and doesn’t work from time to time. One minute it works, and the next minute the page has an ‘error.’

Perhaps, this feature needs to be further developed to create a better user experience.

Measure with the Ping Pr Tracker

This particular feature enables users to track their PR campaign performance.

The system allows users to track everything including how many people click on their links, where they’re from, and their user data. 

The ping dashboard also enables users to manage everything from settings, URLs, to splash pages all in one place. 

These features create unique opportunities for PR teams to have more detailed data analysis and insight into their campaigns.

Tiny Pitch

This feature enables users to create press releases on any device and share them with contacts and social networks for free. 

Tiny Pitch is a step in the right direction for PR teams that are trying to utilize digital and social media in their campaigns

The PR campaigns that are launched on Tiny Pitch are designed to be engaging and user-friendly for all devices. 

This takes away the need to stick to the traditional approach to press releases because it uses a much simpler approach.

Pitchengine’s features are designed to take your PR campaign to the next level! The emphasis on digitalization and accessibility is what truly makes it stand out.

If you are interested in how it works, you can simply sign up and create your first pitch. This could be perfect for those who just want to get a feel of it without subscribing to anything long-term.

A Review of Pitchengine’s Pricing & Payment Plans

Now let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?

How much does it actually cost to have access to all these unique features? 

Well, the payment plans do not give you equal access to all the Pitchengine features.

The payment plans are divided into three categories: basic, PR toolkit, and agency

This is important because depending on the size of your organization, or if you’re an individual, the prices will differ. 

Here’s what the basic payment plan offers: 

  1. One brand profile 
  2. Unlimited pitches 
  3. Basic support 
  4. Cancel anytime 

For only $14.95 per month, individuals can sign up for Pitchengine and build their PR campaigns. This package is great for freelancers or beginners who only need one brand profile. 

Here’s what the PR toolkit payment plan offers: 

  1. All 6 products 
  2. Unlimited pitches
  3. One rand profile 
  4. Basic support
  5. Cancel Anytime 

This payment plan costs $49.00 per month and offers pretty much the same things that the basic plan does. The only difference is that users have full access to all 6 products and features of Pitchengine. This can really make an impact on the quality of pitches and campaigns produced. 

Here’s what the agency payment plan offers:

  1. Unlimited users 
  2. Unlimited pitches 
  3. All 6 products 
  4. Priority support 
  5. Cancel anytime 

The agency payment plan costs $149.00 per month and is ideal for PR agencies or large PR teams. 

Users can have unlimited brand profiles, which is essential for managing multiple PR campaigns and PR clients at the same time. 

The Pitchengine payment plans are okay, there’s nothing to write home about. Each plan is reasonably priced and they offer users exactly what they need, depending on their budget.

Pros & Cons of using Pitchengine

Is Pitchengine the best on the market? 

Probably not. 

Does it offer unique features to improve your PR pitches and campaigns? 


Let’s start with the Cons of using Pitchengine, shall we?

  1. The software and the website are glitchy. It’s not uncommon to login to a feature you were using just minutes before only to find that there’s an error. This is a negative thing because the world is all about quick accessibility, PR professionals do not have the time to wait patiently for web pages to load. The glitchiness of the website and the software itself makes it seem unreliable to first-time users. I’d hesitate to pay for software that had three pages I couldn’t open because of “privacy issues.” That’s a real concern!
  2. Pitchengine doesn’t have a media database. There are hundreds of PR tools out there that offer their users access to millions of journalists, publications, and influencers. Pitchengine doesn’t offer that.

This means that you’d only use this tool for creating campaigns, designing the layout, but not for actually reaching out to the press. Does this mean that you’ll pay for this and a separate tool that gives you access to publications? I guess that’s for you to decide

Now let’s discuss the Pros of using Pitchengine!

  1. The software is rather innovative. It provides opportunities for PR professionals to produce unique and engaging content for their PR campaigns.
  2. Pitchengine is great for going digital. The features are uniquely designed to suit new ways of publishing press releases. This could be a great tool for you to use if you’re interested in focusing more on digital PR!

Final Verdict

If you are interested in going deeper into digital PR and you are looking for budget-friendly software to support you, then I’d recommend Pitchengine. 

However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are a large PR agency that has to manage multiple campaigns and clients at once. Your needs are greater because you need software that gives you access to a robust media database as well. 

The final verdict is: Pitchegine scores 88%.

If you want other alternatives, you can read my reviews about other PR tools like Vuelio and Qwoted

But if you’re interested in this tool, you can register for Pitchengine here.