Peppertype AI Review

Hello, everyone, this is Celeste with Celeste. And today I’ll be doing a review on this tool called Pepper Type. If you’re looking for an SEO tool, you can visit ours at to see if it is a tool for you. Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

So Pepper Type is a virtual content assistant. I’ve done many tools like this before, but I’m actually excited about this one for a few reasons. But let’s go ahead and jump right in. So if you haven’t heard of a content assistant before, or Content AI, etc, and so forth. Basically, these tools will have different topics that they can generate content for you, and you’ll see what those topics are. But here we are at the pricing plan. And we have a starter growth plan and an enterprise plan. I believe this tool is on App Sumo. But I would have to double-check for that. So right now we have these different features that come up with each of the plans. So something that I wanted to note is looking at previous content generation tools or AI tools, they usually do, the plan is based off of credits. So what the credits would be is that basically, whenever you would have a specific, or basically, when you would run a specific generation, that would take up a credit. And you were only given a certain amount of credits per month. But actually, with this tool, you get unlimited amount of a content generation. So there are no credits, you get to do as much as you want to, if you have the paid plan. So that’s very exciting to see. And you get some advanced perimeters, you get 20 plus content types, as well as early access to any new ones that they come out with. And a few other things as well. You can even request a content type if you feel like there’s one missing. So I always enjoy those tools that offer, you know, open communication that allow you to request, any features that you feel like are missing. So this is very helpful.

Going into the dashboard. Here we are. And here are the type of content that you can generate. So we have some social media copywriting, SEO, e-commerce, and product. So social media, we have Twitter, Facebook, I believe. I believe we have Quora, which isn’t necessarily social media, but it’s still another platform. You can also create content for blogs, such as a blog, header blog intro, there’s copywriting content, e-commerce content, as well as content for cold emails and emailing. So that’s very exciting to see, we’re gonna see how many that we can do today. Because with these type of tools, sometimes it does take a while to generate content, especially with blogs or longer-form content.

So let’s go ahead and just do a blog idea. And so here’s our blog idea. So let’s do vegan pasta, that’s always my go to example. And you can put a description. So you notice that the longer the description on generating content, the better that they’ll be able to help you. So here we’re going to create log ideas for that Sumo input Sumo is a vegan. Let’s see at vegan subscription. So here we are. And we’re doing a create a blog idea, I just put my brand name, Plant Sumo and we put a quick description. The longer the description, the better.

But you do have a word limit because you don’t want it to be too lengthy. And you notice that I will have a word limit with my free plan. And that’s because I do have the free plan with paid plans, you get unlimited words, so disregard this section right here. We’re just gonna go ahead and create a blog idea and see how long that takes

 So here we are and I went ahead and I’m not going to cut out that section just so you can see how long exactly that took. So I feel like it took less than a minute. But here we are with some blog ideas. We have 13 blog ideas, and it looks like that we have quite a bit here. Anytime that you want to save a content idea or content example. You can copy it or save it and it’ll go to the saved copies or it’ll copyright to your desktop and you can paste it somewhere else. So it’s very helpful to see. So we have quite a bit of ideas here. And I feel like they’re very helpful. You can even ask to create more if you want to. So it’s quite interesting to see.

Going back to the home section, so we have quite a bit here, and I guess I’m gonna go ahead and go to the cold emails, it’s hard to, I definitely would recommend the free plan. If you want to see how well each of the content generations work if I didn’t show one that you particularly wanted to see, feel free to do the free plan prior, because that’s the most important part. Of course, it’s not, if it’s not generating the content you like, then this isn’t the tool for you. So I definitely recommend doing the free plan prior to the paid plan. So we’re just going to do cold emailing right now.  And I’ll do Plant Sumo again, as we’re sending this to Product Manager, and are going to create our cold emails.

Here we are – and that also took less than a minute. And here’s my cold email, it gives quite a bit. It gives quite a bit and actually kind of like the way that they write it out. It’s very easy to read, very straightforward. Not too much content, I guess you can say. So it really just depends on what kind of content you prefer. But overall, quite impressed. And let’s just go ahead and into our pros and cons.

So as a pro, I really like that, that you can do unlimited copirs and unlimited generations with the paid plans. That’s something very rare that I haven’t seen before. Because as I mentioned, other tools do require you to only use certain credits per month, you probably get, you know, 60 credits that you can use per month. So it really makes you hesitant about using the tool and what you should, what’s worth using a credit for. And I also like that their content is more than just blogs, they have social media, e-commerce, copywriting, and cold emails. So it’s very helpful. And overall, it’s very quick. As you saw, I did not cut the time that I was waiting between each of the content generations, it was about less than a minute. So that’s pretty decent. As for the cons, I didn’t have any cons, but I would still recommend doing the free plan prior to see if you like the content that it generates. Everyone has different perspectives on how they like their content written. So obviously, if you don’t like the way this content is don’t force yourself to pay for it just because it’s unlimited. So overall, that’s just something that I would recommend. And that’s pretty much it. I didn’t have any issues because they always allow you to recommend different content generation ideas if you want to, and I didn’t have any technical difficulties. But overall, that’s pretty much it so much for watching today’s video. If you have any other pros or cons or any alternatives towards this tool, feel free to add those down below. If you would like to request that we’ve reviewed a tool feel free to reach out to us in the comments below or on our channel and let us know. Overall that’s pretty much it and thank you for watching.