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Pearl Lemon SEO Tools Review: LongTail Pro

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    Long tail keywords. LTKs. They are hugely important in 2020, at a time when search is far more intelligent than it was 15, even 5 years ago and advances like Google BERT mean that search bots have a much better understanding of both natural human speech and user intent.

    Google BERT has elevated the ‘intelligence’ of Google and Bing searchbots significantly. Here’s an example directly from Google themselves; in a search for “2019 Brazil traveler to USA need a visa,” the word “to” and its relationship to the other words in query are important for understanding the meaning.

    Previously, Google bots didn’t understand the importance of this connection and would return results about U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil. “With BERT, Search is able to grasp this nuance and know that the very common word “to” actually matters a lot here, and we can provide a much more relevant result for this query,” says Google.

    In another example, a search for “do estheticians stand a lot at work”, Google said its bots once would have matched the term “stand-alone” with the word “stand” used in the query. Google’s BERT models can “understand that ‘stand’ is related to the concept of the physical demands of a job, and displays a more useful response,” Google said.

    For Google’s detailed outline of the Google BERT project and what it means for search, click here.

    All of this means that long tail keywords – and a wide variation of them – are more important and useful in good SEO than ever before. But for some they can prove very challenging to work with.

    Enter a software called LongTail Pro. This is not a new offering by any means. But it is one that more and more people – pro SEOs and those trying their hand at DIY SEO for their business – are turning to in order to discover the long tail keywords that stand the best chance of working for their business.

    However, as LongTail Pro is both a software that calls for physical installation – rather than being hosted in the cloud – and is one of the more expensive SEO tools that can be added to an SEO arsenal is it worth the investment? That’s what we’re going to discuss here.

    LongTail Pro Feature Set


    Advanced Long Tail Keyword Research

    No matter what you might have heard while keywords are not quite as important as they were five years ago, they are still a major part of any successful SEO campaign and good keyword research is still central and very important. It’s the way they are used that has changed, and the rise of the LTK is a biggie.

    Given the changes that BERT has brought about, and those smarter bots, choosing the right ones, the ones that actually match the content they are contained in’s intent, is not easy.

    But LongTail Pro makes LTK research comprehensive, faster, and easier. With your keyword as a root, the software will suggest a list of matching long tail options for you to consider and it will do so in a matter of seconds.

    Comprehensive Difficulty Ratings

    What sounds better. Having an easy listing of keywords that are super simple to rank for, or just “guessing” which keywords you should spend your time on and ending up choosing a set that you never had a chance of ranking well for because the competition was just too high?

    The truth is, for most SMBs, it’s almost always a better SEO tactic to go after the low hanging fruit, a tactic that will often lead to a significant increase in your traffic in a shorter time. LongTail Pro’s difficulty rankings are comprehensive and extensive, covering all three major search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo! – and even some sage advice for Amazon, YouTube and major social media sites.

    Custom Notes

    If more than one person is working on the campaign – which may be the case, especially for an SEO agency – the Live Notes feature offered in LongTail Pro’s dashboard can be a great way to brainstorm a formal keyword plan even if the collaborators work nowhere near one another.

    As an agency that boasts key team members located across the globe here at Pearl Lemon we can attest to just how useful these kinds of tools can be, especially when it comes to cutting down on email and messaging back and forth that is not only time-consuming but also easy to lose track of.

    Competitor Analysis

    Want to see which long tail keywords your competitors are chasing, and how well that pursuit is going? LongTail Pro can help there too. Not only can you see which keywords they are ranking for but you can also get a good snapshot view of their SEO in general, including some crucial Moz data.

    Easy Keyword List Export

    LongTail Pro allows the easy export of keyword lists, notes and other work so you can hand it off to other team members or even to clients so you can show them all the hard work on keyword research you’re performing on their behalf.

    LongTail Pro University


    As we mentioned earlier, long tail keywords can be hard to find and hard to use. The LongTail Pro University feature – which is available free to subscribers – offers a wealth of lessons and resources that will help you learn to make the best possible use of both the software and the concept of using long tail keywords to boost SEO in general.

    Fast Google, Bing and Yahoo! Rank Check

    What real use would a keyword tool be without offering the ability to quickly and echeck how your chosen long tail keywords are ranking in the three major search engines? Real time rankings allow you to see what’s working, what isn’t and to make any needed adjustments on the fly.

    LongTail Pro Ease of Use

    For some the fact that Longtail Pro is a software that has to be installed may seem a little old-fashioned – and even something of a pain – but it does not really affect very much. The software is available in both Mac and PC versions and is easy to install.

    Once it is up and running LingTail Pro is well laid out and easy to navigate. None of the functions are more than two clicks away and the university learning feature is indeed a very helpful one, even for those with significant LTK experience already.

    LongTail Pro Pricing


    This is the sticking point for some; LongTail Pro is not cheap and there is no free option. At the time of writing, LongTail Pro is priced as follows:

    For many however, the single user basic plan – offered at $25 per month if paid annually – is more than enough, and the investment will pay dividends in terms of SEO success if you make use of it regularly and follow up on implementing its recommendations in line with the rest of your SEO plan.

    Who Is LongTail Pro Suited For?


    If you’re an SEO consultant or part of an SEO agency, Long Tail Pro should absolutely be part of your SEO arsenal because long tail keywords are one of the fastest ways you can begin ranking client sites for keywords and showing them demonstrable results.

    Those small business owners., entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and even monetizing bloggers could benefit from the software too. As Google BERT becomes more and more an everyday part of the way search engines function the already very important long tail keyword will become even more so, and so a tool that helps you find those diamonds in the rough – low hanging fruit keywords that offer relatively easy SEO wins – may prove invaluable. And if you find, as many do, that long tail keywords and SEO in general become too time consuming (and it is) there is always the option of looking to a professional SEO company for help.

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