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Consumers rely on reviews, and, in the B2B space we know that Pearl Lemon reviews Trustpilot have helped a lot of our clients, interns and even full time team members make the decision to work with us. So Pearl Lemon Trustpilot reviews have been important for us, and they could be for your business too, as long as you understand the platform and how to make use of it the right way.

What Is Trustpilot?

When they see things like Pearl Lemon reviews Trustpilot some people don’t really know what Trustpilot is. Is it like Yelp! for businesses? Is it a trusted platform? Why does it even exist?

Trustpilot is indeed a little like Yelp! for the B2B AND B2C crowd. Founded in Denmark in 2007, by Peter Holten Mühlmann, who was a university student at the time, Trustpilot offers those researching all kinds of businesses access to consumer reviews to help them make a more informed purchasing decision about all kinds of things, from SEO to sausages and hundreds of niches in between.

Who Leaves Reviews on Trustpilot?

In a nutshell, the people who leave reviews on Trustpilot are clients or customers of the business in question. For example, our Pearl Lemon Trustpilot reviews are from

pearl lemon reviews trustpilot


pearl lemon trustpilot reviews


Those who have taken one of our founder Deepak Shukla’s SEO and/or sales courses.

Pearl Lemon Reviews Trustpilot


We know that these positive Pearl Lemon reviews have helped people make a decision about whether to work with us or to opt for one of our SEO competitors. How do we know? Because they told us!

Can You Trust Trustpilot Reviews?

The very name of the website implies that reviews left on Trustpilot are, well, trustworthy. But is that really the case? Even those who are not directly involved in digital marketing – or marketing in general, have read, seen or heard about fake reviews online. That means it’s natural to wonder if reviews on Trustpilot, like Pearl Lemon Reviews on Trustpilot are real and accurate?

In our case, we can assure you that the Pearl Lemon reviews you’ll find on any review platform are. As any business should we monitor them constantly, and, no, we don’t buy reviews or encourage people to say things that are not true.

That has been a problem on Trustpilot in the past, and the platform admits that. How do people get away with it? Here are some examples:

Good Reviews
trustpilot warning

Review Gating

Before asking them to leave a review for your company, Review Gating is the process of filtering clients. The aim is to encourage reviews from only clients who you think have had a good experience with your business and ask for private input from those with a bad experience (or none at all).

While review gating doesn’t completely eradicate the risk of negative feedback, the ratio of negative to positive reviews can be greatly reduced. Over time, unfavorable reviews are forced deeper into the review feed, and the average rating of the company’s review stays positive.

In their guidelines, most of the major review publishing sites, including Trustpilot and Google, warn about this unethical activity but take little to no action against those firms found to be in violation. Although when one very large company made use of the practice, Trustpilot called them right out.

Pearl Lemon reviews on Trustpilot are not review gated BTW. We can take the bad with the good if we have to, and learn from it.

Fake Reviews

As we’ve mentioned, fake reviews are still a thing. And they are not hard to buy for Trustpilot. One quick Google search and you’ll find plenty of stuff like this: –>

The thing is though, like Yelp!, Trustpilot are pretty proactive about reviews they think are fake, and they will slap your page with the warning seen below, eroding any trust anyone would have in your business.

Fake reviews are really not worth the risk, and we don’t know why some people still use them. Sure, it may take a while for them to be caught by Trustpilot, but they will be in the end. And that may be the end of your business…

trustpilot fake reviews

Fake Negative Reviews

This one is a concern for companies that are doing well, but have crafty competitors. Leaving fake negative reviews is not as common as fake reviews, but they happen, as this BBC story details. To spot them, look for a person who reviews businesses from lots of different places, often. Fortunately, Trustpilot has become pretty good about removing them too.

Is Trustpilot a place where your business needs reviews? In many cases yes. Pearl Lemon reviews on Trustpilot have certainly helped us, and may very well help you too!

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