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pearl lemon reviews glassdoor

Have you ever looked up a potential employer ahead of submitting a CV/resume, or of attending an interview? If so, the chances are that you have used Glassdoor. If you check, you’ll find Pearl Lemon Reviews Glassdoor are available to logged-in users. But what is Glassdoor really all about? Should you trust the reviews you find there?

What Is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is both a review site and a job board. The site has evolved a lot since it was founded in 2007, and has become a global leader in the employment space. Pearl Lemons reviews on Glassdoor are largely positive (yea) but the site is not without its harsh critics.

Should You Trust Pearl Lemon Reviews Glassdoor?

So should you use Glassdoor to research an employer? Every job coach and recruiter advises that you conduct research on an employer, but is Glassdoor really the place to do that? Should you trust the reviews there, even the ones about working for us? Here we are going to offer the pros and cons of doing so:

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Glassdoor Pros

Glassdoor Cons

Good Reviews

So, Should I Trust Glassdoor Reviews?

Yes. And no. This question is the same as saying, “does this mean you shouldn’t trust references?” The response is that you can trust, but check. Do not eliminate a business from your list simply based on a bad review on Glassdoor, but do not arbitrarily accept work based on good reviews on Glassdoor.

What you can do is ask at an interview, if you need clarification about Pearl Lemon reviews Glassdoor or any company’s reviews there. Try “I read on Glassdoor that bonuses are fantastic. Can you tell me about your bonus program?” or “I read on Glassdoor that people didn’t receive promised bonuses. Can you clarify what happened?” An honest interviewer will answer your questions. If they don’t, take that as a red flag.

And ask to speak with your future teammates after you receive a job offer. Peers are more likely than a manager and recruiter who are attempting to fill a role to be truthful about the good and bad.

Alternatives to Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a large, global website, but not the only place to effectively research a possible future employer. You should also check any – or all – of the following:

  • The company website, which at the least will give you an idea of brand voice and the company’s mission, even if it is (understandably) positively biased.
  • LinkedIn, both the company page and individual employee profiles.
  • Indeed. Indeed is another global job board that is growing fast. The reviews there are also anonymous, but they may offer a different perspective.
  • Google searches. Bad stuff is harder to hide from Google, so a Google search may tell you more about the downside of a firm. And the positives too.

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